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  1. Hmm next year is going to be very important for Dean Bailey
  2. Can play but don't think he'll be as good as those five. Mind you though who knows how Cale will turn out, has the potential to be anything.
  3. This day will go down as one of the most influential in the history of the MFC. Scully, Trengove, Watts, Jurrah, Grimes. F*#k me!
  4. Scully is the brightest midfield prospect since Hodge. He's worth tanking alone nevermind pick 2 or 3
  5. too much sourade for old Jeffy
  6. When did Jeff White get made reduntant? I actually can't remember?
  7. Haha I celebrated, felt kinda bad after though
  8. I agree Yze_Magic. Absolute joke. It's interesting that after serving a one week club imposed suspension in round 1 he was brought straight back into the AFL. Didn't need to have a game in the ressies after that
  9. Bailey is teaching our young players to be flexible more so Morton because his body shape allows us to play him multiple roles. One of his goals in the last quarter came from a very impressive contested mark when he was left one out with his opponent. I had heard he had good hands in the U18 competition but had never really seen him use them at AFL level before Saturday.
  10. McLean's inabillity to cope with a tag is seriously concering. How many touches did he finish up with today? I've heard people from within the club say his poor form is due to a lack of a pre season. This is totally understandable for a players first couple of games however it's round 16 now, lack of match fitness cannot be used as an excuse entirely for his poor form. Will be interesting to see if Robbo get's another contract.
  11. I actually think BT is quite positive when he talks about the Dees
  12. Liked the look of Rohan. Moves like Steve Johnson runs like Alywnn Davey
  13. Paul Johnson: soft and unaccountable Brad Miller: workhorse but clearly not up to it
  14. I just don't understand how a players skills and decision making can go from very very good to very very bad in such a short time. Earlier in the year I put his poor form down to the lack of a pre season expecting him to improve with more game time however he has gone backwards in almost all areas of his game as the season lingers on. If he's still feeling the affects of a dodgy foot it's simple DON'T PLAY HIM. Get him right for next year and play Valenti in his role. At the moment his lack of speed and accountibillity throughout the middle of the ground is killing us. God I hope we get Tr
  15. It's an interesting situation you put up. Clearly our list as it currently stands is lacking significant leadership. Whatever confidence we did have leading into the season has been totally oblierated since the Queens Birthday game. Our players look tired, slow and somewhat scared. Having a certified superstar out there would certainly lift the morale and confidence of our players. It would be fantastic to recruit a gun player but at the end of the day I can't see to many star players wanting to play for Melbourne. Either way even if we do come close to recruiting one the brown paper bags at
  16. Hmm his age has nothing to do with his lack of attack on the ball.
  17. Hmm I'm not so sure. Cale is very soft. Hopefully its just a confidence issue to do with his undeveloped body.
  18. I actually agree with you but I don't think it's as clear cut as you make it out to be. How tall would Fevola be?
  19. Whelan Robertson McDonald Wheatley Bell All definites. No point them being in the team now. Just dead weight/list cloggers what ever you want to call them. Players I'm tempted to get rid of but we don't due to the fact that we can't have such an overhaulf of our list Dunn Johnson Bruce Players who need to lift Rivers McLean Bate
  20. You're absolutely right Rhino god we looked slow through the middle today. I know he's not much but when's Buckley back? At least he provides a bit of run and carry. People say we are losing games because of our forward line I beg to differ I think its cause of our one paced, one dimensional midfield.
  21. 6:Sylvia 5:Cheney 4:Grimes 3:Frawley 2:Maric 1: Watts (officially the first person on demonland to give Watts a vote)
  22. Quayle the best football journo going around? A great read. You can't help but feel sorry for Colin, clearly he has been a very troubled young man. I don't think he's asking for remorsefullness but rather this is just another small step to take in getting his footy back on track and most importantly his life.
  23. It's not just you B-B-P. His skills for the most of the year have been terrible. However his tackling and pressure has been fantastic and he's clearly leading the way for the younger players in this regard.
  24. Hmm Martin out. Perhaps its due to match up. In reallity its not as if Collingwood have a gorilla full forward he'll need to match up on. Cloke-Warnock (did an excellent job last time) Medhurst-Frawley Anthony-Rivers Whelan/Cheney/Bell-Didak
  25. There is a WA kid called Morabito who's been impressing apparently
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