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  1. With deep sorrow I am one who has accepted the inevitable! He will be coach in 2021.
  2. Agree mb. Some of the drivel written on this thread is amazing.
  3. Ha ha sorry Mr Shadow I was having a joke. Being serious I agree 100%. For his long term future I hope no one takes him.
  4. Unless we have to have hubs why can't we simply go back to the traditional game length. I did not notice the old system was broken why do we have to fix it. Can they just leave sometime about the game alone.
  5. Sorry Mr Shadow not sure what you mean can you explain a bit please.
  6. One good games in 6 one great game I have not seen Jontee. When we don’t need him as back up we will know we have a GF skilled team.
  7. I think you mean re signed Dannyz almost gave me a heart attack.
  8. A bit like playing our mid field tager on the HBF.
  9. I got one too obviously we have different tastes binman.
  10. Wow picks 47,62 and 63 will be like picking with a pin in this year of no form as a guide. Glad it is not up to me.
  11. The guy has been locked up in Qld with a 2 week old baby with no support from parents etc. Played a hellish schedule and missed finals. Time he had a little space. It won't kill us to wait for the decision. It's our pastime it is his life.
  12. I had a very small brush with depression earlier this year for the first time in my life. As a result I have a new appreciation of the problem and how it distorts your thinking. Saying “just get on with life “ is easy to say but not so easy to do. I read somewhere that he had been told that week that his father had a very serious disease. Who knows what his ghosts are but I would give him one last chance if it is possible.
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