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  1. Good lord, what an ignorant post! You must be fun at parties
  2. Amazing! So clean with his hands in marking contests. Probably 25 marks shown in that clip and not one double grab, all sticky, single touch marks. Shame that he looks out of our reach
  3. Adelaide in Adelaide. Of course we do...
  4. Nice goal he kicked to put is in front to win by 1 point against Sun's
  5. Bulldogs saying they will have to take out a loan to cover the payout, should their appeal fail
  6. Home base thread. It's Us vs the AFL, unless it's Us vs Vic Govt... or Us vs Us
  7. Bulldogs paying out $6mill to survivor of sexual abuse as a child whilst under duty of care of Footscray. Biggest payout of that type in Australia. Does that come from the Club or through insurance?
  8. His handball creativity reminds me of Oliver's first few years Reid is an amazing prospect
  9. Dogs have a lot of young talls already, and Croft in this draft
  10. Sure, wasn't denying that, however I reckon they would have worked the picks out together before recording
  11. Cal Twomey, Shifter Sheehan and Riley Beveridge see us taking O'Sullivan at 6, after bidding for Ethan Reid, according to their phantom draft on today's AFL site. They have Curtin going to North at pick 3, which make sense, as they need key defenders
  12. You do realize pick 6 will end up being 7 or 8 by the time academy bids are matched? Put away your ouija board
  13. Taylor Goad looks good as a 206cm ruck. Says he bases his game on Max Gawn Why this unique 206cm ruckman is dazzling recruiters: https://www.afl.com.au/news/1059916
  14. Any evidence that WCE are hell bent on getting Curtin just because he's from WA? Yet, they'll take a Victorian with 1? 🤷 I read a Curtin interview where he said he kinda liked the idea of living interstate. Not every WA lad wants to be near their mummy
  15. Agreed. Taking a good player at 6 this year means that we get a year of development into him whilst we are still in the window for 2024. And we all know windows don't stay open forever Keep 6. If anything, I'd offer our F1st + 11 for 7 or 8 this year. Curtain and O'Sullivan would be a great haul
  16. Not only rigged, but definitely a nepotic boys club with zero transparency or accountability
  17. A good number of Tassie prospects this year. Liking the look of Schoenmaker, has an amazing left foot kick, nice size about him too 194cm
  18. Gonna be pretty hard for Tassie to meet their milestones before fielding team. A not-yet-funded stadium, possible change in state govt at the next election (current opposition against the stadium), not a shovel of soil turned yet, some local protests and resentment, sponsorships to be found..... I believe Whispering Jack made reference to this a couple of weeks ago after a recent conversation he had with an former Tassie premier A lot to happen before a team gets going down there. I wonder if Gil made it just a touch too difficult for this to get off the ground
  19. ...or not pay up and keep 2 and 3 For all our speculation, the top 10 draft order may not change beyond bid matching
  20. The two situations are not the same. You are getting worked up over Cornes' rumours, and tarring Petty with the same brush as Jackson. If Petty's not injured and is fit enough, he should play. Dare i say, he's more important to our structure that Jackson was
  21. I understand there would be more to it than that. Need to be a F1st or F2nd involved, Geelong can't just give up 8 and get 6 for free That's a big commitment from Taylor/Lamb: our whole 2023 remaining draft picks (except 42) for pick two. Hope Duursma is worth it!
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