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  1. I really hope we slap the Suns up today because we desperately need momentum going into the Eagles game. While the shenanigans yesterday would have been hugely disruptive I think they would have benefited from the team bonding experience.
  2. Better off going to Perth. Can they give us both 4 points? Theoretically they by virtue of the QLD govt they’ve forfeited?
  3. North 2016 anyone? We got within 4 points and looked like rolling over them but then gave up cheap goals. Yes we were butchered by the Umpires but that was always going to happen with a side who has such a positive free kick differential. Next game against presumably Suns is massive. Must win to make top 4. As it stands Geelong and Dogs the better chance for top 2.
  4. This game is over. Injure as many dogs players as you can and stay uninjured.
  5. 8-2 - Doggies have photos of the umpires.
  6. We were lucky to be ahead by as much as we were at quarter time. Hawks played all over us for large periods of the first quarter and our pressure was way off.
  7. We’ll know within the first 5 minutes if we’ve turned up and whether we’re a shot to win it.
  8. We will know tonight whether we really are contenders for a flag this year. Surprisingly feeling bullish about this game… A. We’ll match the intensity of Footscray. B. The game will be played in wet conditions. Dees by 16 points.
  9. 2002 we chucked it too. Touched the Roos up in the Elimination Final and then lucked out getting drawn a Crows ‘home’ Semi Final at the MCG. If we hadn’t choked in the final quarter we’d have had a Prelim against the Pies and who knows?
  10. In: Accurate goal kicking. Out: Blind hand passing over the head.
  11. Least Josh Dunkley isn’t playing as he is having to quarantine for 14 days…
  12. So this will make it 11 night games and 3 twilights. I reckon this has to be the record for Melbourne playing under lights in a season. With high chances our games against the Eagles and Cats will also be at night too. Amazing what being on top of the ladder does for scheduling.
  13. I’m assuming the Dogs v Dees will be a night game… Has anyone done any look at the stats on how many night games we’ve had this year? Must be a record and good for us considering most finals are now at night. I remember being worried that one reason we may fall over in the 1998 Prelim was that we had played few games that year at night. That wasn’t the only reason we lost that one 🙄 but I reckon it must help at least in a small way.
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