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  1. Yes the strength is rising. It seems that every subject is treated with silence by those in power. It appears we are as usual just excepting all the [censored] the media and others dish out.
  2. If tigers had kicked a little better they would be way in front.
  3. Now there is a revolutionary idea.
  4. DJ fibre to the house. Modem is in the room next door. Replays are great it is difficult to watch F1 without a streaming service these days.
  5. Yes, on replays it was great even better picture quality. But live AFL it was poor. No problem I can live without it. I will miss F1.
  6. After my experience last year DJ I doubt I will be back for more of the spinning arrow of death that accompanied any live game.
  7. Which 0ne? There are 5 or 6 nowadays.
  8. Well you have the honour of being face palmed today DC. Congratulations.
  9. If they tell you that RB they will have to shoot you.
  10. The only reason the club lets us see training at Goschs is because they have no choice. The AfL clubs that can look fans out do 90% of the time. They allow fans in for promotional events. Try getting into training at Geelong. Get used to it because come Caufield it will be lock out.
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