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  1. Bevo was rubbing his hands in glee, watching Bontempelli and Daniel run riot Harmes has become a major liability
  2. Jetta? Or more future planning??? Agree about Hibbo - v nervous watching him now...
  3. This ^ Isn't that coaching issue though? Footballers are all point and click - this move should have come from those wearing headphones I haven't seen much of Bowey, so reserve my thoughts on that one Melksham will be picked and I'm not averse to Weed coming in for Jackson - but! I think that Bedford would be an inspiring selection!
  4. Haven't read all the posts, so apologies in advance for the following rant: Why the f&^% was Bontempelli allowed to run free, getting on his left side, with no pressure?? ZERO respect for Caleb Daniel!! The guy is dangerous and rarely wastes a disposal - to let him roam at will was BS And BBB? Missing set shots from 30, although they're more like 50 after his OCD run up! Omg! Terrible loss!!!
  5. Specialised back pocket Another dynamic forward
  6. I am a fan, but Harmes had a ‘mare Melksham in
  7. Mr Bradshaw was my old typing teacher back in the 70s at Blacky High
  8. We’re on top of the ladder and we find a different gear when we play teams in premiership contention This still can be a premiership year
  9. Good thing we won't play anyone outside the 8 in the finals....
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