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  1. Just saw on the socials that Melksham just had a baby. Could he be a late out?
  2. Not if Collingwood pay some of his salary he isn’t :)
  3. Would you guys do De-Goey for Weiderman straight swap. Pickett, Petracca, Brown, Fritsch and De-Goey as a forward line 👌
  4. Look at his decision making or super high lob kicks he does to team mates so opponents have a few years to get to the contest
  5. Out: Tomlinson, Baker In: Weiderman, Chandler
  6. On that note, thinks it’s time to spin up a ‘bring back Mahoney” thread
  7. The Kozzie Pickett one I started saying we should draft him before most of DL even knew who he was? Here is the link ->
  8. Lmao captain hindsight with so much time on his hand here after a win. Love it I can do it to, who from this conversation was it who originally called out on DL we should target Pickett? (Hint: Not DD)
  9. Mark my words Hicky has given Gawn a bath multiple times before and will next week. It’s going to get ugly
  10. If unintentional (which it is) then I don’t see how it could be argued to be any worse then Hawkins unintentional eye socket breaking elbow. At least the impacted player continued the game in this instance where as May missed a week.
  11. I’m with you Lord Nev. Dead set champ who would give Tom Gillies a run for his money
  12. Chandler in for Jones 300 can wait
  13. Shocking decision keeping Weeds out of the team. Kicks 7 in the twos while Tmac remains turnover merchant
  14. Melksham has 3 quarters to save his career
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