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  1. When the going gets tough the tough get going. The not so tough fall away.
  2. Why would you start an East coast competition in this year of covid when you could bet the house on there being travel problems between states. As you say DC words fail me.
  3. A loss is a loss no matter the day. I hate them all.
  4. You have about 45 000 votes there BM let’s hope you have half a dozen in the FD.
  5. Were you at the game dpositive? Because I think he has got himself to the point where the team mates ignore him just like they did with Watts. It is not easy to see on TV but I have the feeling they have zero confidence he will do anything with the ball and send the ball elsewhere.
  6. I would rather have it in NSW than in an empty MCG. At least fans in Sydney get to go to a game. Good teams win wherever the game is played.
  7. I would much rather have his spot on the list and salary free for someone who might have a future. Why keep someone who has proved he cannot cut it at senior level.
  8. My confidence is back to zero DF. This club has half a century history of disappointing fans and I see nothing that will change my mind. Every week I have been waiting for yesterday's result. In previous weeks our improved skill level has won us games but yesterday we saw the MFC do the normal, lose a game that their skill level should have won by 10 goals. The tradition continues.
  9. The problem Ernest is the FD keep playing him when he is clearly not an senior level talent. Not every high placed draftee makes it. He clearly won't, time for him to return to Casey and play out the year before moving on. Unfortunately criticism comes with the territory and will never change.
  10. They both have the ability to get where the ball ain't as Jack Dyer would say and both have the same iron hands.
  11. If he had been pick 50 he would be gone by now.
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