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  1. Pick 14 for TJ was pretty good I reckon. Cale Morton the other day in an interview said his preferred position down the track was key position. Thought that was interesting. He's a super talented kid.
  2. In a clubt hat is lacking he is the closest one who does
  3. Wasn't he on a modified program cause of his foot? Now it's his groin?
  4. Mate that's the big question isn't it. Its hard to judge things like this. It's been 44 years now and whilst the past 10 or so years we've been competitive we've never really looked like were in with a real shot. Sadly with our recent form I think it is inevitible that we will finish near the bottom even if we do play all our older guys. I suppose the good thing is that we have a head start if we choose to rebuild as all our youngsters seem to be pretty handy
  5. Seems like a bit of a marketing player as well. Those locks of his!
  6. Will have a look at it next time and make up my own mind. But still your right its just evrything to do with the club I look at North and see how much they get out of their players and in comparison to our mob its just rediculous. Talent wise i think were more gifted but jesus you wouldn't know it
  7. Lol well its still all speculative. But yeah thats what I got told
  8. There are alot worst players on our list than Sylvia. Even now if his career was to platuea Im sure another club would pick him up. But hey the kid has just turned 22 and completed his 4th season about to enter his 5th. He knows he has to deliver and has even been labelled by Nathan Doogy Brown a respected figure at the Dees that he has leadership potential. Guys like Ryan O'Keefe were on a list or 6 years before they did even anything. Look at TJ did crap all in his first 4 years.
  9. Um lol yeah ok. Not like the person is going to find out anyway. Was speaking to the son of the fella who runs The Slade Group, anyway there conducting the whole search. But yeah I asked him last night and he said Cook was the Dees's no1 target
  10. I believe Brian Cook i still no1 on the pecking order with MaCnamee coming in 2nd. Cook is apparently very interested in the job and its got to do with another geelong staff member who was in their marketing department joining us. Either way it will be fantastic for the club
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