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  1. How good is his bounce at speed, mad skill level.
  2. Bedford Jordan and Grundy, would love that depth, I think Jordan plays a more accountable game than Sparrow. Good luck to them all, not complaining just observing.
  3. @Fork 'em they only thing you're missing are the salty tears of Chris Scott's post match comments, cheeky grin, couldn't help but wonder if the R8 Scott PC, was tinged by memories of '21, he seemed very touchy about Max. Thanks so much for the video's always an excuse to watch them again.
  4. IIRC - 2018 for the loss in that 4-1 score-line. Including Freo. we are 7-3 for our last 10 games, and our average score for those 10 games is 94 for v 68 against, the highest of any venue. Yeo is out and Barrass under a cloud. Not tipping anything as I am a proven jinx, but we love playing at Optus, anyone older than 40 couldn't have imagined this prior to 2018. (source https://www.aussportstipping.com/sports/afl/stadium_records/team/melbourne/)
  5. Everyone can have a bad day for whatever reason, but you would have to say the body of work across a fair period of time has been pretty chilled. However I noticed during the Easter Egg hunt video that was uploaded that he was in a bad mood, and from other clips that sometimes when he is focused he is far from a teddy bear. But these small moments haven't dimmed my agreement with the sentiment expressed by the OP.
  6. Have noticed a few non Melbourne types are putting him ahead of Cox now (King and someone else I can't remember) he is running at 80% for goals outside 50m this season I think, makes me think of Neitz who could dob a 50 to turn the team on. Not sure why the Brownlow doesn't feature more blokes like Gawn, fairest is in the Brownlow job description afterall, not cheating, dog kicking, throwers like Cripps. I always thought the difference between Australians and Americans was Hard but Fair, versus Win at all Costs, then we had the Chappell underarm ball and I've realized my sentiments are aspirational. Gawn (I guess he was born a Kiwi) seems 100% who the Brownlow was designed for.
  7. There is a reason the bible left out Jesus's teenage years....
  8. Please be the year we square the win/loss ledger for Narrm. Also if we could go back to more goals than points, would also be much appreciated.
  9. Having to watch Tom Morris smugly reporting this is nauseating.
  10. Petracca 6 May 5 ANB 4 Viney 3 Langdon 2 Gawn 1 Can't add Sparrow I felt he killed momentum early going into fwd 50 with bomb kicks.
  11. Swallow murdered 3 inside 50's, didn't see him look and don't think he was under the pressure he thought he was. Pickett also a ghost.
  12. [censored] week for Umpire respect round.
  13. Yes saw this on First Crack, I liked King's call, defensive p0rn, it is pure s3x, so well drilled they could take part in the Edinburgh tattoo. Anyone who doesn't take us seriously honestly is just demonstrating their own insecurities. I thought we were a few straight kicks away from '21 finals style Boomshakalaka. We are going to get haters, we are scary. I also liked May's IV when he said he knows we are going well if Langdons getting alot of the ball. Just quietly I felt like last night demonstrated that the coaching team is humming as well. Stats are honestly the crutch of many feeble minded scribes, they tell you what happend but rarely why. I say this because it is rote for media to roll out Melbourne is defensively strong, best last 4 years blah blah, the 'what', but what I look at, is the number of defenders that have rolled through (see below). To my recall it has been 18 players who have rolled through and they have consistently adhered to a system, that has rarely broken down. That shows strong coaching and culture, this is the 'why', few commentators are willing to engage with. Wilson, Purple, Cornes, etc just don't have the bandwidth. Every club is trying to do what we do, very few are close but those who are too dumb to articulate 'why' we are good, are scared of us, we are the monster under the bed, the bump in the night, so they denigrate our coach, team and culture. That's ok we are coming for their club. Feel free to amend anyone missing from the Men's department: May Lever Petty Brayshaw Salem Jetta Tomlinson Howes Hore Turner Rivers McVee Bowey McDonald x 2 Woewodin Hibberd Hunt Wagner
  14. Lever May Gawn Langdon Fritsch Windsor Tmac/Petty/Viney/Kozzie all stiff
  15. That was as salty as I have ever seen him, glad he was really pleased. Even the prelim he had the grace to say congratulations.
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