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  1. Small forward from Eastern Ranges that is prodigiously talented and tipped to go at the top of the draft and become a fan favourite? Sounds familiar!
  2. Thanks for the insight @The Jackson FIX. Have a couple of kids playing junior footy in the West and my observation has been the AFL will happily make recommendations about club officials wearing bibs and clubs providing umpire escorts, but too often leave clubs on the vine on other matters of substance (e.g. protocols or action on concussion in junior footy).
  3. Especially when you’ve already rated McKercher & Duursma inside North’s best 5 youngsters.
  4. Why does he want to ignore our draftees from the last two years when he hasn’t with other teams? That’s 3 players taken in the first round he’s choosing to ignore.
  5. Sorry, just realised I was overly definitive with my wording, that was my gut feel when they selected Fonti on draft night, so was more of my connecting the dots.
  6. I think the presumption was that Dees were taking Windsor, so was never looking likely to get to 8. I do think pace was on the agenda for them, which is why they were very keen on Fonti later on. He might have been their Windsor-lite.
  7. I may have phrased incorrectly, I think we’re saying the same thing. By end of season I was meaning post finals and season in entirety, not h&a season.
  8. That’s correct @binman, draft order is set at the end of the season and final placings are confirmed. Premier should notionally hold the final pick of the first round. Also, would happily give our double chance back to erase the memory of at least one of those finals losses!
  9. If not too late to put forward q’s for JT: - Did the Eagles genuinely engage in talks re: pick 1 trade, or was it just due diligence? - When did we round in on Tholstrup as a player for selection 13? What sort of player (positionally) do you project he’ll develop into over time (e.g. mid/fwd or predominately a fwd)? - Was WC future 1st on the table for pick 7, and if so, how tempting was the trade?
  10. Bombers swooped for Robert’s a good opportunistic strike from them. Always figured that Cats might take him and they’ve just pounced. Other recruiters don’t seem too high on him (running, athleticism prob hurt him) Schoenmaker a bit of a surprise. I’m stoked to see Charleson get to Port, I know a couple of the family, bit of sporting ability there. Brown looks all but certain to get to us as a rookie.
  11. Waterworth from Foxsports has a similar view too: https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/draft/afl-draft-2023-live-updates-night-two-picks-blog-round-2-and-beyond-draft-order-selections-start-time-how-to-watch-news/news-story/266df471b9b8ee1a37f1df2e5605c213
  12. When you factor in where the bids came, 14, 27 & 35 became 17, 34 & 40 (40 got swallowed up by bid matches). Depending on when you do the math we gave up the equivalent of either pick 17 to land move up to 10 pre draft or pick 25 to get up 4 spots to 13 as it stands.
  13. Yes, have a reasonable degree of satisfaction about this as well. Eagles backed themselves in on Reid, but wonder how much was driven by hubris and how convinced they were that they'd be able to do deals for additional first rounders whilst taking Reid as well. They've staked a good part of their rebuild on Reid now. Whether they rightfully stuck to their convictions or were just plain stubborn/arrogant in not maximising the return for pick one, time will tell. I do heavily suspect the latter will be borne out.
  14. Petty came to mind for me as well. Welsh is a beauty, they may be hoping to have have WC’s pick land ahead of a bid for Welsh and have 2 high draft pick-worthy kids to look forward to.
  15. Crows eying off WC future 1st with Sid Draper in mind: https://houseoffooty.com.au/2023-afl-draft-draft-day-whispers-part-2/
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