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  1. I don’t get this point system as technically don’t we have an infinite amount of picks if our list allows us? Eg let’s say all teams pass in the 90s. That then gives us pick 91,92,93,94 and so on for points does if not? Or our round 8,9,10,11 picks
  2. Would be a foolish move to take him at 19, if he lasts 1 more pick we could then take him with pick 37.
  3. I feel like we are doing nothing to counter the Schache tag. What should happen is May should line Schache up and run right through him at the start of Q3. Make him think twice
  4. Was I the only one who heard hodge say “we” when referring to what the Bulldogs needed to keep doing? Wtf
  5. Bont looks like his ready to cry. Definitely was more invested in this then he led on
  6. Was thinking the same, could impact our boys prep into the granny if it was passed on
  7. Trade vanders for a 2nd
  8. Touched off the boot is a rule that can go also when kicking for goal. Always makes for painful score reviews. If it goes through just count it.
  9. This is looking very bruise free with very little contest work at the moment. Looks like 2 teams too scared of physical contact. Crowd and commentators are quiet
  10. Most likely start a thread about who we should be looking to trade
  11. Trust them to go to the match for some free hot chips
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