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  1. 'Politely' drop Petty Like it - but he probably won't be We have zero depth and he's in the top 26-28 for rotations
  2. No change Petty will get up You'd think it's his last chance if he doesn't show anything this week
  3. It was soooo good to see Clayton get his clearance work and timing right Forgot how big he is - he had blokes hanging off him and still got the ball!
  4. Sparrow and Rivers - time for them to step up Salem stays D50 and is the 'go to' kick to clear the zone and set up a forward entry
  5. ANB was BOG a couple of rounds ago and is never our worst I agree about Rivers and Sparrow - pop them in the middle and see what happens? Can Trac and Oliver become very dangerous forwards? Both have very high footy IQ and can run good lines Salem will take a few weeks to find his poise again, as he looks completely underdone Don't start me on Petty
  6. i don't De-list or trade for a 12th rounder
  7. Agree - who thinks we have depth? Certainly, not many on here When Brown and Billings are still getting a game, you know the cupboard is quite bare
  8. Swans are good - for now I love June premiers Still don't reckon we're outta the mix Scoff away - Wet Toast were due and they had several significant 'ins'
  9. As long as there’s no Tomlinson Ever
  10. Doesn't matter - their willingness to compete will be elevated
  11. Weagles will be fired up They play well against us - hell, every team seems to 'step' up against us We are serious contenders this year....there, I said it!
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