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  1. Doomsdayers? That's a bit rich isn't it?
  2. Ha it's actually like watching the giant kid dominate in the Under 13s except its the AFL. He is a freak and you're right, a thrill to watch
  3. Certainly makes you think doesn't it? Although the remark was made last night that Nick was bench pressing 130 kilos. I wonder how much Jack could lift at this current stage? Two totally differently advanced footballers in a physical sence.
  4. Bailey has stated many times that he's trying to build a side that is extremely versatile. Grimey playing out of the back flank and pushing into the middle is all part of it. I thought it was also interesting that Cuddles didn't mention anything about Stef Martin playing in the ruck. It would seem that he's viewed in the coaching staff as a pinch hitter rather than someone who can genuinely take that position. I'm not so sure about big Stef up forward. Ha in one sense (well not really) it's a shame we have a surplus of excellent tall defenders as this where I'd prefer Martin to serve his foo
  5. Perhaps we should have taken a punt on some lumbering VFL hack? Hawthorn/Wayde Skipper style?
  6. I would expect Green to kick 30-40 goals if he played predominantly at full forward this year. Certainly not the worst idea ever.
  7. 2010 Ladder position and record: 12th- Win/Loss: 7-15 B & F Winner: Colin Sylvia Most Brownlow Votes: Colin Sylvia Most Rising Star Votes: Jack Trengove Most Improved: James Frawley Our 5 most important players at the end of the season will be: Sylvia, Davey, Bate, Jurrah, Rivers (by no means is this who I think our best players are but rather who has the most impact when they play well) 2010 Premier: Geelong Wooden Spoon: Tigers Brownlow: Black Coleman: Franklin
  8. McLean sublime footskills lol? He is a shocking kick of the football Freak even you should know that.
  9. Just out of general interest when did Simon Buckley come out and say that
  10. Rd 1:2010 FB: McDonald Warnock Bennell HB:Bruce Frawley Rivers C: Morton Moloney Davey HF: Sylvia Bate Green FF: Jurrah Miller Trengove R: Jamar Jones Grimes I: Martin, Scully, Petterd, Joel Mac Watts won't be ready by rd 1
  11. That's what we said last year. Let's hope it's nothing too serious.
  12. I'd really like to see Grimes in the leadership group this year.
  13. Farout why are people's expectations of this guy so high? No one knows how the draft order is going to play out, not even the recruiters.
  14. Isn't it great assuming everyone is fully fit that there's now some competition up for spots. Looking over most of the teams Neville Jetta isn't in any of them. This is a kid who played 10 pretty handy games for a first year player last season, kids like him are only going to get better and that's where our improvement will come. Not only have we recruited some players who could become top shelf but we've alose managed to get our hands on some great depth.
  15. Unbelievable draft won't happen though. I was told last night that were well into Taylor and Patrick at 18 and 34 so its interesting to see that Burgantron has them coming to us ableit at later picks. The same source also said that Luke Ball will not be playing at the Dees next year, so take that as you will. Personally I would not be too dissapointed with Gawn at 18. The reality is we are in serious need of a ruckmen and he sounds as talented as any floating around.
  16. Lol what if he gets picked up by a club on Thursday???
  17. Lol I just layed my spring carnival sportbet winnings all on the Tigers. Should make the season interesting.
  18. Part 3 of the sage continues. Ha what a great situation. I personally think there might be better kids around at pick 18 however I won't be dissapointed if we pick him. For me Thorp is a much more exciting option in the PSD
  19. I reckon Pickering is one media commentator who is anything but a 'demon hater', always seem very supportive to me, but hey maybe this occured in isolation.
  20. One of my good friends plays at Hawthorn. Essentially Thorp was not well liked by alot of players however there was never any doubt about his talent. He wishes him all the best and thinks Melbourne would be a good fit.
  21. I played against him him once in a Under 19s VAFA match when he would have been about 16. Was completely dominant, literally stood in the middle of grass paddock that is the Ormond home ground and took a mark every single time we tried to move the ball forward. I think he got promoted to the seniors the next week which is not a bad effort for a 16 year old. Hurt his knee earlier in the year so it will be interesting to see where he goes. I would definitely be interested at 34 if we choose to use this pick
  22. Hmm Greg Denham has got things wrong before. I'm not taking it as gospel yet but things don't look good at the moment. Nether the less the Dees can make life really difficult for Collingwood, if Ball nominates for the national draft then he is available to anyone.
  23. This is brilliant. Only St Kilda and Geelong once!!! Man we should be definetly be aiming for 7-9 wins IMO with this draw
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