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  1. Anyway I heard Greg Denham on the radio this morning state that Ball has no interest in coming to Melbourne. Take it as you will.
  2. Lol I'd love to see Robbo's reaction if we took Bradshaw.
  3. Cale will be like Brendan Goddard. Will have the abillity to play at both ends as well as through the middle. I do recall him playing on Nick Riewaldt in the last quarter of rd 22?
  4. Hmm does everyone understand that there are only so many spots on a list? We can't keep everyone. It's just part of football
  5. Is that where you get your name from??
  6. My only concerns are his groins.Nethere the less if we grab him in the PSD were really not losing anything, plus we need to spend $500,000 on something. He's a better player than McLean so essentially if we get him were just getting pick 11 for free.
  7. Ha all of them. But I get extra excited whenever Sylvia or LJ goes near the ball.
  8. Exactly. It'd be interesting to compare Tom Rockcliff's TAC stats to that of Jack Watts.
  9. Ball's a man of integrity. He won't leave St Kilda empty handed. Melbourne won't trade for Ball either inso facto Ball is not coming to Melbourne
  10. Is this guy being serious?????? Quite possibly the most naive post I've ever read on demonland (and yes that includes Freak's 192cm assesement)
  11. Hmm perhaps. I was speaking to a key stakeholder at Melbourne over 2 weeks ago and he remained adamant that the only way we were going to get Burgoyne was by offering him a pile of cash to come into the PSD. When I suggested that we trade pick 18 for Shaun, he stressed that we would not be giving that pick up. However that was before Brock came to the club and asked for a trade so maybe things have changed????
  12. Playing in front of 30,000 will be a good expierence for Jack.
  13. I'd entertain the idea with pick 34.
  14. I read that aswell. Stupid article there is no way known Butcher will fall to the Bulldogs pick. It states that he is the best KPP in the draft well you r tard (journalist) there is a team at pick 11 who are in dire need of another key forward.
  15. Ricky is a future gun, although I have heard whispers earlier in the year that he has his eyes set on GC17. At the time I found this very hard to believe but as it stands seeing as he hasn't signed a contract extension pass 2010, the speculation is warranted
  16. Knowing we got LJ in the PSD eases the pain. If Jetta is available I wouldn't be dissapointed to see us pick him up with pick 11. Ableit I know nothing about the draft but it seems as if one of Carlisle, Black, Christenson etc will be available at pick 18
  17. Did this go ahead or did it get lost in all the Fev commotion?
  18. It's called the Y Generation. Get with the program
  19. Barry must have just got back from Adelaide. I really hope we take Trengove with the first pick.
  20. Hmm this is actually becoming quite a concern now. It would hurt way more than McLean that's for sure.
  21. Gun. Willed the team across the line vs West Coast. Expect him to push more into the midfield in 2010
  22. I imagine Scully and Temel will turn up for interviews with clubs and other non sporting procedures. Actually maybe Scully won't it's not as if any other club will interview him, he's already a Melbourne player
  23. I don't understand what's the big deal with the whole "go home" factor anyway. IMO it's the risk you take when you pick up anybody from interstate. It's funny how people only start to talk about it when high draft picks are involved. I've never heard anyone suggest that Jamie Bennell is heading home to WA soon. Anyway Jack Trengove is going to have to move interstate anyway cause there is no way in hell he'll last to pick 8. What would be great is if we could draft his best mate Tapscott with pick 11. Our very own Stuart Dew, to break the lines and kick it to Jurrah one on one.
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