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  1. If Koz is going to play a greater role in midfield, there is no way he signs before season kicks off. If he signs now and has a blazing start to the season, he’d be leaving a heap of cash on the table. Would love for him to sign, but I think he’ll hold off until he’s had a chunk of the season behind him to help add to his case.
  2. Love it @picket fence, Tom Baker still my favourite Doctor, so this one’s right up there among my fav pre-season reports of all!
  3. I'd also keep a watch on GC's first rounder, which will almost certainly be on the table as it's likely a bid for Jed Walter will come in before that (plus they have a couple of other good players coming through from their academy next season). Wouldn't be surprised to see us put a future 1st and our 2nd rounders on the table to have a crack at securing their first rd pick.
  4. Would be great to see Philactides running out of our backline, he'd be a great fit for us. He's a good kick on the left as well. ATM I have two tiers of players I'd be thrilled to see in the red and blue in '24. The top tier are Reid (can't see a pathway to getting him though), Zane Duursma and Ashton Moir. I'd have a few others in this tier of quality, but the positional fit for us isn't obvious. Tier two includes Darcy Wilson and Philactides along with Will Lourenz. I like what I've seen of Malik Gordan and Archie Roberts, who I've just about got in tier 2.
  5. Jonti incredibly unlucky not to get drafted. Would be keen to see him get a run at Casey.
  6. We drafted Fitsch as a 21 yo, Fritta didn't make the cut at Eastern Ranges in his 18th year because he was too small. He would have originally been in the same pool as Tracc, Gus and Lever (along w/ANB & Langdon). We've done well out of the '14 crop. Jefferson has time to build up his strength.
  7. Think he did a PCL that put him out for the year. I believe he’s started preseason with the Stingrays, so should be good to go for next season. Has a similar athletic profile to his brother, so won’t be surprised if he jumps up with some exposure in the u18’s comp next year.
  8. With dual position threats very much in vogue, I suspect we’ll see fewer pure mids coming through. Of that 10, I’d expect at least 6, probably 7, to spend significant time in the midfield next year. McKercher & Lorenz will be predominantly midfielders. Darcy Wilson’s missed Cal’s 10, but I’d keep a close eye on his development at Murray next year. He’s an exciting fwd/mid who could push into that mix. Reid’s as bulletproof as they come at the top of the order and highly unlikely to be available for us. I really like Duursma and Moir, they are clean in the air and on the ground and just very classy players. Philactides would be a superb fit for our backline with his pace and bounce out of the backline. I think it’ll be a good draft to go into without specific needs to fill, which is why we’re in a great position one year out (and nabbing Jefferson & Verrall this year were sound choices). We can just go shopping for the best players without over drafting a player based on what position they play.
  9. A bit of a look at next year's crop. Plenty of names to keep an eye on: 23 in 2023: A look ahead to next year’s top prospects
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