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  1. JVR has the stickiest fingers since Mick Jagger!
  2. Nibbler leading the fumbles below the knees stat
  3. Billings adding some much needed class going inside 50 🤞
  4. Very, very fumbly and terrible kicking so far
  5. https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/what-would-the-demons-move-to-caulfield-racecourse-mean-for-locals-20240221-p5f6sp.html
  6. There's everything wrong with training on open parkland meters away from one of the busiest roads in Melb, regardless of it being resurfaced recently. FCS, even Arden Street now has a high fence of sorts around it! That we (and Coll) won a flag training from Goshes is both a miracle in itself, and a disappointment as to how much better we could be during this rate period of success had we world class facilities. We lean heavily on Casey Fields because it's so much better than what we have in town
  7. Good to see The Colt and Jeffo on the bench Good taste of senior footy for them 👍
  8. You do realise we will never again have regular MFC training on the G? That's la-la thinking. Which leaves Goshes and surrounding public grassed area 🤮
  9. Only covered stage 1, the new stalls and sunken mounting yard. Nothing on stage 2 or us
  10. Fwiw, Ch 9 news has some coverage of Caufield Racecourse facilities coming up at 6:45 tonight
  11. True, she can't keep up with my vigor anymore, dc Though I could possibly find space for both 😉
  12. Ohhhh, I'd gladly roll over to make room for Tay-Tay, dc!!!
  13. So let's look forward to the next 5 years, rather than look back 20 years. We need to have roots down somewhere soon, because who knows what might happen once our current era of success wanes, as it does for all successful premiership clubs. Run with me for a moment WYL... Imagine if mid year we announce a brand new facility at CRC with gym, pool, admin, large indoor space and 2 or 3 ovals AND we back that up with another flag in 2024. Another flag could help snare us a couple of gun FAs next year and extend our window. Or, we wait, and wait, and wait, and continue with our current s***house set up and slowly drop back to the cellar as Max, Maysie, Viney, Trac and Salo retire, and Goody moves on to a big 4 club
  14. I put it to you that if we wait 10 years for new facilities, you might find that by then we are: A. Not in existence B. Relocated interstate (FNQ Crocs, anyone?) C. Still in Melbourne city, but known at the Melbourne Kangaroos or the Melbourne Saints CRC seems the best of the current options, if we can get the funds and the deal is long term. But I am just an average footy punter, like you 🤷 And I hate to tell you, but we are, and still would be "just a tennant" of the MCG, as much as we all hate to admit it
  15. So I guess you don't like footy being played at the G because it's the Melbourne Cricket Ground? It's possible for a sporting facility to walk and chew gum at the same time And i thought only Pies supporters thought in black and white...
  16. Based on an article in the HS? Wow
  17. I read somewhere that Fullerton and BBB are possible inclusions for the next praccy game
  18. Hard to read much from a practice match, but some positives so far: Windsor and Brown do not look out of place. Verrall also. Rivers strong improvement continues. McVee plays like he's been at this level for 10 years Kossie in the middle for more than the first bounce of each qtr is great Billings getting a bit of it. Viney is massive for our midfield A few negatives so far: The fumble attempts at marking, particularly by May and Lever Turn overs killing us, poor decision making and handball execution Lack of pressure in defence. Bolton must have the pox, he's that clear Still too many long bombs and poor conversion in front of goal Is Langdon playing? Just ran down an opponent, so just noticed him
  19. Pressure in the defence: zero Time and time again
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