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  1. For as long as I can remember MFC has struggled to find a dominant tall forward. We have had so many misses since Neitz days including Watts, Dawes, Clark, Hogan, Weiderman, Cook, Molan and Dunn Why is our strike rate with tall forwards who can mark and kick straight so poor compared to most other teams?
  2. I remember when people compared him to Pavlich Right now I would take a Jack Watts at FF any day of the week over Weiderman
  3. His Chris Dawes mark 2 in the air right now. Cement hands, one of the reasons we lost today was the 4 to 15 contest marks by the 3rd quarter. To think his trying to hold us to random on his contract, either sign up or [censored] off I say. Take 2 first rounders to the bank, we see time and time again teams picking up ruckman on the cheap, it’s about time we did it.
  4. Congrats mate, you can count to 5. Well done :)
  5. Thanks Werribee. Agree pick 1 is exactly what we need right now. Midfield was putrid with sick Petracca and Oliver tagged.
  6. Way over rated right now, if we can get 2 first rounders we should run for the hills. Use one on Mac Andrew and the other for our midfield depth. We fall off a cliff with Oliver and Petracca neutralised and need more talent in the guts.
  7. Am I the only one perplexed by Butters instead of Fritsch?
  8. Wow, of 12 possible interstate team games (Geelong included), only 3 are at the MCG. Also this “While the Bulldogs have six primetime matches in those first nine weeks, premier Melbourne has three” Cant help but feel we got a really bad draw this year.
  9. I don’t get this point system as technically don’t we have an infinite amount of picks if our list allows us? Eg let’s say all teams pass in the 90s. That then gives us pick 91,92,93,94 and so on for points does if not? Or our round 8,9,10,11 picks
  10. Would be a foolish move to take him at 19, if he lasts 1 more pick we could then take him with pick 37.
  11. I feel like we are doing nothing to counter the Schache tag. What should happen is May should line Schache up and run right through him at the start of Q3. Make him think twice
  12. Was I the only one who heard hodge say “we” when referring to what the Bulldogs needed to keep doing? Wtf
  13. Bont looks like his ready to cry. Definitely was more invested in this then he led on
  14. Was thinking the same, could impact our boys prep into the granny if it was passed on
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