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  1. the last bit of the article is something tom should consider very seriously, yes he will get paid well in the short term by GWS but the club is not going to have the networks to set him up for the rest of his life. Stay with Melbourne, win a premership for this great club and our vast array of networks will set him up for a long time post his football career.
  2. stopped reading once I saw Maloney with a C, that is totally wrong. He would comfortably be winning our B&F this year.
  3. what over motives would scully have for going to GWS apart from money? I think the article by Ralphy was spot on and highlights the frustration of many melbourne supporters.
  4. For a very average player, I am really hoping Brad Dick does not get a game. He has slaughtered us the last two times he has played against us and I don't want a repeat.
  5. its not a matter of whether scully is a liar its a matter of the rubbish rules where he is not allowed to disclose that he has signed with GWS until the end of the year.
  6. People have got to grip some reality, he is gone. He has taken the money and will have an unsuccessful/unfurfilled career with the giants.
  7. I was thinking the same thing, according to twitter trenners was cooking a meal and no mention of sculls being invited nor is he mentioned in any of the other social activities the players get up to (i.e. catching up for lunch/dinner/golf/xbox). Make of it what you will.
  8. surely if this year is going to be a positive we are going to have to knock off a top 6 side.
  9. Marc Murphy has now said publicly he is going to sign with the blues shortly. I would love for scully to come out and say something like that but we have heard nothing from him since his press conference.
  10. we will wait and see, I am confident that at the end of his career he will be well inside the top 10 players from that draft.
  11. it makes me chringe every time Darling did well, we should have picked him up. I am sick of recruiters looking at what is wrong with a player rather than what he can do. He was clearly a top 10 pick apart if it was not for his off field issues which were very minor.
  12. watts named half back as well! sign of things to come?
  13. I noticed in the first half of the pies v dogs game that the dogs forwards stayed at home inside their 50 and made the pies defenders accountable and not able to push up and implement the forward press. Should Bailey just instruct his forwards to "stay at home" so we can at least have someone to kick to going forward and inturn make the crows defenders accountable and unable to properly implement the press?.
  14. why would roos mention that his son thought jurrah was the most overrated player in the league if he wanted to coach melbourne?
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