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  1. no mention of Daw as best on ground... and he was by a fair margin
  2. next 5 games: v Rich (MCG) v Nth Melb (Blunstone) v Syd (MCG) v Carlton (MCG) v Adel (AO) Even if we drop against Richmond, we could still easily go 9-1...
  3. LJ is a jet, no doubt. He was bullied by Tomahawk in the ruck from throw-ins last week in the backline. Tomahawk just too strong atm. LJ seems to be filling out his frame almost weekly. 2-3 years from now... lookout... I just hope we can keep him from going back to WA. I'm just waiting for the day he starts clunking those big grabs consistantly.
  4. May, Fritta back in - if fit and one of Weid / BBB in this week. IMO BBB first. Weid to inconsistant so far. Out: Jordan, Petty, Brown - all reasonably unlucky, although JJ looks like he needs a rest. Tmac to fwd Wing, Brayshaw and Melksham to share JJ's role on ball and fwd flank. ANB has had his best start to a season, but other than his fwd pressure what does he bring that others don't? I rate Sparrow much higher. ANB's disposal is usually very ordinary...
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