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  1. He won't go. As pathetic an argument as it is, he will claim he was tackling the opposition player. Did anyone notice how Adams used his leg to try and kick Judd away while he was on the ground. Clearly he was in pain.
  2. What is there to say. You've done a lot of work there, Captain Obvious.
  3. ] Just a midfielder??? Do you know anything about footy? It's commonly accepted that the midfield is where matches are won. All the names you mentioned, except for Jones, are only battlers based upon this year's effort. Sad but true. And you could add a number of others to that list, such as Trengove, Davey, Bail, Green and Petterd. Based upon this year, that is. Moloney is struggling for form, but let's not throw the baby out with the bath water.
  4. Won't be cited. Protected species. No chance. "insufficient force"
  5. Oh, we'll, it's decided then. No more to say. Thanks for letting us know.
  6. Yeah, I think you might be right. But I wouldn't be surprised if Martin is offered around for a trade at years end, as i believe he is worth more game time than we are giving him, and ruckmen with a few years under their belt are worth a bit.
  7. If we picked him up, we would probably look to have some/all of Gawn, Martin and Spencer move on
  8. This is getting ridiculous. So the reining B&F winner, experienced, big bodied, good leader, still relatively young, should be let go of because he has been badly out of form this year? And us anonymous hacks somehow know better than the FD! And I thought only Tigers supporters ate their own!
  9. I gave up tuning in to his crap. No point trying to counter his views as he simply doesn't care to listen to what others say. And will never apologise or acknowledge when he has been proven wrong. You know the saying... If you argue with fools for too long, you begin to look like one.
  10. Well, now I've heard it all. Morton has good foot skills and run? And we are somehow vastly better than shocking with him in the team? Let's get that gazelle-like champion back in the seniors! We need his laser left foot passes to the opposition so that we can turn over more goals!
  11. Rivers kicked 4 against GWS and that's just about it as far as forward highlights go (unless you are including some shocking set shots) Garland has been more of success in the forward line this year. Time for Riv to go back again. And this year Green has been NO dimentional at AFL level. But, of course, he stars at VFL level.
  12. ???? Priority or F/S??? Father/son deals are sorted out BEFORE the trade period. This has been covered at length in every JV related thread here.
  13. No. Just pointing out that we have a fair few one dimensional players. Moloney's certainly not alone.
  14. Maybe you could give us your highly valued thoughts on where the team is going wrong and, back on topic, whether or not Brent Moloney will be with us next year? Shallow sweeping statements do not equate passion.
  15. What, precisely, is his value to Melbourne? A lot less than it was 12 mths ago, which makes the next contract negotiation difficult for the Club and him. He would be wanting a good deal based upon perceived potential, not upon current form.
  16. When is his contract up? Could his lack of leg speed this year be explained by this?
  17. Howe and Jones definitely need to be signed soon. C'mon Dees, get it done!
  18. Maybe your gut feel was the vindaloo you had last night. I would like him to stay.
  19. 3 years, perhaps with incentives. Front load if possible. Avg $300k per yr. That is very generous for a second year player with skill issues. If he is the star many say, negotiate a new contract half way through his new 3 yr deal.
  20. No chance. We will take the option to get a gun midfielder while we can. Certainty is a good thing.
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