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  1. One thing that frustrated me about our entries on Friday…the number of times Spargs was completely open in the forward line and he was just ignored. There’s one way to get his possession rate up…use him instead of dump kicking it to our outnumbered and outsized fwd line.
  2. My wife’s convinced that she heard the commentary team mention something about Naughton leaving during the Dogs Dockers game yesterday. I missed it and it was well before I read @chook fowler’s post. He’d certainly improve our forward line in multiple areas. Naughton’s contested marking is much publicised, but he is mobile and good with fwd pressure as well. Could the Dogs afford to lose him with JUH & Darcy being the part of the future fwd line?
  3. Thanks for sharing your mock @IvanBartul13, great stuff. It’s not until you see the 2023 names on paper that you start to get an idea of just how stacked next year’s crop is looking at this stage. Reid, Duursma & Moir, phwoar!
  4. Will be there, family in tow and full of voice. Can’t wait!
  5. Thanks @Pennant St Dee, really appreciate the insight. Demonland’s own WA based scout!
  6. He impressed when moved into midfield for WA, moved right up the boards. Seen much of him, @Pennant St Dee?
  7. Apparently a bit of a Serong-style of player. Had 5 behinds to go with those 4 goals, he could have had an enormous day!
  8. Home grown key forward taken with the Cerra pick? We could ask, but the answer’s going to come back pretty quickly in the negative.
  9. Just doing the quick glance at the ladder, I see Essendon & GWS as teams that could go tall in that p 5 range, think there’s a strong likelihood that we’d need to get ahead of those picks if we identify Cadman as the kpf for us. Jefferson probably doesn’t get past pick 11.
  10. Fire sale on their experienced players. They have to get Lobb off the list, Mundy’s OOC, Logue could go and many of the rest are quite young and on affordable contracts.
  11. Can’t imagine Melk would be all that high (although he did well against Port). He did try to chase and apply pressure against the Dogs, but the wheels aren’t quite there anymore. Not sure we can have more than 1 or 2 in the forward line that are sub optimal pressure players. Eapecially when ANB does so much work further up the ground plugging gaps to give Petracca more opportunity to play offensively. Structurally we might need to drop one of Melk or a tall for Chandler or Bedford up front.
  12. He also set up a couple of scoring opportunities, one which Max fluffed & the other which Melksham converted after a 50m penalty. Weid was far from the problem on Saturday.
  13. I had some similar thoughts when trying to work out how we could get one of Bowey or Hunt back in against Freo. I’m concerned that their smaller types (Schulz, Walters, Frederick & Switkowski) could be too mobile for our backline as it’s currently selected. Maybe Jordon to the bench, Brayshaw to the wing allows us to defend the ground ball a bit better in D50. Harmes is the potentially the one to move out, he’s been down since the Brisbane game.
  14. To be announced in the lead in to the Freo game? That would be hilarious.
  15. If we negotiate well, we could turn it into 2 or 3 good outcomes.
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