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  1. Indeed, how dare he show what a good man he is. Probably more brave than most of us.
  2. That young swimmer was simply following Goody's instructions to long bomb it into the water
  3. Equally, JVR will be better when playing 3rd tall, rather than 1st tall forward
  4. 42 might be Brown, or might be a project player (ruck?) and Brown is rookied
  5. Hawks and dogs picks used for matching F/S will be after 42. They each have one early pick and then only late picks to be used for points. Only GCS picks will be before 42, six picks before then to go towards 3 players. 3 GCS+Croft+McCabe=5 GCS use 6 picks before our 42 So our pick should move up to 41 Is that correct?
  6. Most, if not all, of the money would be public money from govts, so if we were to eventually leave, the facility would have to stay in public ownership Unless we fund the majority, who are we to claim rights?
  7. The funding would largely come from govt and private contributions. Community inclusion would be necessary. Whatever the Club puts in would be depreciated over time anyway. Keep doubling down, but you're not gonna win this battle
  8. Does Coll own the Olympic ground or the old swimming pool? Richmond? Carlton? North Melb? Saints? Brisbane? No, of course they don't A long lease is fine and common practice. "Diabolical" is a tad hysteric, even for you, WYL!
  9. Iirc there's a recent article somewhere that claims he's 197cm.
  10. Try 5 years! Even during 2021 we did a lot of long bombing hoping for crumbing to work, which it did with Kossie and even Spargonicus. The connection btwn mids and forwards is the main issue imo, but that's for another thread
  11. So if we select Watson, our small to small/med forwards will be Watson, Kossie, McAdam, Chandler, Spagonicus, ANB. All with differing rolls, of course, but that's a crowded grouping Unless Watson has potential to eventually play midfield, I'm not sure what the strategy is. It's usually best available at the pointy end of the dtaft, which might be him. I'm hoping for a classy mid at 6 (7). We need to develop the next A grade mid
  12. I think North will either give up 2+3 for 1, or far more likely, use 2 and 3 on Duursma and McKercher On top of their current crop, those two will help set them up for success over the next 10 years; that is, if North can maintain stability and not implode again
  13. Do you know him personally?
  14. Can't see us picking a key forward with our first pick 3 years in a row. We've got JVR, Petty, Jefferson as our tall forward mix, with Schache as support. However, I can see us going after a key forward FA in 2024 Hopefully Sanders with 6, and we trade 11 and F1st for 7 or 8 (O'Sullivan)
  15. Agreed, but I find it hard to see how we can match Norf's bounty. Otherwise, I'd be keen to go for pick 2 or 3 from Norf. McKercher or Duursma would be grand, but not for 6, 11 and F1st. That's a bridge too far
  16. Reckon it might be 11 and F1st for 7 or 8. I'm hoping Lamby and Taylor are targeting O'Sullivan Imagine Sanders/Curtain and O'Sullivan...
  17. True. But if Sanders is available at 6, I think he may become a Dee. Wouldn't it be good to get a classy mid AND a key back in this draft? I think adding midfield class is a high priority in this draft
  18. I can see us enquiring about what 11 and F1st would get. Maybe 8 or 7? 11 will become 15 or 16 after academy bids. If Lamb, Taylor and Goody are set on O'Sullivan, they'll need to get higher than that
  19. But also worth remembering that Petty is contracted for 2 more years, '24 and '25. No one forced him to sign the contract. Adelaide will be asked to cough up next year if they want a contracted player that we've invested heavily in
  20. 42 will end up being around 33 by the end of bid matching We can still use it to trade up higher right up to draft night
  21. Indeed. We used a 2nd and two 3rds to bring in Fullerton, Billings and McAdam. Lost Jordan, Harmes and Grundy: depth or surplus to needs. Hibberd, Dunstan retired. And we have 6 and 11 to use in the draft I think that's a good outcome
  22. Paul Roos will be relieved we finally landed Billings
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