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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden

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  1. That would have been Froggy Thompson...
  2. Congratulations on a brave decision. The AFL needs to examine its core business model, it certainly shouldn't be to expose elite sportsmen to its high-risk rules and the baying of the crowd and sponsors.
  3. I have been wasting my time on AFL stats going over these halcyon years, and the abysmal kicking of these two. If either Dillon or Parke could kick straight we would surely have made a couple of finals appearances in that grim decade.
  4. 'Cos Parke would take 15 marks and kick 0.3 and two out on the full...
  5. My golden days of going to the football. Lots of Grand Old Flag passion in the southern stand. No voice-over ground announcers. The Dees often played with desperation, just didn't have access to the top-flight players. The late 70s, by which time Wells had gone to Carrrton, that was a different matter.
  6. League teams on Thursday nights, "Alves, Wells, Flower".
  7. Memory lane: https://www.afl.com.au/news/933352/watch-centurions-now-geoff-blethyns-take-two-ton-in-one-brilliant-season
  8. Should watch BM to identify what are correct within-the-rules football actions.
  9. Modern day punters have it so easy. We used to watch VFA on channel 10 with a black and white pixel haze. I couldn't even tell whether Eddie Melai or Fred Cook had the pill. And that was on a sunny day. And we never complained once.
  10. A wise man once sayeth, as long as you can dob sausages it doesn't really matter how they were derived.
  11. The Greening incident was a very dark day. Until the Maynard incident l must admit l wasn't anti-collingwood. I remember other teams, hint: Essendon trying to swipe their way to flags. But now l very firmly have my anti-Collingwood goggles on from that day forth. You could also contrast Maynard's act with the heroism of Brayshaw when he courageously marked in the GF...
  12. Take your point but appropriating common law terminology to sanctify the violence agenda of AFL commission is dodgy and misleading.
  13. We threw the flag away in 1963 as well. But l can't remember why.
  14. It's so funny how they bandy around the expression, "Will now owe a duty of care"... duty of care already exists in the common law, it's not something the AFL can presume to regulate.
  15. Every club in Aus (there are many) which plays in the red and blue, and calls themselves the Demons should be offered some kind of affiliation status, even it is merely symbolic.
  16. The first point to make is that when you are a kid you are highly impressionable. And football games for boys at a young age can be excessively addictive. So when we got the massive TV aerial put up in central Gippsland all of a sudden it was Ron Barassi mania. Sometime in '63 l must have chosen Melbourne, because there is a wasted part of my brain that remembers channel 7 replaying ad infinitum Ron "decking" Roger Dean, which we all know didn't happen. There is another wasted part of my cerebellum which recalls highlights of Melbourne wiping Collingwood in the '64 second semi. Strangely enough l don't have any highlight reels of the GF. But my English father took me to see Everton v Australia that year at Olympic Park and the green'n'gold were smashed 8-2. Funny that l have supported Everton since that day, as well. (And it is wonderful to see them climb out of adversity this year, culminating in a 2-0 thrashing of Chelsea overnight). So l caught the very tail-end of Demon Greatness, then proceeded to spend fruitless decades turning up at the G. For me though, the 2021 flag trumps all misfortune. And it is a timely reminder that Gods do do indeed, exist: Petracca, Oliver, Brayshaw, Bennnny Brown, and Bayley Fritsch. To name just a few. Truly from the top shelf.
  17. In the multiverse, TV footage of the incident was accepted and RDB got off. But we lost by a point after Doug Wade blatantly dug his knee into Bernie Massey's back and converted after the siren. In the following year Melbourne inexplicably slumped because RDB couldn't get over being beaten by Norm Smith in the club's mid-season darts tournament.
  18. Obviously need Kane Cornes to dig deeper into this...
  19. This is a heartwarming story and illustrates the traits of courage, decency and bravery we see exhibited week-in week out by AFL sportsmen. Less so, the sensation-seeking click-baiting columnists feeding off our club at the present.
  20. Not sure if this is good, or not. https://www.news.com.au/sport/afl/west-coast-north-melbourne-battle-for-afl-draft-sensation-harley-reid/news-story/e1f31110eb84c5a256bc38cae76f2ebb I'm just listening to the bloke now...
  21. You wouldn't see TH getting front-end loaded by "footy acts" either. As Walt said in Breaking Bad, "I am the danger".
  22. There's a guy in my town (Warragul) l think he works in Woolies, has a hot Cooper S mini with BBB demon number plates.
  23. Not sure if this has already been posted: https://thewest.com.au/sport/west-coast-eagles/afl-trade-2023-melbourne-look-to-swoop-on-gws-ruckman-matt-flynn-from-under-west-coasts-noses-c-12079834
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