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  1. See that Simon, Ben Brown is our full forward.
  2. Hand tackling should be banned, inherently dangerous. Not envisaged in rules.
  3. BBB a premiership hero, is one of our top full forwards of the last 60 years. 1. Neitz 2. Bennett 3. Jakovich 4. Dillon 5. Brown 6. Robertson 7. Parke If Melbourne is seriously contending this year the selection committee will need to swallow their pride and get him back in the team.
  4. That is a very good point. At the very least, the intention of the Geelong player is to make heavy contact. So he has responsibility or duty of care for what follows.
  5. Ron Barassi didn't break through as a gun player until a role was invented for him... that being ruck-rover. This suggestion may be howled down etc but why not play Grundy as a mid/ruck-rover? He could tag-team with Gawn then. The competition may never look the same. When one of these players gets tired they could rest in the back pocket, a la Ted Lees. (https://www.footywire.com/afl/footy/pp-melbourne-demons--ted-lees
  6. 'Rohan' Connolly, lol... is that his moniker a la Nathan/Gary Lyon?
  7. If you watch the other games on a kayo binge weekend this little melodrama repeats itself holus-bolus. The main problem is the shape of the football. Of course, a good full forward would be helpful.
  8. Stunk up badly at the selection table, anomalies abound. BBB having an excellent start to the season then relegated to Casey, can't get back in despite us having an average forward line. Tomlinson, breakout game v Collingwood... surely "no change" is the applicable team-first messaging. Petty, straight back in, despite the erstwhile practice of easing injured players back ...through Casey. Can't take any of it too seriously when punters preside over selections. Demons, gamble responsibly.
  9. Is that Bernie Massie, left of Don Williams?
  10. I remember in the good-old, bad-old days we had Melbourne - Masters of the MCG and Melbourne Greatest Ever Exponents of Perfection Football displayed across the northern and southern stands in perpetuity. There was a third one l have forgotten.
  11. Amazing that umpire Marais Erasmus did not award a 50 metre penalty against Patrick Cummins for showing obvious dissent in last ball before lunch.
  12. He means ladder position/ home v interstate finals...
  13. Reminiscent of David Neitz's hit on a Hawthorn player, circa 2004.
  14. Like Stonehenge: https://www.news.com.au/sport/afl/carlton-and-essendon-mocked-for-pregame-mcg-tribute-that-only-reinforces-sad-reality/news-story/d7fec666cd46c359460cb864f6167865
  15. Their loss record aginst us in finals since pre-war is almost perfect.
  16. Watch Collingwood try to "ginger up" the new boy. I think he has a bit of the Neil Balmes about him...
  17. Buddy is moving around ATM like Talos from Jason and the Argonauts.. https://youtu.be/dD9qc44oMqU
  18. Oscar Baker Jeremy Howe Luke Jackson Sam Weidemann Jayden Hunt Sam Frost Toby Bedford Jessie Hogan Brayden Preuss Have l missed anyone? It is quite a list.
  19. They just have to be unpicked, like we were. They get overlappers sprinting hard from concealed rear formations as soon as they have a ball-winner. From that set-up it is guard to stop them. We need to counter their ploy with our own Oliver's army-style formation: https://youtu.be/gIej8Kg4Prs
  20. I was just waiting and waiting for someone to say this. It was a seriously selfish moment, papered over by the fact that we won the '21 premiership and the correct dribbling of the ball. If he had missed that goal it would have been a very bad look. Still, saying all this Fritta is a serious class act. Now, onwards to Kysiah and his penchant for spoiling JVR and Gawny's marking attempts.
  21. At one point Kozzie flew for a speccie in front of MG when he could have stayed down for the spoils. This has been a repeating pattern, with KP continually preferencing goal of the year/ mark of the year. We are going nowhere until Melbourne gets back to tem first.
  22. 8 wins in a row. I used to dream of 8 wins in a row against Carlton.
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