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  1. Aaand I'm right back to year 8 Japanese class. Doozo yuroshiku, onegai shimasu.
  2. This is the crux of it. Incumbent on buyers to satisfy us, and that will determine the value. He's potentially of greater value to GWS or Sydney than a late first or 2nd round pick. Sydney in particular have some academy kids rated in the 10-20 range, so probably happy to flip 22 for Preuss & our lower picks. We could probably then do some thing with picks 22& 23 if another deal came up. GWS on the other hand have a very average draft hand after working to get Green in, whilst ensuring they retained a higher pick (Ash). Their currency in trade for Preuss will likely be a player (
  3. If anything I view the reaction as similar to the one I had after we lost to Freo (& subsequently after last weekend). Desperate disappointment with where the club is at and a need to know that we are a genuine chance at winning the thing. I think the club has one season to prove the core of this list is supported to win it all, or those guys will all want to go where they are a greater chance at winning. Truck busted his guts this year and on occasion that was enough to get us over the line, but there were more than a few times where we were carrying too many. I get the frustrat
  4. Wonder if we’re considering using him in a playing coach role to save spending under footy dept cap? Neat way to have an additional coach whilst potentially getting him to 300.
  5. And nary a foot issue in sight, which is a massive bonus. I reckon he’ll have a massive 2021.
  6. They should be asking these questions and should be just as frustrated as we are. They should believe that this list should be achieving more than they have.
  7. Locked away contract wise (much like Zac Merrett...for now), so we have the leverage, but we'd want to make sure Clayton's happy before that gets close to expiry.
  8. I think this is right. Gawnie posted a pic last night at the function ribbing T Mac for being in plain clothes (not even in the MFC polo). Results doing rounds on twitter, although the winner was probably going to be pretty clear to everyone ahead of the count.
  9. Have figured we would throw everything at trade season for Goody (and the current list) in a last chance saloon, hail Mary. His last chance to use his Essendon connections as well. Go for broke, it's a good time to raid the Bombers, they are flailing.
  10. Recall seeing some articles stating that was his reason, it kind of seems like a reason to give for leaving that doesn’t directly throw the coaching staff or administration under the bus. Him saying that though does say a fair bit about the direction he thinks the club is heading, though.
  11. Probably down to the uncertainty around TPP, list numbers running quite deep into the season. Players, their agents and clubs probably (smartly) waiting to see what the landscape looked like before making calls to stay or follow the money/security elsewhere. Still don't know for sure what list sizes are and, accordingly what money is absolutely on offer.
  12. I think with Hooker & Hurley potentially moving, McDonald starts to make a bit of sense as a tall utility to plug some gaps. Who knows, maybe we can throw Oscar their way too if they lose both. Ironically, Mitch Brown has showed he can play that utility role reasonably effectively in the last few weeks. Was very good on the weekend. Yes, would be a terrific get, might be a bit of a bloodbath at the Bombers. Carlton will more or less be all over the same type of midfield targets that we would be and are probably willing to throw more cash than we are, so would be a contest for his
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