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  1. Jack Viney playing VFL early in his career ring any bells???
  2. And a bunch of stars to retire in the next few years. May, Max, maybe Viney, and Petty yet to re-sign We need some serious recruiting in the next couple of years. A ruck, a key back, a key forward and another A grade mid. Not a lot to ask for, surely?
  3. Why are we bringing in discards from other clubs? Billings, Hunter, Schache and Dunstan last year? Yet to be seen if McAdam joins them. Do they really improve our list? We used to bring in high quality players, such as Lever, May and Hibbo. Even Tommo has been good at times WE NEED A KEY FORWARD WHO CAN PLAY AS A KEY FORWARD CONSISTENTLY!!! Not a good KPD to play as a forward, not a teenager to take the best defender every week, not a 30+ year old with no knees! We'd kill for Curnow, McKay or Waterman who have all played well against us in the last two weeks As good as JT and TL are, surely this is a priority?
  4. Spot on, except I'd say it's 3 years we've had to work on an oppo key forward to get them to us, for nadda. We've played Petty forward when he's a far better back, paid $600k to watch Grundy play VFL, and now are playing BBB and Turner forward simply because there's no one else. I'd say our window is well and truly shut. One flag during lockdown from the best list we've had in 60 years. So disappointing
  5. For God's sake can we finally not play brown anymore. Ever.
  6. Lucky to be only 3 goals down. We can still win this. But certainly don't deserve to
  7. Howes pushed off like a leaf by an 18 year old
  8. Wasting shots on goal, leaving a bunch out there
  9. McAdam the best of our crappy forward line
  10. Time to play Petty back, especially as Lever misses next week. Petty is better as a back than a forward
  11. How does a guy get tackled and spun 360 with hands free and it's not htb?
  12. The year 1978 just called, wants you to come back asap
  13. The irony is when Goody eventually makes a change, forced or unforced, it often works. Eg. Trac in the forward line last week
  14. Gawn, Tracc, Oliver and Viney are all poor kicks. Who are our elite kicks in the midfield???
  15. On both sides there were numerous tackles that should easily have been htb. It's been poorly umpired all season
  16. Throw Petty down back for the rest of quarter. Midfield need to put on far more pressure. It's too easy for them
  17. Salem got fist to ball first. That was no mark
  18. I noticed Kossie leave the ground to bump high again early in that quarter. So much for learning his lesson. Very lucky he missed completely
  19. On the old black & white cathode ray?!
  20. Quite like the look of GC ruck Ned Moyle. Has some good bodywork in the ruck contest. Could learn a lot under Max. UFA at year's end
  21. Indeed. Can we tempt him back closer to his family?
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