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  1. You missed my point entirely. Of course he can leave but unless melbourne can negotiate adequate compensation the only way he can go is to accept a new mfc contract or into the draft which would mean that he most probably goes to west coast with freo having no chance. Westcoast will have a far better hand to trade than Freo. Either have faith in the kid having some sort of decency or our list management to sort it all out.
  2. Hey guys a bit of sanity here please. Luke is a demon listed player and not a free agent. He cannot leave without our blessing. Freo need to trade for him and they will not have any sort of hand in the draft to satisfy our needs. The only danger would be that West Coast finish last and somehow talk him in to going into the draft. Aint going to happen, the kid has more loyalty than that. Wouldnt shaft the club that made him a premiership player so early in his career. We hold all the cards.
  3. But we can't win from outside the 8
  4. Will the Bombers have to wear their away strip tonight?
  5. Congratulate myself for taking the $9.20 on offer for Hawkthorn at sportsbet in a 2 horse race. Think I can afford a spare $10 on a lockdown weekend. Would make loosing bareable ?
  6. I wouldn't talk to soon with regard to that. The AFL are just as likely to fixture games not involving Geelong at GMBH stadium to ease the load on the MCG and Marvel. I know who one of their preferred candidates would be.
  7. Training photo form 2015 pre season. Not many left standing
  8. And another 6 games after that he will equal the big fellas record of 306
  9. Sorry. Try this ==> https://six6six.smugmug.com/What-happend-next/n-fvqdvf?mobile=true
  10. For those of us not on facebook we cannot view these.
  11. Some did some didn't. Here is a link for what happens next . ==> Enjoy https://www.smugmug.com/gallery/n-fvqdvf?mobile=true
  12. It's Joel Smith. He must be eating his spinach.. strong to the finich!!!
  13. Training Photos from today. Enjoy ==> https://www.smugmug.com/gallery/n-XTvr4C?mobile=true
  14. Here you go ==> https://www.smugmug.com/gallery/n-XTvr4C?mobile=true
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