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  1. Melbourne list analysis: Demons will play finals soon says Gary Buckenara "CRYSTAL BALL Melbourne has definitely made some improvements. There weren’t as many of those big losses in 2015 as there have been in recent seasons and the Demons under Paul Roos are definitely more competitive. They even had a surprise win or two against teams like Geelong and Collingwood, which is a very promising sign. Given the rebuild has taken so long and stalled for a year or two until Roosy came on board, can fans be confident they will get there with these young players? Yes, they can. I don’t think the list is there yet in terms of challenging for a premiership, but I suspect in two years they should be knocking on the door of the eight and playing finals. Having said that, a lot depends on player development and which experienced players they bring via trading. Melbourne needs to decide whether it will be a premiership team or just a team that is competitive and makes finals, but doesn’t really challenge. That’s going to be the big question mark."
  2. Melbourne Midfield 2013: Jones, Trengove, McKensie, Viney, Grimes, Blease, Magner, Nicholson, Bail, Sylvia, Davey, Tapscott, Howe I would say that Gysberts is behind all of those listed above... + we have Tynan, Jetta, Taggert, pick 4 This is not the worst trade we've done...
  3. Sad day- One of my favs. I wish him all the best. Imagine how good he could have been if he didn't have those injuries...
  4. Give him a break. Clearly has talent and has had a shocker run with injury this year. May need to lift training levels but is clearly one of the major assets on our list. Under Neeld, could develop into an A grader. Big year for him next year.
  5. We seem to be going in all guns blazing... Are we a chance or will the Hawks win out? The Clarkson Five
  6. I played soccer with Marty a couple of years ago after he left Box Hill. An absolutely smashing guy! A fitness machine, he quickly gathered a reputation throughout our league as a fierce competitor. A fantastic leader who loved giving his all for the club and telling his old footy stories. Tragically, in the last match Marty played, he broke his leg in a typically strong 'Heppell' challenge. You guys couldn't have picked a better player than Martin Heppel to represent the two clubs on your forum footy day- I'm sure he'd be very proud to be honoured in such a way!
  7. Watts and Demons talking about a future together Great news! Keep it going Dees
  8. thanks mate- train about to go through 5 tunnels! I hope when i next check we're in front- GO DEES!
  9. Can someone please start putting scores up- i'm on a train to Manchester n i can't handle not knowing margins! GO DEES!
  10. In: Moloney, Sylvia, Morton, McNamara, Bail Out: Grimes (Hip), Whelan (Foot), Bennell (Knee), Warnock (Ankle), Johnson Well done to both Bail and McNamara!
  11. I wouldn't worry about it- no one ever mentions that Carlton were a basket case 3 years ago. When we're pushing for the finals, the media will start drooling like they have with Carlton. For mine, 2007 wins easily. Neitz to kick 7.
  12. Interesting article- would be a bit of a fairytale. Doubt he is interested tho. We can always hope... Lyon or Bailey?
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