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  1. Wouldn't it just be better if the umpires only have one task to do? They do a [censored] house job of umpiring, what makes anyone think they deserve to decide the brownlow?
  2. What did we think was going to happen? It's the AFL and the umpires after all Small mercies, at least Diacos didn't win
  3. Of course Luke Jackson brought his mum. Hard to understand his rambling mumbles
  4. Not against GWS, I didn't see it...
  5. Pile-ons by multiple pies players in last 4 mins causing numerous ball ups. How can they not pay a free to GWS when 2 pies dive on the ball at once before a Giant goes for it? Farcical to see Collingwood players tackle each other on the ground, not to mention it being an ugly spectacle watch
  6. AFL sanctioned 6 day break for GWS before prelim isn't exactly a level playing field either
  7. Isn't there some rule about doubling suspension lengths for GF indiscretions?
  8. Too few having to do too much for Brisbane, they have a lot of passengers
  9. Coulda, shoulda, woulda Doesn't change my point. With a midfield full of crapp kicks and no dominant key forward, we don't win finals. The 2 x straight sets is absolute proof of that. The Carlton H&A game doesn't change our inability to win finals.
  10. Andrews having a cracking game under enormous pressure
  11. We were never going to win the flag with a midfield that only knows to bomb it long to an ineffective forwardline
  12. Nup. We would've done the same ridiculous i50 no matter who we played. That doesn't work in finals
  13. Brisbane has been reading from Melbourne's bomb it long i50 playbook
  14. Seen two obvious frees to Bris called play on. The AFL fix is ON
  15. Daicos by a mile. Collingwood have been KOTD by umpires all season. It's the AFL way
  16. GWS killed by the umpires in the 2nd half. Made the difference
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