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  1. I really hope Trac comes back to the club and gives guidance on game day and mentor the mid group. He can still provide a lot from the sidelines.
  2. It’s the equivalent of Dusty getting a season ending injury half way through 2020.
  3. 1998 I’d argue was an even better shot than 2000. AFL shafted us by fixturing the Preliminary Final against North as a Night game. We played just one game under lights (Swans) in the whole regular season. North by contrast played 8 Night games and 1 in the QF against the Bombers. I always wonder if it would have made any difference if we were fixtured a day game?
  4. Smart move to watch the replay. We did have multiple times in the game where we were playing all over Collingwood but in many of these periods we just couldn’t convert or turned the ball over at critical moments. We could have easily closed the gap significantly in the second quarter. We had managed to narrow the margin to 8 points 3/4 of the way through the second quarter. I felt we almost had clicked into gear after Roo’s second goal. What killed off the game in my mind was the three late goals to Harrison, Krueger, and Hoskin-Elliott before half time which blew the margin out to a defendable 27 points. This combined with losing Petracca really hurt. However, it’s not as if we didn’t have a chance to get close in the 3rd but we just couldn’t convert again with 2 goals 5 to their 4 straight. I think the effort was there on Monday and we tightened up a lot of our game compared to the Freo game but our execution with hand and foot really cost us. Pies made us pay on turnover with I think 10 goals 1 behind. We didn’t put enough pressure on them to turn the ball over in the right places.
  5. I think we’ve reached the point where we’ve had enough injuries and players with rubbish pre-seasons to say the season is done. So there’s no point rushing him back. Got to get around Trac and give him all the time he needs to heal.
  6. Wheelo Ratings telling Stat from the Pies game…Demons had 8 of the bottom 10 rated players. Two of the 10 were the subs from both teams. Excluding them the Dees had 87.5% of the bottom rated players in that game.
  7. Not many players in our squad are better this year than they were last year… says it all really!
  8. Even May knows we’re handballing it too much!
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