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  1. So who will we pick with pick 4 in the draft. That must have been the shortest dynasty in history.
  2. I loved his bump on opponent in the last quarter. He just hipped him out of the road to take a strong one grab mark and then kicked the goal.
  3. As jack Dyer used to say "stand still son the ball will eventually hit you".
  4. That may we'll be the comment of the day.
  5. IMO more about the opposition. We have lost multiple games with this similar crew. Yesterday was about Clark Kent. Good first game but it is very early days.
  6. Funny that thought crossed my mine, well what left of it.
  7. Both I think deanox. But perhaps I am biased.
  8. He doesn't have contested marking ability to compensate.
  9. From past watching Casey and today my thoughts of the forward / ruck options who have been around for a while I believe Fullarton is the only one with enough talent to make it at AFL level. He is a bit light but has the smarts / Ability to get around that problem. Verrall Good ruckman at VFL level but slow around the ground a pity because he has the size. Jefferson Hmm Got what I expected. I hope I am the problem because every time I see him he is average at best, cannot mark when contested. Seems to just drift out of the game. Kentfield had a good game on debut. Need to see more. Of the others McAdam played well but so he should against this Pies side who make us look like champions. Too light for AFL level IMO. At the top level is you are light you need to be very good. He is not very good and at his third club. Koltyn played well but I am not sure he has the overall ability to be a force at the top Level. Still he shows a lot of promise. After all we convincingly beat the pies and at any level that makes for a good day.
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