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  1. stunned people think watts wont make the team....... he was top 10 in our B&F clearly the coaches rate him. Going to be competitive for spots thats for sure. Garland watts and grimes will all be in, From that team id say Pedo, Newton and Toump out for them.
  2. Lets remember that every year we look good in pre season. Big difference executing good skills at training compared to a game so not really interested in hearing how Grimes and McKenzie's kicking skills are at training. Lets see them in a real game for 4 points. McKenzie and Matt Jones will be depth players should we have injuries but neither should be in our best 22. We need better ball users. Should be an interesting team selection if all are fit. Watts is a certainty for round 1 if fit.
  3. I thought Toumpas was usually up the front end. Given running is suppsoe to be one of his strengths, a little concerning
  4. Great call. I have a feeling Max is ready to take some big steps this year and become a genuine A grade ruck. This would be huge for the club if he can
  5. Surely Salem would still qualify? Or has he played too many games? If not hed be good value as a long shot.
  6. Tappscott showed plenty of promise, just a shame his body couldnt hold up to the demands of AFL footy, certainly had some great traits.
  7. it will be interesting to see where Strauss and Tappscott play this year and how they go.
  8. This is a silly comment, both were regarded highly, particularly tappscott who had a great U18 career, his body just wouldnt let him build an AFL level tank. Strauss was probably a poor selection but even he showed promise in the senior team prior to leg injury. I still think Tappy has talent to make it, hopefully casey snap him up and he can get his body right.
  9. haha i read my fair share of stuff on this site but lets be honest 95% of it is rumours and opinions not real facts so i dont take too much of it seriously. My point was we were never going to pay overs to get a superstar like you were hinting at. And who knows we may have got two super stars last year for a relatively good price of pick 2. I agree poaching superstars from other clubs is costly, growing your own less so but we havnt been good at that in past years. And dont take a difference of opinion so personally mate, its a forum for discussion, I apologize if i wasted your time by not agreeing wholeheartedly with you.
  10. Need a lot more than one superstar to be a good team. Not sure what you are talking about with that trade, I dont think any of us know what was on the table
  11. "Had a joke with JKH about his musclebound physique, which he thought was funny, persuaded him to do a 'guns' pic, will be on Twitter, a good sport" wow
  12. yeah i agree if its a long term thing hes obviously gone. Im just naively hoping its only a 1-2 weeker and he will be back
  13. Any word on Tappscott. Is his back injury ending his shot at rookie spot?
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