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  1. Your user name is my favourite on here Dazzle!
  2. What bait? Seriously this is ridiculous. I thought a young player with a giant leap might be given a nickname that suits. IMO Flighty is the perfect nickname for Jackson. We regularly apply nicknames to players that aren't necessarily the ones they get called by team mates. Many on here have profile names that illustrate this point, such as Lord Nev, DazzleDavey, petraccattack, etc Lets move on, stop misreading the tea leaves and get some rumours happening!
  3. Yes, Luke 'Flighty' Jackson Not saying he's gone of course, but its not totally safe
  4. Tell us aomething we don't know, Biff. A German teabagger and snowdropper, none the less. Amongst the most emotionally repressed!
  5. You're more behind than our other Demonland scoop New minnut, Luke Jackson isn't a lock to re-sign!
  6. Oh, I just assumed that was his nickname. Isnt it?
  7. Well done Dees. Well done Luke 'Flighty' Jackson. Happy to take the 1 year. Play finals and he'll stay longer.
  8. I never kiss and tell, Ethan, you know that! ?
  9. I've heard a rumour that Max is shavings his beard for good, Oliver will be sporting a comb over and Trump orange tan from now on, Spargo has grown 15cm, and Steven May has changed his name to Steven Will You can believe it, Nasher!
  10. A lot can happen in 6 days, Chazz. Especially for flighty players!!!! A 1 year extension is better than 0 years. I'll take that.
  11. WAS a marking endurance beast. He has two dodgy ankles as well. Tmac is a tall leading forward at $600k pa, or nothing at all, unfortunately. Now 4th in line as a tall forward. But hope springs eternal, eh!
  12. I know you are not comparing Richo with Tmac (because that is a stretch way too far), but you do realise Richo last played wing about 12 years ago, an eternity in modern day football?
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