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  1. Personally I am hoping 2018 PF still burns and that the club has had this one pencilled in all year. This is the one I want more than any other in the H+A season. This gets us 2nd or 3rd and the perfect drop into the finals. (Adelaide etc)
  2. I would rather trade you for a Collingwood supporter
  3. Trengove was an injured gun, not a NQR like Toumpas.
  4. St Kilda and Freo, feel good factor but not a real serious threat.
  5. WCE, Port, Carlton, Suns, Richmond and Collingwood, Clarko is spoilt for choice, hahhahahaha
  6. 3min left 10 pts, really hate WCE, happy for Roos to win.
  7. Excellent point, you can add Hibbo to Dusty, Carlton (attempting) to reform their defense, to initiatives that have been copied. Just wait for the draft, I bet teams look to replicate what we have done with the wing positions.
  8. Agree - He hits targets with handball more than some of the mids.
  9. Love it when someone can be polite about a player, even if they don't rate them, thanks. I went and reviewed his highlights from last season because of your comment, and while there is not a lot of footage of ground work, (so you may have something there), his pickup from the ground while running seemed pretty flexible to me, however I have seen him lay some heavy tackles, and think he's braver than Joe Daniher. With what he could do in 2020 and the quality of his kicking (which has stood up over time) I would say one more season. If he was 5cm shorter I would agree with you however.
  10. I could have just agreed with you as well, makes my post redundant.
  11. Albert Einstein is widely credited with saying, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” What to do with Sam?, with such a lovely kick and big frame, I was firmly of the opinion that he was a Full Forward (looks like a duck, walks like a duck etc). On ample exposed form that is not the case, now instead of getting sad about that, and what he can't do, I am hoping the footy department looks at the tools he does have, and goes to work over summer and builds a new role for him. Not that I am saying he is close to Buddy, but remember Buddy has never been good as a high marking FF and had 'iron hands', not too many are worried about that. In many ways SW is an alternate to Tmac and not BBB, and TMac is not going anywhere. Tmac has also clearly struggled as the FF and is much better in the roaming forward role. But depth is important for every position. Sam has a good attitude, has a heart, lovely kick, can run, can tackle, and currently has a mid range tank. It is worth the effort to retool him for a role up the ground or even defense. I would not be trading him, give up on the FF role, and explore what else he can do, I reckon he would be up for it, and we will have injuries. I still think he has more upside than say Joel Smith due to his size.
  12. Yeah yeah (-; aged about as well cold McDonalds... Great result for Dees
  13. Pity the Pies couldn't/can't cause a boil over. Am hoping for North with Westcoast. I want them in bottom half of 8, no home final and touch wood they are easy beats. But all in all a good weekend. Edit so it turned into a better w/end and my efforts at prediction merde
  14. One of our improvements this year (and teams like swans) is the ability to absorb bad umpiring decisions. Seen many of our folks get riled by a bum decision, only to see their head back in the game moments later and not sooking it up. Very impressive. Reminds me of the ice hockey the way a player can cop a rough check and go back to playing and not looking for blood.
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