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  1. Trade radio saying that a senario where pick 4 and a later pick might be enough for a trade with Clarry Then 4 and 5 used towards pick1 We might have a few in tears on this board next week
  2. No, cbf, but you could try looking at WCWs post history
  3. Yes, and that post mentioned that Goody gave the biggest spray to Kossie post game on front of the while team. Wouldn't be the first rule of Management 101 Just throwing this out there... maybe part of the problem is Goody?
  4. Agreed overall, but there have been some f ups over the last year or two that have taken the shine off my view of our recruitment strategies. Grundy trade this year was a flop for what we had hoped for, and despite injuries we still lack a tall dominant forward, for which Gawndy was never going to succeed. Are we seen as a 'destination' club anymore? Perhaps that's a contributing factor in all the talk of getting high draft picks rather than landing a big 🐟 Granted, its early doors in the trade period
  5. If, of we were to trade Clarry, I seriously think many Melbourne fans would be bitterly fissapointed with the return. IMO this talk of us working it to get picks 1 and 3 are pie in the sky stuff, even if we bundle 5 into it. I think we'd be more likely to be offered something roughly similar to the Jackson trade, 2 x 1sts and a 2nd, with the two 1sts being outside top 10 But it's all smoke and mirrors at the moment, who the f knows!
  6. Yeah righto... And we are weighing up whether to make a play for Nick Daicos, the Bont and Walsh FMD 🙄
  7. Is that so? Bloody Nora, our list will have some sort of turnover this year
  8. Reckon they'd give up 2 and a later 1st rounder. Don't they have 14 or something similar? Maybe a 2024 late 1st as well. That leaves Norf with 1, 3 and the AFLs gifted end of 1st round. That's a bloody good hand. They might even grab O'Sullivan with 3 to replenish their key defensive stocks A lot to like about Norf's list going forward WCE get their WA boy and a couple of 1st rounders Win/win
  9. I'll have a go... Grundy leaving frees up possibly $650k, Hibberd about $450k, JJ maybe $300k, Dunstan $250k? If Harmes leaves that's another $450k We'll inject about 4 in the draft, incl 2 x 1st rounders and Pup Brown. McAdam from Crows gets about $500k I'd say our cap isn't overly tight
  10. Happy about this, love what he brings to our forward line Won't cost a lot, financially or list wise, especially with the number of players retiring or leaving for opportunities elsewhere
  11. Speaking of umpires, I think it's time to throw the ball up instead of bouncing it. I used to love the tradition of the umpires having a ball skill, now I'm just sick of seeing their crappy bounces being recalled. Happened at the very start of the GF, what a let down!
  12. You do know that Bedford doesn't play for Melbourne? And that Hibberd isn't a "Laurie type" player? Or that most of those players aren't the same height or skill level? Eg Spargo isn't the same 'type' as Harmes or Jordan
  13. Cox gets a $1 fine for his GF hip to the head, but JVR gets a week for similar against the pies Go figure!
  14. We can only hope that high on the AFLs 2024 priority list are corporate accountability and transparency, and improved standards of umpiring with a level playing field for all clubs. Happy that Gil is leaving, unhappy that his replacement is from within the Boys Club There should be more to the AFL than making profits
  15. Pies shouldn't have been let past GWS prelim by the umpires
  16. There were about 3 frees to Bris in the last 3 mins that went unrewarded, not to mention the ridiculous 'advantage' call
  17. Too early for pies to play possession footy
  18. BT: "We have one thousand and twenty four people in the house today!" 100,024
  19. Watch multiple Coll players pile on the loose ball to create stopages. They'll tackle each other just to clog up the footy
  20. Huh? Daniher chewing gum while playing in a GF?
  21. Brisbane absorbing the pressure, but need to score
  22. FMD why is Hill always 30 clear ?
  23. Very sick of hearing Beayshaw and BTs useless GF stats
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