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  1. We have won 2 out of last 5, 4 out of last 8, our form is ordinary, with PA game an exception. Travelling to Darwin then returning for the Bulldogs is an ideal opportunity to make changes. No player should be selected because they ‘try hard’ ie Viney, Neal-Bullen, Vandenberg, everyone should be judged on their Net Worth to the team. The enormous gains made earlier will evaporate if we continue in our current form.
  2. Midfield needs a shake up plus injection of pace. In Harmes for Viney omitted In Sparrow for Jordon rested In Baker for Vandenberg omitted Move Salem in midfield for Brayshaw omitted In Bowey to cover Salem down back In Weideman for Jackson rested In Melksham for Neal-Bullen omitted Mcdonald to play High HF/wing Use Rivers through the midfield as well
  3. 6. Petracca 5. Salem 4. May 3. McDonald 2. Oliver 1. Gawn
  4. Tomlinson back to his previous/ Petty’s role, Petty to FB, May to Hibberd’s role, Releases May to a more attacking role.
  5. 6. May 5. Langdon 4. Lever 3. Salem 2. Brayshaw 1.Gawn
  6. 6. Petracca 5. Rivers 4. Oliver 3. Petty 2. Pickett 1. Jackson
  7. 6. Oliver 5. Rivers 4. Petracca 3. Spargo 2. Harmes 1. Lever
  8. Re: Oliver We can all see the game differently. I base my opinions on what l see in a game. l also give my votes without referring to the AFL live app for the stats. Stats can be misleading, ie Inside 50’s. Oliver was OK, rated him just outside the top 6. Agree with you on Lever, rated him 2nd best.
  9. Re : Oliver It’s his role in the team to be “at the coal face all game”. What he does when he’s at the “coal face” then decides how well he has played.
  10. 6. Salem 5. Lever 4. Langdon 3.Neal Bullen 2. Rivers 1. Jordon HM Petty
  11. 6. Oliver 5. McDonald 4. Langdon 3. Harmes 2. Rivers 1. May
  12. 1. Petty has more up-side than Weideman (imho) 2. Both McDonald and Petty can play either forward or back, therefore can swing during the match if necessary. Weideman can’t back, therefore there’s more flexiblity.
  13. He was also our only midfielder to get his hands on it in the 1st half.
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