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  1. Pet peeve, I write every year about it, but please why can't they tell us the timetrial actual time results? I get they might not want to shame the last 10, but I am always deadly curious about the best times, are any of them on Strava perhaps? anyone who was there can tell me what Tomlinson got? 6min +/-10 seconds I'm guessing, most mids can do in the 6m30s, Blicavs was 5m30ish which is true freak stuff. ANB and Langdon would have to be in the realm of 6.
  2. Still so triggered by this, really hope we smash them KB. Bright side is my moderate respect (must have been COVID brain) for Collingwood well and truly evaporated.
  3. Instant man (boy) crush, that's weird from a 53 y.o. bloke isn't it.... Anyway mad props to the young fella name checking Jetta, be cheering hard at your debut.
  4. What I rate is his inside 50 kicking, in a couple of highlight moments you see him check himself and select the right option, that doesn't look like it was his initial intention (going off body language/position), gives the impression of being calm under pressure. In JT we trust.
  5. Is it just me or is AFL.com.au and other media deafening in its silence about Melbourne’s success, doesn’t fit the narrative? 5th para in the Age article about Collingwood losing, mentions that Melbourne wins, pathetic, just pathetic. And for all the culture bandwagoners, our culture is just fine, it is how you come back from adversity that matters, every set back we’ve had since 2018, the team has found a way. Good to see tall poppy syndrome alive and well (not). I remain as proud (and frustrated with the result of Pies/Carlton games) of the club as ever. Finally my daughter was at a wedding yesterday/day before (who knows with timezones) and this was played. I suggest that plenty of folks do possess the spine required to handle the adverse media, driven by those journalists who are truly parochial and adversarial in their agendas. (And D’landers in this crowd btw?) VID-20231028-WA0017.mp4
  6. it will count against the AFL's soft cap restrictions Seems a bit rough on the coaches and support staff, I don't get the rationale for that at all. I really have been feeling like the support staff and coaches deserve a bit more of the pot from TV rights or whatever. The whole show is not taxed and the AFL management are disproportionately rewarded compared to the workers who make it happen. So in the end for a player the money is similar to the baby bonus, you can choose talcum powder or a humongous flat screen TV.
  7. How do they split cash, everyone gets a cheque for $11,000 - $13,000 (1Mil/~75 m+f players?) Coaches get any splash?
  8. Wonder when Andrew Demetriou is going to apologise.
  9. No offense, but at Casey Had a look at the Pies board, they are half melting down, half calling him a GF passenger, re no contested possessions for the game (only one).
  10. That is why I am soooooooo frustrated the furniture is still in danger....
  11. I think the media has stolen a few that would be good, (apart from Buckley), I wouldn’t mind Joey or Johnson, of all the windsocks on the tube, they seem to be the least involved in group think. Daniel Cross I would like to have seen coach, from the few training sessions I ever saw with him seemed serious, but is maybe more of a fitness guy than strategy. (He has been playing up in Albury). I would hope that because we are a big and stable club, that we don’t need the comfort of a ‘name‘ and actually go and find someone who deserves a go on merit. As much as I respect the man, Ratten, seems cooked. Also I don’t feel we need a ‘Melbourne’ player, Bruce not so sure, he always seemed more instinct than insight. Carr and Newman both seem to have a clue, and while he probably wouldn’t come back, I thought Jennings was the brains of Roo’s operation and that we lost a step when he left, I would love him back as what he could do with our crew who are now so well drilled could be devastating to the comp. I would like to see some game day modifications, I don’t think we are the best at switching from pockets to corridor and I don’t think we take the best advantage of kick-ins with the players we have. Our playing group is now at a very advanced stage of cohesion and discipline, I love them for it. I don’t think it would hurt to risk a bit more flicking of switches, the players have earned the trust. And really please don’t feed trolls, it clogs up the thread, at best they are clueless and loveable supporters who love the same club, but some of the dross about Goody belongs on big footy, is nauseating, and just simply troll behaviour. I get we are all hurting I am so frustrated it I can barely watch the footy without wanting to rant. But we were moments from winning, and while we had no luck, I would argue that the games shouldn’t have even been close, with a reasonable return both games were done like 2021, we had the pressure and effort, just merde out of luck. Goody has done great things as part of a team, better than Northey, Balme and Daniher, people talking about him like he is Neeld is pathetic.
  12. Garry Lyon making me want to throw-up: 'Collingwood smacked Melbourne off the park' In a joking manner 'Maynard won't be far away, wanting to feel body on body.' FMD
  13. Our era started 2017, we've had some disappointments, but as a rule, a well run club that has evolved several times. What has been consistently demonstrated is emotional maturity and a great work-ethic, no reason we can't be Geelong/Sydney like in being thereabouts, obviously some posters living in the past.
  14. GWS all the way, now that they play like a team and not entitled prats happy for yhem to salute, and bravo to their fans that made the trek to SA, they must be pretty happy. But that said this season has an asterix, dodgy ARC, insipid MRO & tribunals, four umpire farce. Gill really stayed a year too long. So I don't care as long as it's not Pies or Carlton, but you can't say this year's finals were set up on merit.
  15. As an ultimate player I can say categorically that Maynard failed the 'spirit' test. I'd prefer a Cruel Sea reference 'Better get a lawyer son, better get a real good one'
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