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  1. Hilarious how the commentariat have created a new legal precedent of "duty of care to yourself" concept. Nice misdirection Brian and friends. The duty of care is what you owe to another ie Brayshaw. It is not a slogan to bandy around and legitimise unduly rough play to another. Anyway, Maynard was hardly in a passive position where he had to "protect himself". Fortunately for Maynard, he does not now have to consult a lawyer this morning and sue himself.
  2. A travesty if any of of these prognostications come to pass. In this millenium you don't need to knock players out with your shoulder.
  3. BT king's Counsel for violence in football
  4. I have a friend of a friend here in Warragul who kept a beautiful scrapbook of 1964. She was a member even back then. And l would like to share a photo l took of her club member's medalliin from that year. Go Deeeez!
  5. After all, this is Australia. If you can't niggle, jumper punch, harass and berate a player off the ball, what's the country coming to. Australia rues rules football. Sock it to 'em, Simon.
  6. There are NO rules in Australian rules football. As soon as that rule is appreciated then you can enjoy the game.
  7. Lever or May. Otherwise the cupboard is bare. We can't win without a narking forward.
  8. Donald Trump. He would be excellent at re-arranging the bench to help guarantee favourable outcomes.
  9. Having said that it would be fair to say that the game has become un-umpireable. Retarding players off the ball, "nudges" in the back when flying for the ball, "ball" decisions ... it is impossible to guess which way the umpires are going to call half the time. 50 metre penalties are an extravagant penalty on many occasions. Insufficient intent... what a laughable rule. Mens rea, indeed.
  10. Soft modern-day football boots is the problem. The past players' association should insist on our players only wearing Ron Barassi boots with appropriate metal caps (ouch, kicking in danger) and thick leather soul and hard leathered skin.
  11. In strict football parlance probably should be "Jack the blind miner.." (From the Mike Williamson book of hyperbole, exaggerations and commentary prose".
  12. Watching him bounce EITHER hand was something else...
  13. Apologies if this already posted somewhere. (Brodie In) https://www.afl.com.au/news/992852
  14. The AFL will no doubt put it on their Gettable" segment: "We make the rules, we break them."
  15. Like doing Special Comments on Demonland, for example. No one knows l thought that.
  16. Great Scot! And not so great Scott.
  17. Essendon out of the 8 on the live ladder (just quietly).
  18. The umpire's dodgy ball up with ten seconds on the clock was an utter disgrace.
  19. Wasn't it Whately who memorably extolled Petracca's dribbler in the '21 GF as being "TRULY from the top shelf". He still has credits for that...
  20. Then again, if you were sympathetic to the myopic cartoon character, "Mr.Magoo", it's easy to spot the mix-up...
  21. Essingdon won't bea Geelong at Geelong, and they won't beat Collingwood. There's two.
  22. The umpires don't so much as umpire, as blow the whistle and point left or right. (@17.57, unrewarded Dee taclle).
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