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  1. It makes you wonder what the average IQ of the audience is Trigon.
  2. I am a member but have little confidence I will go to a game this season with there now being no hope of the majority of the population being vaccinated by September. And with Victoria starting to take in overseas citizens again we can just about guarantee another outbreak I can see why people would be loath to buy a membership. We are not in a " normal" world any longer. 45k membership might be a big number in 2021.
  3. I doubt testing for low iq is allowed.
  4. Milkshake had no form to justify his inclusion in the side and played like he had for most of 2020. It pays to be the coaches buddy.
  5. Oh I am enjoying it tu. If there is one thing the MFC has taught me is to enjoy the victory’s when they happen.
  6. It's really weird! After watching, listing to the radio and reading reviews I feel like I am watching someone else's team. Is this really the MFC? Or will I wake up soon?
  7. Yes perspective perspective! I cannot believe I just typed that however the single malt is tasting great tonight.
  8. Yes but the pies have a membership north of 80K and ours is half that.
  9. There was only 29k at the pies game last night!!!!
  10. You have my vote and neither Brown or the Weid are yet fit enough for senior level. They have played half a VFL game in 8 weeks.
  11. That last sentence says it all George.
  12. Under what form system does he justify his inclusion?
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