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  1. My father, died 2013, a lifelong MFC supporter and 50+ year MCC member, and a good footballer himself, who instilled in me a love of the Dees by watching the vintage of Tulip in the 80s. He'd love this. Wish he was here beside me.
  2. A win tonight should bring you out of your shell
  3. Anything zealously referencing Norm Smith, RDB or Ted Whitten Ski fields Cheese boards I bet the commentators won't mention Tom Wills...
  4. Good god I hope tomorrow finally puts an end to MFCSS once and for all
  5. Can't see Dogga going. He's more important to our future than Cerra. Enormous upside Unless Jackson wants to go home, its no effing way
  6. Yes, given the Weid had little interest from other clubs, his trade value would make no difference to any deal. If there are player/s involved we might have to face the prospect they could be playing on Saturday If he nominates us I'm hoping our current pick 33 and a future 1st might get it done. Don't think that's enough
  7. I see it differently. I'm hazarding a guess that Cerra and his manager have already made up their minds and the desired club knows. Perhaps a nominal agreement has been reached by both clubs, or at least a rough expectation of what each party wants. Of course, trade week can throw up unexpected outcomes, but most players and clubs want a degree of certainty in advance. Look at the panic and irrationality when Neale supposedly wanted to return to Freo. I have no idea if Cerra wants to be a Dee, but probably he knows already and I think our chances are pretty good.
  8. I wondered that too. Probably same vision, but I wonder if its different commentary on Foxtel???
  9. I'm certain this won't satisfy you, but here's some backstory. I heard similar from people in the industry at the time. https://www.afl.com.au/news/452683/when-jurrah-turned-to-the-demon-drink " ...Jurrah wasn't into the 'boozy culture' that was prevalent in the remote community, particularly among men. Whether that trip to China was where Jurrah's taste for alcohol intensified is up for debate, but it was clearly a significant time in his life. "You effectively got off the bus from the airport and they were giving you free spirits," one source said..." Our club culture was terrible back then. Thankfully, the times have changed.
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