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  1. Wanna bet? More sure of beating Brisbane than any other 8 team, only crew that make our offence look good, and our pressure is higher for longer. Easiest game of the next 4.
  2. 6- Brayshaw - clear BOG 5 -Petty - Just brilliant and only 21, 4- Melksham - Already said my mea culpa 3- Gawn - Amazing game, only stood out on replay 2- Viney - Love his strength. Q-Tracc - Created and was his best game in 6 weeks. Mentions: Kozzie/Hunt/May/Oliver all stiff Whole team contributed, awesome win that builds belief.
  3. If you want to stalk him, he eats at the 'Milkbar' in acland st St Kilda pretty regularly. Along with Paul Roos and Dusty.(seperate tables but they talk shop).
  4. Singing the song, May and Melks have a hug
  5. Petty is AA, he is just brilliant. Brayshaw huge all night. Please I cannot watch us kick it to Brown anymore, thank you, like you, but not the KPF we need. Thanks Melks love your work. Cannot understand how we got picked apart in the contest, without our defence we would have been blown up. Salem looking better each week.
  7. It's the hope that kills you, but I have no hope when they kick it to Brown. How has this Carlton midfield matched ours, stoppage play won by them, as I type Melksham the basta7d gives me hope again...
  8. Am pretty sure suspension only counts for H+A, after some shenanigans in finals 20 years ago.
  9. After the ‘23 premiership.
  10. As the resident UN Official, the computer says ‘No’. For Crimes against Humanity I sentence him to 12 months of Protection Cluster meetings in a protracted emergency
  11. For sure he knows the words to ‘This Is Me’, I actually think he’d get along with the list. We are not building, we are hot now, the next four years is our sweet spot. We are a contest based side with Oliver, Tracy, Viney, Sparrow who deserve a matching ruck; and I think Grundy would be great for the defensive structures as well. He is however not a KPF and that is what we are all balding about.
  12. I am more nervous than if the Purge was about to start. Silly really as by any metric we should flatten them. I guess my fear is this thread should it be a close game. BTW big shout out to everyone going, super jealous, make some noise.
  13. Collingwood is a hard running team, I kind of thought that was our trick as well, McRae coach of the year, unless we win the GF, amazing turnaround in a season. BTW if. Lingers is up and about he must be feeling confidant, I like that he walks the talk..
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