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  1. In: Jurrah(I think they'll give him one more week in the VFL), Sylvia, Bail, Warnock Out: Spencer, Rivers(how he is still in the team is beyond me), Jetta, Grimes - Jamar should be able to take Ryder and Bellchambers on his own, Sylvia or Dunn can pinch hit for 5 minutes each quarter - Warnock to take Gumbleton, Frawley to take Hurley??? - I'm not sure whether or not will bring LJ in, however surely considering Essendon lack of key defenders it would be the perfect game to ease him in - Jones to tag Watson
  2. I've heard Cale's knee is still giving him a bit of trouble.
  3. Jesus Sylvia's toe must have been pretty bad
  4. The way our forward line is going at the moment an unfit Liam Jurrah is still probably our best forward. If he's completely injury free, then why not???
  5. A week or so ago they showed the Geelong boys casually admiring Gary Ablett's seniors work on the big screen prior to their match against the Dons. They seemed to be enjoying themselves then. I don't think your observations are very valid.
  6. They've beaten a horrible West Coast outfit and a seriously undermanned Brisbane Lions. It's a great effort and we shouldn't be underselling their efforts but they've played the two worst teams in my opinion in the comp. Seriously I don't think I've seen a player kick an easier 10 goals than Riewoldt last week, West coast were putrid.
  7. Garland is going to become like our Sam Gilbert. Does anyone agree? I reckon he's going to be racking up some huge numbers off the back flank whilst keeping his opponent restricted
  8. Hmm Dunn and Bate are quite flexible. Especially Dunn he was predominantly playing a defensive tagging role today. Just happens to be over 190cm tall so he gets labelled as a tall. Wasn't really his role.
  9. If we can get Jurrah back to some form towards the back end of the season we'll definitely win some games. Since Petterd's gone down we've desperately lacked a tall forward target capable of drawing the football. Jurrah's inclusion will also see Watts improve
  10. I would have loved to see how far we could have gone with a fully fit LJ and Petterd but alas it is not to be. Just gives another kid an opportunity which is what 2010 is all about
  11. Conditions definitely didn't suit. However young Jack just doesn't seem to play with much urgency. I watched him quite closely in the last quarter and I don't know whether or not he was buggered or what but there were a couple of times when he just jogged around CHF. I'm sure the kid will be fine and turn out to be some sought of player however it's pretty clear this is going to take some time.
  12. If we didn't have Frawley we might have drafted Hurley???
  13. Am I correct in saying that's it's only really a 4-6 week injury and only requires a minor bout of surgery??? One of my friends had his meniscus operated on and doesn't seem to have many prolonged effects.
  14. Out: Rivers (Was a liability today and no obvious match up for him next week either), Garland (inj), MacDonald (will get burnt for pace next week) In: Trengove, Scully, Bate
  15. This kid will be our Brendan Goddard. Bookmark it.
  16. I think people forget he's played less than 20 games. Outstanding young talent
  17. I'm sure Barry Prendegast would have gone along to watch Jack Trengove play in a few school games for PAC after the state championships last year. Would not surprise me if he had a little chat with Jack after one of those matches.
  18. Ha that's what I was thinking. They've done an ok job (better than usual) if it is.
  19. He stated a couple of weeks ago that he was going to wait until the end of the year to sign a contract. Will be interesting to see what he does over the next 4 months in regards to this. I suspect the longer he goes on without signing the likelihood of him heading north is increased.
  20. Might have played one or two games at the back end of the season. PLayed the majority of his football for St Peters, the equivalent of Brighton Grammar in the APS competition.
  21. Agreed. That and a lack of intensity. Phil Davis for Adelaide was drafted as a skinny kpp who came out of the private school system in Adelaide. He's now playing off a half back flank/wing and doing quite well.
  22. Does anybody think that Petterd's injury will have an affect on his decision. Personally I think playing on the G would generate a lot more excitement and passion for the red and blue, rather than sitting on the outer.
  23. Lol I was sitting next to this bogan Melbourne supporter. Every single word was C that F that. Normally I'm not one to get flustered by this type of behaviour but this was pretty ugly especially when there were kids in front of him. i ended up telling him in the nicest possible way if he could try and refrain from it. He agreed only if i would admit Frawley was a f ing retard. In response I asked him how he felt about Frawley's game last week on the best forward in the game.
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