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  1. And yet 4 weeks ago we beat Brisbane and Bulldogs reasonably well. Not sure about flaky, but we are certainly in a form slump, 1 win from last 3 games. The positive is that we are 12/3 and we know our deficiencies are midfield clearances and a forward line lacking key targets. Address this before finals and we are NOT pretenders
  2. Our mid clearances and key forwards were exposed this week. 3 wins from last 6 games, and not great vs Collingwood or Essendon. Need to turn this form slump around. This won't stand up in September
  3. Mate, time to put the glasses back on. Green is having a (green) field day
  4. Hibbo: 1 disposal Toby Green: 3 goals Time for a rethink.
  5. I'd like to see Nathan Jones do his best to work up peak fitness and form in time for finals. Give himself the best chance of potentially playing in a Granny. Had a cracking game for Casey on weekend. The guy is leaving no stone unturned. Good on him.
  6. Again, its hardly the club's fault that ticketek can't get it right. Its not "your ticketek", the club does not control ticketek, ticketing is between the AFL, MCC and ticketek. I hear your pain 640MD, but let's not blame the club because you've had problems using the ticketek website
  7. Is it the fault of the MFC? I would think its the AFL, MCC and ticketek who decide the arrangements. Not sure the club has much say in it, probably gave as much notice as they could to members
  8. Had same problem on laptop. Ended up using app on phone and it had the box for 12 digit number. Try that Bob.
  9. Big shout out to Hunt who I saw on Tippa for most of the night and kept him quiet. Not saying he's our next Hibbert, just that he can be very pleased with his game on Sat night. I like that he's lowering his eyes to find a target this year.
  10. Viney so important to the balance of our midfield. Looking forward to him crunching a few Bombers with his tackling pressure. Keeping the pressure on the Ess ball carrier is crucial. Get them to panic and turn it over. They like a free flowing possession game. I prefer the smaller foward line, especially if its a bit slippery. Weid and BBB are better suited to dry conditions. We did well without the earlier in the season with Tom McDonald stepping up. Dees by 30
  11. MFC 16 game member and just got 1 ticket. Can't be many left, as 3 of the 4 bays behind the goals allocated to our club are full. At least that's the message I kept getting on ticketek site. Get in quick!
  12. With all due respect, its waaaaaay too early for this type of discussion. Perhaps after prelim week I reckon Chunk would probably hate this concept anyway. He's 100% selfless. GFs are for best 22 only. If he is, great. But at this stage, no.
  13. First time, long time. Whilst I believe that Weideman should and will be dropped for one of the Browns, I do think he's worth keeping on our list for at least the next year. Unless he wants out, lets keep him. He'll want 2 years minimum, and that's ok as long as it's on our terms and his manager is reasonable with where he's at atm, which isn't a position of strength. But if he goes, I trust the club to make the right deal. Thankfully, level heads will make the call, we've done well with trades and recruiting of late. I do believe he has the physical attributes and skill to improve his AFL output significantly. Could it largely be between the ears/confidence that are holding him back? Choco and Ooze have only been at the club for about 6 months, those two might just be pivotal in any possible resurgence of Weideman this season. Lets hope so. Go dees!
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