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  1. Like your point of view. It's your avatar that I find unsettling though........
  2. Given that Ling has very successful pubs and other businesses in Geelong (and not to mention a blooming media career), a venture into coaching would potentially be at a financial sacrifice. If he was to coach, he would be well aware of what he would be missing out on. Wish other ex greats who could be v good coaches thought the same
  3. Thank Christ we have Spence to cover for him!
  4. 'left' as in 'parted company/ sacked/ terminated their working relationship/etc'
  5. Great bloke. But better to get someone from a background of club success, ie. someone from outside. Don't think Neeld is a believer of the MFC old boys club
  6. I would imagine Neeld has his 2013 sights on players that would be part of our longer term climb to a potential flag. Lynch has only one or, at the most, two years left. If he were 26-27... yes. At 30... no.
  7. Brereton was an infinitely better footballer than he is media commentator now. I cringe when I hear his 'special' comments. I think people should take what he says with a grain o salt. However, it is disappointing to see RP not on the park developing as we had hoped. Remember the widespread relief when he re-signed and didn't go to GCS? Too much talent to stay in the magoos for long. He'll be back.
  8. Well if Ratts left the Poos, perhaps Ling would be on the senior radar there. If he's that good, why not? Doesn't have the assistant stepping stone yet, but he's fresh out of a very successful club in which he was premiership captain in his final year.
  9. Anyone got a link for replay or footage of championships? Have not seen these boys play.
  10. You could very well be correct. Probably, in fact. But....... there is also a reasonable chance he could be available next year. Is Royal worth keeping or would Ratten be a better option next year, esp if we load up with midfielders in the draft. I think yes.
  11. That was what I understood as well. You only get one year to have the option of being F/S, ie. the year you are eligible to be drafted.
  12. School holidays have synced up in Vic, NSW and Qld this week...
  13. And he's huge. If he fell over in the goal square he'd completely cover it!
  14. What about naked for away team? And what would opponents of the skins team 'grab' in order to lay a tackle (tackle being both the question and the answer, I suppose)
  15. Both better dancers than Fev. And pair them with?....
  16. What about reversing the colors? Red jumper with blue V? Only a suggestion.
  17. Did it start with "a man walks into a bar..."???
  18. Honestly... what's happening to Demonland? Since 'ology flatlined, things here have become a bit ridiculous. Puzzled.
  19. I like it a lot. Best option all round I've heard. Everyone's a winner.
  20. Just wondering, can we trade away all of our picks for J Viney and throw in Bate, Morton, Bennell, Spencil and Juice for free?
  21. Please, no more threads about Watts vs NicNat. I beg you.
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