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  1. We have had great service from our bomber ex pats. Thank you guys.
  2. I am surprised you argue with her on anything. Even when you win you lose.
  3. My father used to say you cannot legislate against stupidly Skuit.
  4. So how come some games are not available FTA. Eg us the last three weeks?
  5. Cannot go and cannot watch on FTA. Finally I think I am succumbing to joining Kayo. With the inability of seeing our team on FTA (it will be 4 in a row after the Freo game ) I will be buying a 3 game membership next year and filling in the rest with Kayo.
  6. You get the money out of them? My experience is get them to open the account and I will give you my share. The reverse sees me paying most months with “ oh sorry dad I will send you the money later today” if it works for you then you have my admiration mauriesy.
  7. Correct, I am well aware that the AFL don't care their major concern is cash from media rights. All else is running a bad last. I get the sad feeling that in the new rights deal the FTA network will get less than 7 in this deal. Only the casual viewer / poor will be watching their team infrequently on FTA.
  8. Only solution is buy a subscription and to hell with 7/ AFL. Of course that is probably what they want anyway.
  9. Happy to be wrong with this, I checked FTA channel 7 for our game on the weekend and we are not being broadcast. The premiers and not seen again on FTA for two weeks in a row. Why bother with FTA get a subscription and get every game. So much for sponsors getting more coverage. Yes I know we playing the last team on the ladder.
  10. He is just saying what every other coach would think and keep it to themselves. Sydney did the Big deal with buddy that most people thought was ridiculous me included , while it has not netted them a flag they have not slid down the ladder as a result. Buddy’s deal finishes this year so they can use some of that on dusty. Whoever Dusty maybe prepared to accept a bit less than he gets at Richmond if he wants out of Melbourne badly.
  11. And I think he is correct his trade value will never be high.
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