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  1. - 30 goals from Watts - 50 goals from LJ - Sylvia to win B and F -Scully to win Rising Star - For all our youngsters e.g. Blease, Strauss, Jetta, Bennell, Maric, Grimes, Morton, Watts, Trengove, Scully, Pick 11, Frawley, Petterd, Garland to show further improvement - Anywhere but the bottom of the ladder
  2. I'd do seriously consider it. I've always liked Wells, would offer alot more than that ONE PACE BOGAN McLean.
  3. Ha wouldn't it be funny if we got Walker and they got McLean.
  4. FB: Garland Frawley McDonald HB: Rivers Warnock Grimes C: Morton Moloney Trengove HF:Sylvia Bate Green FF:Watts Jurrah Davey R:Jamar Jones Scully I: Bruce Petterd Martin Wonna
  5. Who would Garland want to go? It's not like he's going to need a change of scenery to reboot his career? Hasn't he spent the whole year with Barry P identifying talent?
  6. Besides all the kids e.g. players who have only been on the list for 3 years there are only two players I care about leaving the MFC. Colin and Davey. Lets hope for the clubs sake its St Kilda pursuing Batram
  7. Last week I had a conversation with someone as high up as it gets at the MFC. Anyway we were talking about the benefits of getting Burgoyne to the dees. (At the time he was hopeful not confident of getting him, strictly implying that we wouldn't trade for him, the only way he was coming was the PSD). I mentioned that if we got Burgoyne, Davey could quite possibly take his game to another level. He agreed and continued to talk about Davey in a glowing manner. Based on this conversation nothing he said alluded me to the fact Davey would be leaving.
  8. Hmm you'd have to entertain the idea. A midfield of Moloney, McLean and Jones just doesn't sit well with me. Far too one pace for my liking. It's a predicament though. If Brock was to play out the rest of his career like he did this year then I'd do it in a heartbeat. If he regained his 06 form and early 08 form then wouldn't even give it a thought.
  9. Guys we won't be taking Butcher. Scully is a lock for #1 Whilst #2 will be used on a another midfielder. Who that is remains contentious at this stage.
  10. I really fail to see how Hawthorn could fit Burger under their salary cap. I doubt we'll be able to get a trade done with Port the only way Shaun is coming to Melbourne is through the PSD
  11. Just out of interest how have Davey and Burgoyne become such good mates? Is it from Davey's time in S.A? Anyway would much prefer this guy to Brian Lake. Shaun is an unbelievable football er who possesses Judd like qualities. Would immediately take the #1 tag and thus allow our young on ball brigade to develop at their own pace. Anyway lets hope him and Bailey had a special relationship back at his time at Port. Also wouldn't want to play along side Davey, Jetta, Bennell, Wonna and Jurrah anyway!
  12. Does anyone remember Barry P saying last year that he had a line through some players due to serious queries about their longetivity in the game e.g. Swift and Trengove? I actually think we can take a risk on a an injury prone player this year at 18. Our list is just about there.
  13. Scully has already been told he is a Melbourne player. Talk of him "dropping his form" is just pie in the sky stuff from some desperate tigers supporter.
  14. I assume he's currently banned? Definitely a highlight when reading his posts. I really don't understand why everyone gets so rattled by him. So he has a vendetta against Bruce, big deal???
  15. Ha god I forgot. Obviously he's in but who would you take out for him? Maybe Dunn but he's impressed me so much over the past couple of weeks. I think he's a required player. Watts?
  16. 2010: FB: Garland Warnock Frawley HB: Grimes Rivers Green C: Morton Moloney Davey HF: Sylvia Bate Petterd FF: Watts Jurrah Wonna R:Jamar Jones Scully I: Dunn Meesen McDonald McLean Couple of points - I'm not so sure if Wonna is an automatic inclusion however despite Jurrah's abillity to play tall and small I feel we could do with another small forward. I felt throughout the year not only did we miss his abillity to kick a goal but also his constant pressure on opposition defenders. -Does Miller get in purely on the fact we need a big body up forward to take the best key defender fro
  17. He should keep 48. Cult figures need cult numbers. He just makes me smile.
  18. Came across this over at bigfooty. http://www.bigfooty.com/forum/showthread.p...77#post15514477 Very interesting statistic. Add Garland to our list of emerging defenders and in all seriousness it will be elite in two or three years. The only issue remains as to whether or not Garland, Rivers, Warnock and Frawley will be able to increase their posession rate. Can Garland and Rivers become our Sam Fisher and Sam Gilbert???
  19. Murphy didn't want to move up to Brisbane. The Lions tried to move heaven and earth to get him but it wasn't enough. In the end it call comes down to the individual.
  20. The advantage of having Pick 1 in the PSD is also the fact that you can see them first hand and what there capable of by inviting them down to traning.
  21. I seriously doubt Melbourne will use pick 50. The depth of this draft due to the new conessions is unbelievably thin, I reckon half of us would have been a chance to get rookied.
  22. Looking at the weather now I reckon we'll be lucky to get 12,000.
  23. If my dad is able to see Melbourne win a grand final it would be the happiest moment in my life. The other day I asked him if he cared that Melbourne was tanking. He said "fcuk winning, I haven't seen a premiship since i was 14 years old" and proceeded to describe to me how my mother wouldn't see him for a week if Melbourne won. If we win and its a massive if it will mean so much more to us than any other club.
  24. Great careers all 3 of them. Wish them all the best in their future plans.
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