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  1. Biggest controversy since Nollsy came runner up in Aus idol.
  2. Give him away to any team willing to pay more then $25K of his salary as that’s how much better off we will be. Absolutely useless on our list and just a clogger who whinges. I remember he instigated that protest at the off-season camp and also blames the club for his body shape (As if that’s the cause for his concrete can’t mark hands). Pick 100 and $25K of his salary (we cover the rest) and it’s a done deal for me. We won’t get better then that, even North (We l take anyone) Melbourne don’t want him
  3. Don’t know about you guys but I am hoping Serong tears it apart tomorrow and rips Bulldogs a new one like he did to us.
  4. Apparently we are into him North Melbourne prepared to make mega six-year offer to star Giant, per report
  5. Why do we always seem to have players go off a cliff in terms of output. In the past few years we have had players like TMac and Jayden Hunt who both looked like stars regress into list cloggers. The same is happening to Harmes. Usually players are meant to improve over time however at the Dees most seem to go backwards. How does one get worse at what they do? I struggle to understand this, looking at guys like Salem, Lever, Bradshaw ect all look to be taking that same path off the cliff also. WHAT IS GOING ON???
  6. Future not looking good. Shocking list management
  7. Yes he was in charge of marking his own homework as well and list decisions like Harmes 5 years or KK 4 years and Jack Watts coach for first 3 years. Always happy to hide in the shadows to when things don’t go well.
  8. Left field but I would try get Adam Goodes in as an assistant. [censored] some people up the wall but knows how to get a message across.
  9. With an inexperienced GM at the helm for the last 7 years it’s time to get some experience in. He has received multiple promotions despite being one of our match day coaches during 186 loss. It’s time to go Mahoney. Mahoney was picked up as an assistant coach for 2008. He served as a forward line coach In September 2011, Mahoney was appointed Melbourne's Football Manager after Mark Neeld was appointed as senior coach. In September 2013, Mahoney was appointed Melbourne's General Manager - Football Operations by CEO Peter Jackson.
  10. Best thread in a while. Let’s load up on new assistant coaches either way as we l probably promote the current lot to GM and list manager roles like we did Mahoney. Probably already have Chaplin a lock in a succession plan for that.
  11. You just disagree for the [censored] of it. Playing his 2nd game he shows speed, put on good pressure and almost snagged a couple despite [censored] poor team mates around you.
  12. Even commentators questions why do we always kick it to our pocket after a clearanc
  13. Didn’t mind Bedford, keen to see more of him
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