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  1. We currently don't have a pig or lipstick.
  2. You are wasting your breath George.
  3. They might need a new coach. I wonder what there fall back position is
  4. Spargo had a lot games early in his career when I don't think he deserved them. Chandler has had next to no games by comparison. Spargo had some good games in 2021 but this year has been far from that form IMO. He doesn't get the ball often enough.
  5. Where he is concerned DC nothing would surprise me.
  6. Could not agree more on LJ this year particularly the second half of the year.
  7. We are welded to the G. Until the board and 10% of our members relent we will wander on for the foreseeable future.
  8. The trick is to use their desires to our advantage with draft picks and or players.
  9. It will be our major facility for some time if not forever. Time to embrace it. Pipe dreamers won’t agree but five years on from the dream we have a surface up grade at Goschs and continuing silence from the MFC. Hardly spectacular progress.
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