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  1. Culture is the same thing - not just coin
  2. Hence, why he was prepared to take a salary cut to stay He was traded out on the guise that he was ‘too expensive’ - Daniher wanted him out
  3. He loved the club and was prepared to take a massive pay cut to stay Daniher didn't want him - simples His trade ripped the culture out of the club We have a modern day test on the horizon - will Goodwin disregard Nathan Jones?
  4. Cya Preussy Good luck at GWS - do me a favour, please? In the act of trying to spoil a mark from Mumford, do a Jamie Shanahan and whack him in the scone Cheers
  5. Wth do we have to go through this every couple of years when we have a star on our list?
  6. I want to start a thread on Dusty Martin, Lachie Neal Liam Ryan I suggest we offer them 3 million over 2 years each, and a GTS HK Monaro each
  7. Didn’t Scully tell a dying Jim Stynes that he was staying? But, I’m hearing you - JV has more character
  8. Can someone please bump up the ‘Jack Viney made me cry’ topic please? How the worm has turned Please sign, JV
  9. I hope he’s signed You don’t trade culture
  10. Take care, Jack...be well My all time favourite
  11. The young bloke just told me that JV has removed all reference to the MFC off his Insta bio...is that serious??
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