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  1. You mean, like, Jefferson and JVR, our last two top picks?
  2. Some are saying this year's draft talent drops off significantly after about 8. I'd be happy if we tried to get 7 off GCS, either as part of player salary cap dump, or a trade of picks
  3. I forgot we picked Petty as part of that trade. Taylor and Lamby: pure gold
  4. Rather see her walk into HS nude
  5. Grundy, even though it failed. Was to be kind of a replacement for Dogga
  6. Or for 1, we could just give WCE picks 6, 10 and F1st and keep 11. Or for 1, give WCE 6, 11 and F1st and keep Petty I can only see Norf getting 1 if they give up 2 and 3, or split one of these to get another pick inside 10 These convoluted mega trades do my head in
  7. So we have 6, 11 , 41 and 46. What's next Lamby?
  8. Should we get 7 + Haynes as a salary dump, it will be interesting to see what happens with Petty. Could we realistically end up with 5, 7, 10 and 11? To be partially mixed into a bid for 1?
  9. Huh? You don't want us trading 2nd rounders to move up to get a better young player for the future, but you do???
  10. Does that mean aim to use up all out picks this year (except one for Pup Brown) and a first from 2024 on Harley Reid? Oh, and McAdam and Fullerton, I guess That's some belief the club must have in him
  11. You mean, like, the Jackson trade (pick 15, 6 and 25)? Or a measly 2nd rounder for Langdon. BBB cost us little, too Cheer up Red!
  12. Premiership player, wonderful contributor. Thans for giving your heart and soul Harmsey
  13. I believe he was one of the 1st rounders we gave up for Jake Lever. Lol!
  14. WWRD What Would Roos Do? The answer is No Way!
  15. Any hope we trade 31 and future 1st for 10 (which will end up being 14 anyway)? 5 (7) and 10 (14) = Sanders/McKercher and O'Sullivan 🙏
  16. Agreed. Also want more mid time for Riv and Woey. And is it too much to ask that Kossie spend more time in the middle than one centre bounce per game?
  17. On a scale of 1-10, this is a 2. Hope he gets better reel soon
  18. Neale, Dunkley, McClaggage, Bailey, Ashcroft (soon to be Ashcroft x 2), Lyons, Zorko, Fletcher, Dev Robertson, Berry. Throw in AhChee and occasionally Cam Raynor. I'd say that's a pretty good midfield, both quality and depth Players from non Vic clubs often go unheralded by the media
  19. So, just to be clear, what you're saying is that we should pick this year's draftees based upon who has or hasn't been been picked in the past, not solely on the quality of draftees available this year? Ok then 🤔
  20. Walsh has been the better player over his years than any other in that draft, and that's saying something because it was a hugely talented draft year Regardless, the point was that we're drafting for the future, not based upon who was taken at what pick in the past
  21. I think it'll be somewhere in between. Short of a Reid mega deal, which appears unlikely, we'll keep 5 and maybe use 13 and 24 (or future 1st, 24 and 31) to try and get 10. 5 and 10 might get us Sanders and O'Sullivan, a great haul. Still leaves us with a 2nd or 3rd round pick/s and whatever we get for Grundy. Late pick for Brown JJ pick 39 for McAdam, future 3rd for Fullerton??? So, four draft picks and two recruits
  22. Luke Hodge, Jacob Weitering and Sam Walsh? But it's a decision for now, not the past
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