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  1. Isn't that what Petty, Roo, Turner (when fit) and Max when he drifts forward are for? To compete and bring the ball to the ground if they cannot mark? Regardless of being a coaching instruction, it isn't working. The best small forward we have who is electric when it comes to ground balls is flying for ridiculous hangers time and time again. One handed, often not realistic attempts, no one left on the ground. Fwiw, even the press have taken note of it. Would've thought the best scenario would be our tall forwards compete in the marking contest. Don't mind the occasional fly, but not 3 or 4 times every week. But that's just my opinion. Would be good to see the stats on how many scoring opportunities we get after Kossie goes for a contested mark. Don't know if those stats exist Clearly our forward structure is working so well and effectively that we can afford to have our best small forward behave like a tall forward! 🤷
  2. Could barely run in the last quarter, totally gassed. Would be better for both he and Kossie to stay on the ground more and not take mark of the year every pack contest A lot to like about him though. Good skills and goes hard at it. It will come with game time
  3. Happy for one round, its a great to see Naarm out there, but more than that dilutes the significance of the indigenous round and the importance of winning games of footy
  4. Jeffo: not fit enough, not strong enough, not kicking enough VFL goals, not ready yet Give the kid more time, we're not bottom 4 atm
  5. The player I most went to the G to watch: Liam Jurrah The best player I ever saw in red and blue: Robbie Flower The best career in red and blue: David Neitz Most entertaining MFC player: Allan Jakovich. Honorable mention: Mark Jackson
  6. How was that kick to the wing by Daicos not deliberate oob?
  7. Jack Viney playing VFL early in his career ring any bells???
  8. And a bunch of stars to retire in the next few years. May, Max, maybe Viney, and Petty yet to re-sign We need some serious recruiting in the next couple of years. A ruck, a key back, a key forward and another A grade mid. Not a lot to ask for, surely?
  9. Why are we bringing in discards from other clubs? Billings, Hunter, Schache and Dunstan last year? Yet to be seen if McAdam joins them. Do they really improve our list? We used to bring in high quality players, such as Lever, May and Hibbo. Even Tommo has been good at times WE NEED A KEY FORWARD WHO CAN PLAY AS A KEY FORWARD CONSISTENTLY!!! Not a good KPD to play as a forward, not a teenager to take the best defender every week, not a 30+ year old with no knees! We'd kill for Curnow, McKay or Waterman who have all played well against us in the last two weeks As good as JT and TL are, surely this is a priority?
  10. Spot on, except I'd say it's 3 years we've had to work on an oppo key forward to get them to us, for nadda. We've played Petty forward when he's a far better back, paid $600k to watch Grundy play VFL, and now are playing BBB and Turner forward simply because there's no one else. I'd say our window is well and truly shut. One flag during lockdown from the best list we've had in 60 years. So disappointing
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