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  1. I believe they do, or have done pre season training somewhere near Beaconsfield as well.
  2. Congrats to Jess and Max Gee, imaging growing up and saying to your mates: "My dad was a drought breaking premiership captain!" And then your mates look up at this 2m+ man-mountain dad...
  3. Surely our training drills and match sims aren't so unique and secret that they must lock out fans? Seems odd that any AFL club would prevent keen fans from observing training, regardless of spying eyes from other clubs. I mean, people can still se through the fence, so it's hardly top secret. Poor old Picket Fence...
  4. Is anyone really surprised? Typical AFL manufactured outcome, Just like the Maynard ruling that let him play in the Grannie. Don't rock the boat, don't do what's right at the expense of magpie fans The AFL boys club is so [censored] predictable, even a 10 year old could guess their next move It's what will eventually drive me away from the game for good
  5. It's not like you to be a touch over the top in your posts, Picket! Should the club look for a site within 1km of your house? After all, your pulitzer worthy training reports are what we all want!
  6. Super impressed that he's staying with the Vineys and that Kolt is keenly watching Jack's habits on and off the field. Thank god that the old days are gone when Chunk was our only mature leader. Our club is now bursting with leadership players
  7. Great photos as usual. Thanks 666 Rivers looks like he has zero fat on him, Woey as well. Intensity is high. I know it's just December, but the boys look like they've come back in great knick. What's that saying about no premierships are won in preseason, but they can certainly be lost due to a bad summer.
  8. What a well-spoken kid he is, seems mature beyond 18 and very level headed. I like that he's not much into social media. And not a single "yeah nah", "like" or "y'know" to be heard! Hope his on-field is as impressive as his off-field Thanks for sharing the interview
  9. You should be senior coach, seem to have all the answers. And a people-person too boot!
  10. Nice work, Detective Picket Do you wear camo to hide in the bushes around the Casey ground?
  11. Ha! That's going to be your go-to quote every time you get told off, isn't it dazz? 🤣
  12. Spargypants could retrain as a jockey
  13. So according to The Age article, an academy or f/s would need to use a pick in the round a bid is placed to be matched, either current year or a future pick. Not next year, of course, because picks have already been traded. But guess what?... just in time for Kalani White in 2025 draft! Once again the goal posts are shifted and we come out losers Coll, GCS and WB must be howling with laughter at the thought of this, given their great hauls under previous rules
  14. I think we might see young Woey jnr force his way into the side more this year. Looks fit and now has the body to match. Very coachable kid too, from all accounts. Good on him
  15. Especially the current board, led by a person noted throught her career for getting big projects off the ground
  16. I think we will win the flag in 2024. But it requires a number of things, not limited to: - very good run with injuries, particularly R18 onwards - Clarry to get his act together and do what Clarry does best - McQualter to fit in seamlessly to the FD and add new insight to our forward entries and set up In the very slim chance we do not make finals, there will be some significant list changes, most notably senior coach
  17. Not to my recollection. Olympic Park came after Coll took what is now Lexus Centre. Ridiculing the work Joe Gutnik did in saving the club is almost treason. We had no finances at the time to invest in the old olympic swimming pool, the books from then show that. He stopped the merger and put in the single biggest donation the club is ever likely to see. Sure, he wasn't perfect, didnt fit the typical footy following stereotype, perhaps ran it his corperate way, which may have been required at the time. And the real estate investments he made are the reason we are now financially independent. But posters claiming to know the inner machinations of the board from that era without being on the board are just big-noting contrarians spreading hearsay. Not saying that about you Diamond Jim, btw. Just a follow on from previous comments to yours
  18. There's usually parking along Alexandra Ave and a short walk over Morrell pedestrian Bridge straight to Goshes paddock
  19. I read that the Coll Olympic oval is undergoing resurfacing, and while that happens they will, for a while, use Goshes Paddock
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