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  1. Jack Fitzpatrick looks the type apparently. 201cm could be the ruckman we need. Could come into contention I suspect if we finish above Richmond or West Coast but still don't win more than 4 games. It could very easily happen actually.
  2. Wattsy give me something to get excited about
  3. Thorp's body is apparently rooted. Miller is a honest footballer who will unfortunately still be on the list next year through no other reason than a lack of personal. We can't just throw Watts to the cleaners straight away. I know Miller is a spud but at least he'll take the likes of Scarlett, Glass and co untill Wattsy is right.
  4. 6:Jamar 5:Rivers 4:Frawley 3:McLean 2:Warnock 1:Sylvia
  5. Once again Bizkit you show your that your living in your own bizzaro world. Whelan has been a brilliant servant of this club, however it's Cheney's time now. Clearly you're the type of guy who rates a players game on one spear tackle.
  6. Outs: Miller, Whelan, Bruce, McDonald Ins: Watts, Cheney, Jetta, Robertson
  7. Ha you're right HT. Would be good either way I suppose. Port Adelaide is also a great idea.
  8. Melbourne Vs Hawthorn Friday night football, Indigenous Round, Northern Territory Davey, Jurrah, Bennell, Wonnaeamirri Vs Riolo, Franklin, Bateman Would be brilliant
  9. http://www.theage.com.au/news/rfnews/demon...3103592913.html Thoughts? I personally love the idea
  10. So Watts has played 2 VFL reserves game 1 APS school football match 2 VFL Seniors games
  11. His form has been a little concerning however how old is he? 20 or something. How many games has he played? Not every one of our young players is going to be an overnight success. He might take a little bit of time.
  12. 6: #12 5: Green 4:Johnson 3: Bruce 2: Rivers 1: Maric
  13. Scully is an APS boy. Would have played for Hailebury College.
  14. I'm very worried about losing Petterd. The fact we haven't resigned him as of yet is pretty concerning
  15. No one will part with picks within the top 20 this year. You only have to look at last years static trade period. With the introduction of the Gold Coast this is hardly surprising
  16. Been a lot of good kids this year. Would expect Taylor Walker from Adelaide to get one soon. Bennell and Grimes will have there time in the coming weeks.
  17. Neita3000


    I actually think he's been servicable the last couple of weeks. Sure he'll never be a top line player and most likely won't be our best 22 in a couple of years however at the moment he's holding his own, could be a very important depth player.
  18. Exhibit A Did you notice that he had absolutely nothing upfield to kick to? We had to try and win the game going long to a contest was the only option. If anything we should blame the players who he kicked it too for not attempting to punch the ball over the boundary line.
  19. Lot of people calling him to be dropped throughout the week. Just wondering what did you think of his game today?
  20. There will be some tools saying his disposal cost us the game deep in the last quarter when he turned the ball over deep from defense two times in a row. Had nothing absolutely on and did the right thing by going down the line. Very, very smart player. Love him
  21. 6:Jones 5:Moloney 4:Morton 3:Davey 2:Bartram 1:Johnson
  22. Hawkins is in his 3rd year holding down the full forward position in the best in the comp. Hardly a hack considering he looks like he's getting better and better each week. I suppose you'd rather Newton in your side. Let's wait untill the National Championships before we place the hopes of our club on some 17 year old.
  23. My brother was at the game. Came home with a big smile on his face Kicked 3 goals one of them an absolute belter. Apparently was switched around from chb to chf whichever way the wind was going. BGS were 5 goals down at 3 quarter time with Watts kicking 2 in the last quarter and having a helping hand in pretty much every other one. Was tagged by Alex Keath apparently a potential #1 pick. Seemed like he was pretty f'ing good.
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