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  1. Tend to agree. Wouldn’t mind us taking a minor jump up the order and nab whichever of Sinn, Sonsie or Chesser get through. V Good chance one of them gets through to 17 (Chesser seems most likely to still be there).
  2. Dees Twitter suggesting that we should keep Sunday 5 December free for flag event.
  3. I thought that night 1 is the entire first round, regardless of the number of selections. The post first round selection (19 which will become 21) kicks off night 2.
  4. Tiges have done a pretty similar deal to the above with Collingwood. Hoping we can get a similar deal done with Dogs for p23: Collingwood swapped its pick 27 for Richmond’s picks 38 and 40 in this year’s draft as well as a future third-round selection.
  5. A couple of the early phantoms have James Willis as an option for us in the third round, here’s a profile on him: https://afl.draftcentral.com.au/player/james-willis/
  6. Starts to get variable after 10 and heavily dependant on individual club views. I’m reasonably convinced that Wanganeen-Milera doesn’t get past pick 13 now (after being viewed as a 25+ range kid around 6 weeks ago). Beyond that, such a wide net from 10-30. Would love for Sinn to slide to us at 19, but a heap of good options.
  7. Sonsie and Lohmann would be terrific additions. Really excited by Howes & Lohmann in that medium forward group. Starting to take a shine to Fejo jr, keen for us to have a look in the 40's. A few keen Crow fans believe that the Crows love Rachele and may pounce on him higher up. Another who was around the 15 to 20 mark coming into '21, but slides because of injury (taken at 35 above) is Cooper Murley. A bit of Zorko about him: https://afl.draftcentral.com.au/player/cooper-murley/
  8. Would imagine that we’ll try and grab Brisbane’s pick, Ashcroft will go high and they’ll be looking to bank lower picks.
  9. Anyone seen much of Fejo jnr? I know this is a highlights package, but wow:
  10. Shifter Sheehan’s started to release his profiles of the current crop, starting with the half forwards. Draper the standout, Howes is the one I really like here: https://www.afl.com.au/news/684085
  11. Love it @MadAsHell, picked a hard year for a phanto!
  12. Next year is choc full of tall talent inside 20 and Brisbane will need to trade out their first rounder to match a very high bid for Ashcroft. https://twitter.com/EdPascoe_eDPS/status/1448408932678987776?s=20 I don’t think we need to overreach for a developing ruck. This year, maybe Cripps an option with our pick in the 40s ( should come in to around 42 after bid matching).
  13. They would have been better off taking the original offer of pick 17, which Adelaide clearly had on the hook. Swans obstinance allowed us to jump in on the deal and get 17.
  14. Unlikely Amiss makes it past both of Freo & WC, would think Bombers would have an interest too.
  15. They had to shoot their shot for Horne-Francis. Wonder if North gave it any thought.
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