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  1. Why isn't he a natural footballer? Looks like one to me.
  2. Oh but he's soft and light.... Next Sam Mitchell
  3. Howe, Toumpas and 32 for Kennedy, 29 and 50 Welldone MFC
  4. Yeah fair point but do you really think Frawley didn't put in as much last year as he did this year? You could easily just as say that Frawley had a better year this year purely due to the fact that he was playing for the top team in the competition. I would of have thought if the team improved next year so would of Howe's performances. Anyway as a poster said before, he hasn't committed so f him.
  5. I'm a bit befuddled as to why so many people want Howe out. Seems to me whenever he plays well, we play well. Must have finished in our top 10 in the b&f over the past couple of years. Clearly his asking price is the issue. I'm a bit a flat about the whole thing
  6. McDonald won't come back as long as Connolly is at the club.
  7. Interesting how the article turns into a Dees bashing affair after 3 sentences.
  8. Essendon, in a pack near the goal square?
  9. That doesn't sound like a settlement to me.
  10. Oh well at least there's a cat and tiger in there. Nothing in it but you'd expect better than bogan behaivour
  11. Hopefully we're doing our due diligence with this kid. He's ours for the taking
  12. The only "high" draft pick we gave away in essence was 13. Which effectively netted us Dawes and Barry. Is that a loss? At this point in time probably, but who knows? We'll have to wait and see.
  13. Hmm Clearly we have grave concerns over his ability to develop a tank. I don't know still think we should have seen out his contract
  14. I don't know about that. Have heard somethings to the contrary
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