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  1. Mitch Brown Majak Daw Potential ins???? 🤦🏻
  2. I think Goodwin said that BB was several weeks away??
  3. No reason? I was commenting on Daw’s ability to cut it as an AFL footballer - you know what? He’s not good enough, despite the discount
  4. Ok - amuse me...would Stef get a game in this team now?
  5. Another expert - Yep, where’s Stef now? You know, you have a deep obsession with me I’m okay with that
  6. Hello JG....changed things up again have we? Killing us all with your deep footy knowledge? After breaking his leg, JW is probably enjoying his life, far away from keyboard warriors like yourself who were unrelenting (and personal) in their attack on him I think you need to move on PS Fritsch played a good game on the weekend - he still needs to maintain his consistency and not miss clutch goals
  7. Borderline VFL at best - just because he got drafted by the club doesn't mean he's up to it Compete only? Aren't those days gone? Let's look at Jake Spencer again.....ffs
  8. Majak Daw = AFL footballer does not compute
  9. He had a good game - well done to him Hope he maintains this consistency
  10. Hawkins show go - accidental my [censored]
  11. Steve May - fractured eye socket 4-6 weeks
  12. Oliver - lol Just 'gets' footy Big loss if he goes!
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