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  1. It's an interesting one. I haven't seen him play nor seen his name mentioned anywhere in the first 30. I agree with the overall player type (and traits) targeted here, but hard to form a judgement without seeing what the recruiters might have seen. Wonder what sort of intel has informed the phantom draft and whether there are whispers that placed Mitchell with us. Seems too left field to be completely arbitrary.
  2. Kids live with his ex, don't think their relocation is a viable option.
  3. Apparently HS have us taking Jake Bowey and Seamus Mitchell (a flyer!) with our 1st round picks in their latest phantom. Profile on Mitchell here: https://afl.draftcentral.com.au/player/seamus-mitchell/
  4. Super effort @Gawndog98, well thought out & reasoned. Would be stoked if we walked away with any 3 of the 4 you’ve got coming to us. I remember how excited JT was about Mitch Georgiadis when we though he might get to our pick, Baldwin’s injury history a bit different, but can see the parallels. Good stuff!
  5. Was interesting that Cal reckons Ford sits somewhere in the pick 35 range. Can't quite work out why he's ranked so low, has some v good traits.
  6. If we could sneak Jake Bowey or Eddie Ford in with one or both of Carroll & Cook that would be fantastic. Bowey, whilst shorter at 175cm, is one of the best kicks in the draft. Good pace, applies pressure and would be brilliant delivering the ball i50.
  7. I’d be happy with pretty much any of the players listed from 13-29. Apart from a couple of the pure inside players like Powell and Trew, the others fill a list need of some description. This indicates that there’s plenty of diverse options and we’re perfectly placed to take whatever falls at 18, 19 & possibly 28. We shouldn’t be too worried if we don’t end up trading to get further up the order, there’ll be plenty in our range to fill out the list.
  8. You were in the Chargers group with Rowell & Anderson, yes?
  9. If we want Perkins or Macrae, we’ll have to move up into the 8-13 range. Failing that, there will still be some handy options at our current range. I imagine we’ll be looking at pace & ball use, so these players could be around the mark (Bailey Laurie & Brayden Cook are 2 who also fit the bill, but aren’t on the list below) : https://afl.draftcentral.com.au/2020/07/02/2020-afl-draft-positional-analysis-outside-midfielders/
  10. This in combination with the amount of attention trade period gets (helped that Collingwood imploding & Essendon & Carlton were heavily involved) means AFL would be keen to extend that. Helps that there's a potentially significant trade just sitting there waiting to be done. We could benefit by trying for a potential pick from WB, but may also give us an extra window to offload T Mac.
  11. We’re in a race with the Pies to find a trading partner further up the draft. Can see them moving up quite high as their ‘21 pick will also be on the table. Reckon Fremantle at 12 or GWS at 10 are our best bets. Chance that Macrae could be in play at that range.
  12. Perkins & Macrae are out of reach at our current set of picks, so wouldn't be surprised if we moved up. If we stand pat, Poulter & Dumesny could have some appeal: https://www.afl.com.au/news/515600/phantom-form-guide-extra-the-next-15-prospects
  13. In a good spot to trade up or wait and see what may fall, it's a valuable hand to have. Some opportunities may open if the Cameron deal gets done for 13 & 15, will be nice if the Dogs end up getting pick 8 for Dunkley as well. Decent chance Collingwood would snatch that in a potential Treloar trade, but who knows? They're pushing AT out, but if they're paying 300k per annum toward his contract, they can probably ask for a decent pick in return. Would give us some diverse options in trading up.
  14. From Marc McGowan on Twitter: Roos trade Ben Brown, R2 (28) and Future R4 Selection (63*) = 789 points Dees trade R2 (26), R2 (33) and Future R4 Selection (76*) (currently tied to the Brisbane Lions) = 1292 points Ben Brown = 503 points (pick 36) * Assumes Roos and Lions finish in same spot as 2020
  15. Kanga's apparently planning to use the Brown picks in trade for Stephenson. Gives us a slightly clearer run at targeting the Dogs pick.
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