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  1. Any chance the AFL give us a compensation first round pick at the next draft?
  2. 4 final losses but a million bucks 🤷🏻‍♂️😐
  3. Fisted by the AFL yet again - Swans and Crows away. Good for exposure and playing prime time but at the cost of being the ones to travel and be at a disadvantage as per usual. Here’s hoping we get a crack at both clubs at the G…
  4. No cheese boards for that lot though 🤣
  5. Seat secured. Like many fellow Demonlanders I will be booing Bruzzy at every opportunity.
  6. And then to have Pendles say he’d have his wife protected by Bruzz and leave his kids with him because he’s such a good boy - Jesus wept 🙄
  7. Nice of Channel 7 to yet again rub salt into our wounds by interviewing this [censored] low life animal after the game.
  8. The most infuriating thing about Collingwood making the Grand Final is that they’re not even that [censored] good.
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