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  1. Suns open to Will Brodie being traded. Can play inside, but can also play forward. Mitch Wallis-like role is what is suggested in AFL article. Not our greatest need, but interesting nonetheless
  2. Perhaps he's just on a mission to collect a jumper from every club in the comp
  3. Do you think my job or yours are even remotely comparable to that of a professional footballer in the AFL? Are you saying he's only interested in money? Cause Norf certainly weren't/aren't in the window of success Ironically, had he stayed at one of his first two clubs he'd now be in the mix to experience the ultimate success Regardless, if he came to us I'd be forever wondering what his next excuse for leaving might be
  4. So he left PA for coin. Now he has coin and Norf want him out. Yeah nah, sounds like a misfit at 3 clubs to me
  5. Who the hell knows A F! I don’t think Norf will trade Brown for less than late 1st or early 2nd. But they have certainly mistimed his trade value peak. Last year he probably would've got them top 10 pick. A big if, but if he improves our forward line significantly, our pick 22 might get him. Remembering 22 will end up being about 30 with all the academy/fs/FA compo picks
  6. Who have we lost recently? Like the last 4 years? Please don't say Jesse Hogan. Pick 6 for him was a steal. He's spent Watts? Nah!
  7. That's what our resident track watcher tells us!
  8. That last sentence is the deciding factor IMO Still wondering why 3 clubs are prepared to offload him, particularly given North committed quite a bit to get him
  9. Don't think Brown will be that cheap. Still a good player, despite the ridiculous hair and run in for set shot. Had a few issues this year, from what others have said here. Jesse is a spent force.
  10. Yes I realised that Mr Old. Just thought I'd add more than a 'no'. Hope you've recovered from the end of season and missing finals. I do agree with what you said earlier: for us it is simply a past time, for them it is a profession.
  11. I'm not a medical person, Mr Old, but i believe only the tip of the iceberg is known about long term CTE issues. Life is full of calculated risks. IMO this is one to step away from
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