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  1. West can certainly take a big grab. 24 y/o, big body, likes a contest. Like the sound of it, partic given Fitz and Gawn are really only unproven potential ATM. GO GET HIM DEES!!!
  2. Thought Martin was good. Would like to see more of him this year. His possessions and impact was notable, for a guy that's been out of the seniors for most of the season. Would be a waste to trade or (worse still) delist at the end of the year, especial if we keep Spencil or Gawn. I know Gawn is a project to be developed, but Martin has shown that he is ready to hit the ground running now.
  3. I really think that Bate should be in consideration. Experienced. Big bodied. Appears to be turning the corner formwise (not talking bout turning circle Well respected.
  4. Spencil moves like one of those fan inflated sausage men outside the new tyre sellers, limbs flapping around with not much result.
  5. Another emotional, ludicrous thread after a heavy loss.
  6. The answer would be Juice, according to Picket Fence.
  7. Clearly, you have won all arguments with the oft repeated single stat of 35 goals in 25 games (over 18 years...) Fact: he was given a lot of chances and was on our list for many years. Fact: if he's so good, why wasn't he picked up by another club, partic the new franchises which are crying out for experience? Fact: 35 goals in 25 games is not as good a return % as Clark, Jurrah, Howe. And they've been around the club for less than 7 yrs. Fact: Juice was not the quickest or smartest of players and the game is not getting any slower. But I guess that any form of reason wouldn't convince you...
  8. YOU FREAK!!! Few had a better average because few were kicking goals. But that doesn't mean we should bring back a dud who had more than enough opportunity. He cried wolf tooooooooooooooooooo many times. Any of those you mentioned would do better than Juice.
  9. Not sure about details, but I think the Dorks wanted Curren Jnr but didn't want to bid a F/S, thinking they would get him late in the draft. The Roos, however, picked him up earlier. Someone here may know more on this. Also, it will be interesting to see where the Filth see Craig Stewart's son going in this coming draft. They may or may not go for F/S. Can prove to be a bit of a gamble.
  10. It's all guesswork and hot air. Seems pretty certain we'll pick Viney wherever we have to. Hard to get something for nothing. Second round is not what he's worth, so I'd be happy to have a potentially great player who is just what we need and is super keen to join us. I'd rather that than another kid who leaves at the first chance when a lot of $ is put in front of them. To paraphrase Paul Keating, "Never stand between a greedy high draft pick and a big bag of money".
  11. Like it, but won't happen unfortunately. Viney 3, Toumpas or Wines 4 (or Boak). Would like you to be correct, though.
  12. Most of the Filth would cringe hearing this, esp Buckley and Pert. What a complete ridiculous fool! Your too late for the comedy festival, Eddie!
  13. Cook will now get a chance sooner than we had planned
  14. I know Magner is mature aged and a hard body, but I think he may need another rest in a month or so. Its a long season for a first yearer I wonder if any other players will get a further rest at some point, eg T McDonald.
  15. What else has he got to hang his hat on?!
  16. Saw McLardy's comments on the weekend and it immediately got me thinking... ''He is a very high-quality person and let's hope some time in the future we see him back within our club in some capacity.'' Thoughts?
  17. He smashes packs, alright. One of Jonathan Brown's major facial injuries the other year was from Mitch's elbow. If anyone can find the vision, it looks horrific.
  18. Gotta love some of the thread titles over on 'ology: "Jamar admits: I only like the tapping part". lol
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