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  1. Anyone see post match presser where Goodwin said he “wasn’t worried one bit” and that he didn’t believe we had major issues. jesus
  2. When Burgo worked at Port they always burnt out before season end after having a fine start. Seems the fellas enter season in peak condition and as the other clubs catch up we start to slow down
  3. Same thing happened when Burgess was at Port. Dominate first half of year due to having increased fitness, fall into a lump of [censored] once other teams fitness catches up as year progresses. Also Tom Macdonalds form has dropped since he had his child
  4. Not sure the relevance, Jackson, Rivers and Pickett were drafted in 2019 ready made players and played matches in there first season with the Dees. Bowie and Laurie drafted in 2020 which we traded up our 2021 pick to get. Would assume we would go for ready made players in our window opposed to project players who will take years to come on.
  5. I have also been accused of being you before Werridee. Seems everyone with the same opinion = the same person. It gets old.
  6. Time to brood Bowey off half back. Rivers shanks way too many. I hope we didn’t trade up for 2 first round picks in our premiership window to not play them in the firsts?
  7. Useless when half of them are turn overs. He doesn’t even look where he is kicks it, Would take spargo’s 11 touches any day over Viney’s 32 anyday
  8. With all due respect, I don’t think anyone gives a [censored] about grammar on a footy forum.
  9. Saw a few times today ANB was just standing front and centre flat footed, ball bounced off pack into him and his man was already tackling him before he took possession. Wouldnt hurt to have some movement to hit the front and centre with a bit of speed to avoid that happening, saw it occur twice.
  10. That’s when he can get on the field
  11. Out: Vanderbeg, Viney, Rivers In: Harmes, Bowey, Melksham
  12. Not sure we even have a forward coach, unless I am wrong.
  13. I know his contracted but needs to be considered. He adds nothing to us and clubs like Port are crying out for inside mids, we could make out like bandits.
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