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  1. Courageous meaning the current situation in AS with out of control violence.
  2. Just had my first good look at this year's fixture. I will be at 7 games, potentially 8 depending on times of the last few rounds that do not have times allocated. The rest will be tv events a few months ago I considered going to AS, not a chance now.
  3. With the current situation in AS you are courageous!
  4. The ship sailed and he was standing on the wharf!
  5. They are there to remind May he can only kick to the left!
  6. That’s even better DJ I enjoy going there to watch Casey when we play there, or perhaps even Coburg for their local ale.
  7. Going on past form in the Girls finals they did care two hoots about how many got in.
  8. Every AFL player that makes the paper is " Star AFL player"even if they played 10 games 10 years ago.
  9. I hope the game is at the punt road ground I can get there.
  10. I hope they weren't on Qantas!
  11. And again another thread were we need the season to start to give people something to discuss.
  12. Oh please bring on the season as clearly we all need more to talk about as this thread is demonstrating!
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