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  1. There might be interest but he is going nowhere. Read the story and at the end it says there is no intetest by MFC or the player. So why run the story?
  2. After all the pies concessions this year they will get their request to end the Bun deal and if he wants out of the MFC the club he goes will have to pay the full contract figure. Are the Swans or Anyone else interested at $1 mill + ? We might end up with him with us in 2024.
  3. They would not know it if it bit them on [censored].
  4. Agree 100% Mono, I think it applies more on FM stations.
  5. I feel sick in my stomach after what happened to Angus and then no penalty. I can still here them chanting while Angus lay unconscious on the ground. May the Lions win by a large margin.
  6. Not sure about that he struggled to get a senior game for a large part of this year.
  7. Very ordinary at his current level Mr. Leg. No idea why the above is there!
  8. It's the MFC we are talking about Mr. Leg. AFL will say 4th. After the Brayshaw [censored].
  9. I think the other way round.
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