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  1. That's right - we want to get this right, the right way. Not through high risk / reward shortcuts. And that's the biggest problem - for the enormous risk you'd be taking on Fevola, the reward is minuscule. 2 years of an ageing FF dominating space and clogging up the forward line, preventing our tall kids from developing there (when they are ready, which will be soon). All while we're not quite challenging for a flag. Then when we're ready, he'll be cactus. Notice how it took Carlton a year or so after Fev left for their forward line to adapt to life without him? We'd need a similar transition period to make it work. It's taking a year off our window. And the potential damage he could cause, if he was to prove he hasn't changed..? We wouldn't be attracting any other big names, with moves like that.
  2. TL;DR Got a coherent point worth making?
  3. Jeremy Howe, Rohan Bail, Austin Wonaeamirri, Stef Martin, Daniel Nicholson, Robbie Campbell... You're right, we haven't even considered mature age players.
  4. ...you mean, they don't have a clue what wil happen and are wildly speculating based on the tiniest, most insignificant details, right? Sounds like the Scully situation all over again.
  5. Both his ball drop and his kicking action are flawed.
  6. It's. Not. Just. His. Kicking. He. Makes. Terrible. Decisions. (plus the head coach is not a skills coach)
  7. Yep, I do have a lot of admiration for the way Bartram goes about it, that's for certain, but you're trying to win games of football here and he does things that kill sides. Last year, and even early on this year, his disposal AND his decision making seemed to both improve marginally, but it has regressed terribly. It still wasn't at an acceptable standard anyway. In the modern game, you can't afford to be playing a man short when in possession of the ball. I also wouldn't delist him yet. I'd listen to offers on trades, but wouldn't expect much. In 2013 I'd like him gone.
  8. I watched it on replay. I concede that you do miss things not being at the game, but it's all I have to go on. That's how I saw it.
  9. I thought he was terrible at times. Played far far too loose and lost one-on-ones. Disposal is terrible too. Seems the club's appraisal somewhat agrees with me. edit: I doubt he'll even be at the club in 2012, unless he's already contracted and I don't realise it.
  10. That's all good & well, but what does the bolded part have to do with the rest of your post? Since when have Fevola or Lovett-Murray (don't you mean Lovett?) won a flag, or even come close to it?
  11. Just because you say it does not make it so. Bartram hinders his own teammates more than he helps them. ps. Relevance? pps. Relevance??
  12. Went to a public school and I still play today. Nice reading of the tea leaves. Winning the hard ball is critical, and all players will have that drilled into them. Players like Bartram will be weeded out, because a hunger for the contest is worthless if you keep handing it back to the opposition on a platter. It's worse than not winning it in the first place, because at least then your teammates aren't all out of position to defend.
  13. The only way that happens is if the new coach is Brendan's dad. (and I'm tipping redleg is a lot more qualified to make this call than you...)
  14. I'm pretty happy with the contrasting results - we're relevant. Nobody cares about the dogs enough to whip it into a media frenzy. Any publicity is good publicity.
  15. Out: BARTRAM, Joel MacDonald, Dunn. IN: Tom McDonald, Jetta, Jurrah. edit: forgot Dunn.
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