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  1. Then what do we use for Grundy? Please god not a 1st rounder PS. I like the idea of Freo's future 1st, bc I wonder if they might slide back a little and also because of the quality of next years draft
  2. And yet Brisbane's McInerney was toiling away under our nose at Casey, almost a free hit!
  3. The ball moves faster than the players. I'd rather the ball in a slower player's hands with quick vision and decision making than those of Baker any day But I too hoped TB would stay
  4. If his role model is Fabian Francis, North should take the deal and be done with it. Let it be Port's problem His behaviour this year indicates they should've traded #1 last year to Adelaide while they had the chance. Would've been better putting the time and resources into two later first rounders in 2022 rather than a homesick kid with poor attitude from the start
  5. Murphy, Weitering + ? I'm assuming ours includes Jeff White, even though he was originally picked by Freo
  6. Before or after it came out in the media? Even if it was before, likely an optics plan B. ET do you honestly believe the AFL wouldn't want to desperately see this go away? Gil will be totally cacking his dacks now this has gone public and it looks likely to be taken out of his hands Not saying its right or wrong, but the wheels of investigation and action move faster when accusations are made public
  7. I think the families spoke to the media for the simple reason that they feared HFC and the AFL would find a way to cover the allegations up and do very little, which is exactly what they would've done Make it public, demand an independent investigation not funded by the AFL. Hard to cover it up now Gil!
  8. Totally agree. North lost 3 recruiter's mid year who were average anyway, and they have pick 1, possibly 8 and a few players to bring in from other clubs. With Clarko out of the picture, they are a real chance to [censored] this up Going to be a very, very eventful trade period. Jason Taylor and Tim Lamb, please weave your wonderful magic!
  9. Would think that one piece of evidence easily verified is the new sim cards allegedly put into phones. I'm no telco tech but surely they can find records of who issued the cards, location of user (might substantiate use by player), what happened to old sim cards, phone call records and text messages, etc. A lot of data could be mined there aiding the investigation
  10. FMD there are some posters here with very short and delusional memories Proof that drugs are bad
  11. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-10-01/hawthorn-the-afls-iron-grip-authority-is-being-challenged/101493984 Seems like Gil's ability to control everything AFL and write their own outcome is starting to crack
  12. On the flipside, Collingwood will lose Henry to Cats
  13. Its a salary dump. If GCS can give up a good player and pick 7 to gain cap space then we are more than generous giving a second rounder to free up approx $600k from their books in exchange for Grundy. Yes, yes, I know its not exactly apples with apples, but neither is comparing this to the May trade. Bowes isn't 2 x AA, but Grundy is yet to prove himself after some very serious injuries. Iirc the May trade wasnt reported as a salary dump, they wanted him to stay Time for the club to get a favourable deal done if Collingwood want this settled early, especially since the AFL have openly approved dumping. Otherwise it could easily drag on until the last day holding up a raft of deals they want to do. He could even end up staying at the Pies, that would [censored] them over sweetly!
  14. What a [censored] comment. The guy coached us to our first flag in 57 years and we are still very much in the window Goody's done far more walking than talking
  15. Nah, its his off-field glasses making him look smarter #grundymyths
  16. Reckon there might be a spot opening up at Brisbane for next year. Can't see Kangas letting go of Clarko, unless its not their call. However Brisbane have less to lose if Fages steps down or is stood down. Depends upon the outcome of this Hawks investigation
  17. Would be good if the panel was independent and not set up or funded by the AFL. The best way to get the right outcome (whatever that may be) is not to have the AFL run it or have influence over it
  18. Not an accountant, but wouldn't he be on max tax rate regardless?
  19. Geez... a lot of posters on Land claiming scoops of late and getting them very wrong. All good for a bit of fun, can't be right all the time!
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