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  1. in terms of the draft, i think we would be keen on Jack Higgins. I think Jason Taylor would love his work ethic. He is small but skilful, and has the pace our midfield needs. I have a strong feeling he will be in the red and blue if we dont trade our pick away.
  2. seriously whats the point of the thread if people are going to dish up 'trust the footy department' comments. anyway, if we are to get someone decent we would have to give up someone also. irrespective of who has signed and who is coming out of contract, players who i think are tradeable are: watts (games like the weekend are the reason i would be ok with him leaving), anb (although i do like his intensity) and tyson (he can accumulate but he is a bit slow to make decisions and gets caught holding the ball a lot). So the above 3 players all carry value.
  3. vince is a guy that I definitely want in the team but each week he gets way too cute with the ball and turns it over. Kicking a 25metre dab kick off one step, threading a needle, sideways, deep in defence. He needs to cut that out asap and get off his pedestal. The team works too hard to simply have Bernie blow torch the ball without a care in the world. I wouldnt mind him at half forward to be honest where he is a nice shot for goal, can hit lead up targets and can use his tackling pressure to lock the ball in.
  4. It seems that the days are gone that we will have top 5 picks so we may need to draft a bit more for needs than ever before. With that in mind, what sort of player do you think we need? For me: 1. Key position defender: Too much reliance on both mcdonald brothers and Frost and all do scare me deep in defence with their foot skills and decision making. a key defender with above average foot skills would be high on the pecking order. Basically Jake Lever. 2. Small forward: Garlett won't be around forever but a genuine speedster with goal sense would be worth targeting. I d
  5. To me, its irrelevant that hogan only had 10 touches. he couldve had 20 for all i care, he didn't chase or have any 2nd efforts. Dont get me wrong i loved hogan in his first season but don't get caught up in the name guys. How discouraging would it be for the rest of the team to see hogan jog/walk when he should be busting his arse off. and gawn has been off but he is trying. hogan is running around with no intensity or effort. you cant compare the two. To be honest, its good to hear that im not the only one that has this view. id put him at casey until he demonstrates consi
  6. why do people continuously call players genius' for displays of common sense? oh, mason wood looks at the clock and runs it down before kicking. what a genius! leigh montagna waiting for opponents to come to him before kicking a goal from the square to waste time..what a genius. it's common sense! it's like people have never played competitive sport before. might i add, whats stopping a player from starting his goal kicking run up at 30 seconds from 50m from the mark and simply walking in at snails pace wiping another significant chunk of time off. sometimes i feel
  7. Hogans second efforts were a disgrace. completely non existent. it's embarassing. And this has got nothing to do with being out of form or fitness its about mental intent. And its a part of his game thats never been addressed or fixed. Needs to be dropped. Cant afford to carry guys who don't chase. People have a go at guys like melksham and even in previous seasons guys like Dunn. but at least they have a crack.
  8. I'm so sick of this sh!t. I'm so sick and tired of Goodwin's post match interviews of 'it's not the type of footy we want to play'. It's getting predictable. You're the bloody coach!! You have a whole week to get your team to try. That's all..try! If the players aren't buying into Goodwin then he needs to go. Simple as that. I don't care how early it is or as good as our win against adelaide was. We're not consistently trying! Pathetic. Also for fellow demonlanders, you guys were calling for Hannan's head but clearly you don't know anything about footy. He needed a string of games to feel a
  9. stop running under the ball weideman. Lewis, hit a fricken target or go back to casey. and everyone just lift. Goodwin, get your players to lift during the week. for f%ck sake. bunch of soft [censored]!
  10. Are we really in a need to rush back Hogan anyway? It's a serious question. He has not shaken his negative attitude and anyone who has played competitive sport knows how profound a negative team mate can have on the rest of the team. His last 12 games of football he has averaged 0.75 goals a game. UNDER A GOAL A GAME.
  11. we just don't have enough players with high footy IQ. People were talking about how smart Montagna was last week but stalling in the goalsquare before kicking a goal. It's not smart, it's common sense. it's embarassing to think people hadn't thought of this before. We need players to sharpen up and understand the moments of a game.
  12. The last 2 goals for geelong at the end of the 3rd probably lost us the game I would say. clearly we needed to slow the game down and chip it around until the siren went. Momentum is everything and had we have gone into the last qtr 15 points up, we would have won. I thought it was poor footy IQ by all players and coaches as we did have the ball during that time. Anyway, as others have pointed out a: a fwd line of Hannan, smith and weideman was completely non-threatening. is Pedersen injured at the moment? we live in a stats world and players often get judged sometimes by how
  13. Lewis and Hogan will both be missing next week so we should be prepared for that. The game was very frustrating. It seemed to me that carlton were clogging up the whole game to make it a scrap and it was. But our decision making and execution was awful basically all day. Many kicks were 25m-35m passes which either went straight to the opposition or to a 50/50 contest. The risk outweighed the return. Kick it long, or kick it short and keep possession. Oliver, love him. He may start getting tagged soon at this rate. I'd like to see Petracca at more centre bounces. He isn't the best
  14. Lol. True. But there was genuinely not much to report. its hard to read into a 20m kick to kick and some run throughs
  15. Popped along to training today. And whilst its the start of pre-season i would say most of the players wouldve been doing a lot of individual training in the off season. Because of this i was keen to see who was bulking up and who wasn't. Players that look to me to have changed body shapes include: Vandenberg: looks a lot fitter and looks to be covering the ground a lot better than last season. Petracca: he looks dramatically different and has lost the big hips that he had this time last season. A picture of fitness. O.Mcdonald: he is still thin but he is showing signs of filling out. It won'
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