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  1. Mitch Brown to replace Fritter... Petty to replace May Day... Hibberd SUB
  2. It’s not the first time Fremantle has passed on a Farmer...! ?‍? Senior and now Junior...
  3. Kobe 6 months ago...! A little taller than the Wiz... http://brandsauthority.com/fremantles-jeff-farmer-reveals-son-kobe-preparing-for-afl-dream/
  4. How about YOU go with whatever you like...! I will go with ‘MY OBSERVATION’. 178cm it is...?
  5. My observation has Kobe pushing 178cm. Jeff was 175cm in his playing days. And in a recent photo with his father, Kobe is definitely taller...
  6. I’ve got a hunch he may end up at the Crows... Hope so. Thanks Oscar.
  7. OUT- VDB & 43 IN - 25 & Future 4th Round They on trade 41 to WC for Hickey
  8. Dees should be keeping TMac. I think it will be a regretful mistake if he moves on. Slimmed down he can get back to his best...! Back him in Melbourne. It’s not like we are going to come out with a top 10 pick for him. He is versatile, can play forward, back, push up onto the wing and pinch hit in the ruck...! I believe moving players on especially in contract is a club that is ordinary at developing players and mismanagement...!
  9. He will be a bargain pick up for whoever gets him. New coach and structure and he will do wonders! I think at 24yo, Adelaide is a good fit for him for a long career... Can’t trust the Pies these days!
  10. Treloar would be nice...! But too expensive and 28. We can spend money elsewhere and be smart about it...! I would like to see us put the time into Harmes to get back to his best! Because his best is very good. He can play a lockdown role on opposing teams best mid and win his own ball... And can push forward and kick a goal or two! We shouldn’t underestimate the list we already have! The cattle is there... it’s whether the coach can get his sh#t together!
  11. He is actually not a bad player if given ago... I would prefer him over McKernan.
  12. Could Narkle play wing? Seems to be able to win his own ball and have outside run. A preseason under Burgess will give him a bigger motor.
  13. Lachie Hunter is the best wingman in the game atm...! His possessions have a genuine impact on a game. Gettable? I think so...! Dogs move Hunter and Dunkley stays... From left field, Liam Duggan is a player we should sound out for a wing! He is the right age and beautiful user of the ball. Took his game to another level this year and will only get better... Oscar Baker and James Jordon are two players we should be grooming this preseason for the wing!
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