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  1. Polac? Merrett? Im just totally guessing btw.
  2. Interesting that you say that. I was told that the club were surprised by the medical - that the procedure he had in June/July seemed to have left his underdone calves in better shape than they expected. Apparently some scar tissue was removed and a nerve issue was identified that can be treated potentially.
  3. Harley asked to leave his Freo contract early so that he could travel to vic to see a soft tissue specialist here (after a failed treatment regime with a specialist in Germany). The result was an operation in July that removed some scar tissue and repaired a 'nerve issue' that was potentially causing or worsening his calve problems. Hopefully this has addressed his problems
  4. The conspiracy theory that trade period is largely a manufactured farse is actually doing the rounds at the moment - and not just one poster here's thought bubble I agree that there is growing whispers that the last day is when trades must be announced in line with the Fox telecast.
  5. People should really wait until the full facts are made public. In th e meantime 2017 - like he last ten years - just keeps on producing wonders for the club.
  6. Lewis isnt conaidering his future. Multiple sources say he told the club on Friday he wanted to be traded to Melbourne. Zanotti files reports this year's second rounder for Rockcliff, next years for Hibberd and third rounder for Lewis. Considering a player sponsor claimed MFC had no interest in Rockcliff it sounds like we very much do.
  7. According to multiple Hawthorn pages Lewis officially asked for the trade Friday. According to Quartermaine its a three year deal and the hold up is the picks involved.
  8. This story has been floating around Hawthorn pages since Monday so I find it staggering that I was the first to post about it here today, yet now there people claiming inside info. The story is pretty firm. Lewis is still [censored] and you have to be well on the road to either wanting to leave or believing you are going to meet with the coach of another side.
  9. Also here Ollie Wines could be being shopped (madness imo)
  10. Hawthorn pages reporting we are into Jordan Lewis! Watch this space but it makes no sense.
  11. My mail from reasonable sources: Hurley offered 1.2 mill over four years by Brisbane but will stay in Melbourne Melbourne unlikely to satisfy GC on Prestia Hibberd a bit like Bugg - its the deal that will be the sticking point.
  12. Really enjoyed Kennedy's game yesterday. He is smart, sneaky and most of his strengths are things we dont have. Good recruiting.
  13. Bags one of our best midfielders; wants rush in a kid who has not played a game even at VFL level to replace him...
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