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  1. Thanks Doc, I'll make an appointment to see you next week for my hemorrhoids
  2. I'm eternally grateful that we have so many medical professionals here on Demonland that have reviewed the file of Ben Brown and are able to give us such confident prognosis on his future at Melbourne FC. Because otherwise we'd look like a bunch of amateur, blowhard quacks. Right? 🤔
  3. The AFL sight saying Fullerton hammy is nasty. So much for our back up ruck plan... "...the Demons are bracing for Fullarton to have suffered a decent hamstring strain at best and potential tendon damage at worst"
  4. There'd be something coming back for 'wiping' a loan. They don't get it for nothing. The AO has huge, world wide coverage
  5. They'll aim to offload their 1st round pick, maybe as part of a Petty deal, rather than waste it in points for Welsh
  6. By foot, terrible. Via handball, very good
  7. I bought a new tv recently from JBHiFi. Included was 6 months of Kayo free starting from end of Feb. Will pay for a couple of months after that til end of Sept
  8. No, it doesn't please me. But excuses clearly please you Chose Tmac over Schache and Grundy in the last final, poor coaching. We've dominated i50s and long bombed for the last four years without decent conversion, poor coaching A midfield whose kicking couldn't hit the ocean from the beach MFC won't be a top club for long. Max, Maysie, BBB, Tmac, Melk approaching retirement. Hibb retired. Petty a strong chance to return to SA. Oliver's future in limbo Without another flag soon we will struggle to keep relevant 2024 is a must win season
  9. Best list we have seen for decades, multiple A grade players. 2022 should've been a premiership, given the mega start we had. 2023 was unforgivable for throwing away the flag. Injuries to Petty and Melk are weak excuses. Maysie was spot on, we missed a golden chance. Goody, Taylor and Lamb developed a super list that worked well in the 2021 hub, but couldn't perform or behave in the real AFL environment. Four home final losses in a row despite i50 domination, there are problems beyond a couple of injuries. IMO if we don't get our [censored] together on 2024, it's a long time until we will be able to compete again. Can you imagine how it might look if we slip to bottom 8, with no home base, a bunch of aging stars, a coach under the pump for performance on and off field, and the AFLs attention returning to their darling big 4??? We got comfortable believing the hype that the Club has returned to the powerhouse we were 60 years ago Fortunes can change very quickly
  10. We did OK last year whilst Clarry was supposedly hamstrung. I'm confident that with Rivers spending more time midfield (not unlike Young at Freo) and Gus moving to the inside, we'll fill any need for midfield talent. My wish is that McQualter works on our midfield/forward connection. I have little faith that Goodwin can improve that without a fresh face on the coaching panel. Improve our i50 conversions and keep the injuries to a minimum and we should make the grannie
  11. BF has several loud posters that were banned from Demonland, including one pain that thankfully hasn't been on here for about a year
  12. 3 to shout down anyone who calls the light bulb names 1 to have a glass of shiraz in left hand whilst changing the bulb with the other hand 5 to call the light bulb fat 8 to yell at the light bulb "don't read the thread if you don't like it!" 28 to claim that the light bulb 'isn't the right guy', and that the world really is flat 19 to call the light bulb woke, antifa, lefty, socialist or greeny because the bulb is LED 6 that want Jesse Hogan to return and change the bulb
  13. Bump https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/suspended-pharmacist-linked-to-bombers-scandal-found-dead-amid-watchdog-probe-20231224-p5eti5.html
  14. Exactly. Tigers will pounce on Goshes once we go to Caulfield (fingers crossed) $2.5m resizing Goshes to MCG measurements was never going to be temporary lipstick Win, win
  15. I believe they do, or have done pre season training somewhere near Beaconsfield as well.
  16. Congrats to Jess and Max Gee, imaging growing up and saying to your mates: "My dad was a drought breaking premiership captain!" And then your mates look up at this 2m+ man-mountain dad...
  17. Surely our training drills and match sims aren't so unique and secret that they must lock out fans? Seems odd that any AFL club would prevent keen fans from observing training, regardless of spying eyes from other clubs. I mean, people can still se through the fence, so it's hardly top secret. Poor old Picket Fence...
  18. Is anyone really surprised? Typical AFL manufactured outcome, Just like the Maynard ruling that let him play in the Grannie. Don't rock the boat, don't do what's right at the expense of magpie fans The AFL boys club is so [censored] predictable, even a 10 year old could guess their next move It's what will eventually drive me away from the game for good
  19. It's not like you to be a touch over the top in your posts, Picket! Should the club look for a site within 1km of your house? After all, your pulitzer worthy training reports are what we all want!
  20. Super impressed that he's staying with the Vineys and that Kolt is keenly watching Jack's habits on and off the field. Thank god that the old days are gone when Chunk was our only mature leader. Our club is now bursting with leadership players
  21. Great photos as usual. Thanks 666 Rivers looks like he has zero fat on him, Woey as well. Intensity is high. I know it's just December, but the boys look like they've come back in great knick. What's that saying about no premierships are won in preseason, but they can certainly be lost due to a bad summer.
  22. What a well-spoken kid he is, seems mature beyond 18 and very level headed. I like that he's not much into social media. And not a single "yeah nah", "like" or "y'know" to be heard! Hope his on-field is as impressive as his off-field Thanks for sharing the interview
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