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  1. Pick 47. Split 2021 payment with Freo... then we contract him on our terms. Play Hogan as a rotating flanker/forward pocket! HF: Hogan Petracca Kossi FF: Hunt Weideman Fritsch
  2. Lachie Hunter should be Hunted BIG time! Forget Smith and the rest... This should be our man. Most damaging wingman in the comp by far...!
  3. I think Neale is a level below... Not a match winner for me/game influencer/changer for me... Too much cheap ball and stats are a false commodity and don’t tell the real story. Commentary around his game i believe is well over blown! Petracca would be a well deserved winner!
  4. Agree on this... Any running type of player over 30 is in the High Risk for soft tissue injuries. We should be gunning for Lachie Hunter...! I think he is the most damaging wingman in the game. If Carlscum can fit Saad and Williams in there cap I’m sure we could Lachie...
  5. I believe... He will be at the Bulldogs with his bro TMac! 🐶 PS- I don’t know why people on this forum or anywhere else bash the players...! Especially Oscar. It’s not needed and tells me you are a jealous person who has ultimately failed in your own pursuit in life...! You bashers should be quit embarrassed and ashamed of yourselfs. Grow up! And I hope you don’t have kids. Because you would all be aweful parents! Aweful! 🤮
  6. We should be Balls Deep into Lachie Hunter for our wing spot! Still young and is a gun... Isaac Smith should be secondary to this... IN - Hunter and Pick 36 OUT - 2021 First Round, TMac, OMac, Hannan
  7. I think Brown Dawg #50 would be a great get! I think his best football is in front of him... And, I would like to keep TMac. I think weight trimmed back down can get back to his best as well. Can roam between Forward-Back and Wing! Both have plenty of upside...
  8. He is in demand and under contract! We need to get a favourable deal here.. Definitely worth an early 2nd round pick or a half decent player with 3-4 years left in the tank. My dream trade would be with the Hawks; OUT- Preuss, Pick 47, 2021 1st Round Pick IN - Gunston (29yo), Breust (30yo) and 2021 2nd Round Pick Dees window open and Hawks rebuilding!
  9. I would trade Pick 23 & Preuss for Pick 40 & Jake Riccardi in a heart beat!
  10. Have to agree...! Only 22 yo. Crashes packs and decent grab and kick at goal as well. More upside and longevity than the other forwards on the market.
  11. He shows a bit Nibbler. Hard at it type and doesn’t get the credit for has running patterns and pressure... Needs to be given consistent game time in my opinion. I would keep! Completely understand if he wanted to seek more opportunity elsewhere. Adelaide would be a perfect fit for him I would think.
  12. My preference is Lockhart to replace Jetta! Heart for heart!
  13. So rapt he has signed on if it true...! Heart and soul and still has more upside to his game. We haven’t seen the best of Jack yet! Bring on 2021!
  14. Yze is a must get! We should move mountains ⛰🏔 to get him on board.
  15. It is understandable and I agree with him if it is the case. I don’t believe in the game plan and on field structure/set up either... If I was a player I would be looking elsewhere as well! Don’t blame him. Need a change at coach and footy department ASAP!
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