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  1. Echo that. Take care McQueen.
  2. If he’s any good, then we get rolled. NGA rule changes effective from 2021 draft mean any NGAs picked inside top 20 can no longer can be matched by affiliated academy club. Bulldogs we’re spooked that changes might come into effect from ‘20, but lucked out.
  3. It's interesting how many other clubs like Laurie at our range and how the dominoes fell after Macrae was taken a pick before Richmond selected. Without that happening, Richmond were happy to trade the pick (would have picked Laurie if they held the selection), Adelaide, GWS & West Coast liked him there too, and if Geelong don't trade for Max Holmes we probably would have missed him. GWS apparently don't do the trade for Collingwoods '21 first rounder if one of Laurie and Bowey slip through, which tells you how highly clubs rated them. Saints had an interest in Bowey with their f
  4. Horne looks like an absolute jet. AFL’s 10 to watch: https://www.afl.com.au/news/527650/eye-on-the-future-10-draft-prospects-to-watch-in-2021
  5. For anyone keen to watch our first rounders face off in last years NAB League prelim, full game is on Youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qlz-qvQ7ph0 Both play reasonably well and end with 17 touches apiece, although Bowey caught my eye more frequently (you might even catch my 5 yo and I watching on from the hill). Also, one year on and the draft has underscored how stacked this Chargers lineup was. Consecutive no 1 selections and 4 top 5 selections in across two drafts.
  6. @goodoil was spot on, Mitchell to Hawks with the last pick in the 20s.
  7. Can only think (given Essendon's hand) that it's a tactic as they may entertain a trade which involves the Collingwood pick(s) that could be swallowed up by matching. In that event, Bombers would be keen to trade 9 rather than 7. Leak that you'll bid at nine and see if Pies will do a deal (at 9, they may just let Essendon have him). I think the Crows have legitimate interest.
  8. This sort of thing happens every year, prospects usually aren't open enough to admit this outside of the club interviews. Rumour floating around that Perkins isn't necessarily all in on footy and his movement through the talent pathway is more driven by family rather than inherent attachment to the game. Not necessarily unique, but possibly provides some context.
  9. I know we've been linked with Angwin previously, and he has ability, but 1st round seems high and every likelihood that he's on the board at pick 28 (which we reportedly want to trade out). The buzz around Holmes seems very strong now, reminiscent of the momentum that built behind Oliver.
  10. AFL Draft Central's phantom draft (1st round only): https://afl.draftcentral.com.au/2020/12/08/2020-draft-central-phantom-draft-first-round-prediction/ Remember when Burgo used to give us a phantom draft with a prediction for every selection through to the last?
  11. I’d be pretty stoked with that outcome. Plenty of pace, good skills by foot. More reference to our interest in (& work on) Max Holmes. Intriguing.
  12. Holmes in the 1st round would be a flier, but happy with the names linked. Clearly trying to address outside run and add some athleticism.
  13. Indeed! I pinged Dean with the question on the back of a Riley Beveridge article which referenced the work that Ryan did with Xavier over the lockdown period. Dean's potentially got a touch of bias as a coach at Gippy Power and he's really passionate about the boys that come through the program, but loads of respect for his insight.
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