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  1. Sonetimes it depends upon the support around the volunteers. In my child's league there is a parent from each team that escorts the umpires wherever they go outside of the changerooms, even to their cars if needed. We are told by the league to report abusive parents as a matter of urgency. And we do: one parent got a life ban last year You'll always get idiots. Unfortunately they need calling out
  2. Yes, it was always going to turn to poo Surprised Godwin's Law hasn't kicked in yet
  3. If Ooze get the gig, how long before their supporters start a thread titled "Is Adem Yze the right guy?"
  4. Want the big man cherry ripe for September to hold the cup up again If he is to travel to Perth, at least get him a private jet fitted out with a king sized bed
  5. Out: Lever, Gawn In: Tommo and Weid Would love to see Bailey Laurie get a couple of games before the season ends. JvR too.
  6. Good point, Dof, but with our depth you'd have to think the FD wouldn't take any chances with a player underdone due to covid. Still, its an unpredictable virus!
  7. Agreed. Many of the unlucky ones would be regulars at 9 or 10 other clubs Fantastic to have such depth and know the Casey is on the same page developing players
  8. Tracc certainly has the moves! Hadn't seen it before. Appreciate the posting regardless of how long ago it was taken. Got any more?
  9. The only way to 'beat' Steven May
  10. Patience Grasshopper You wanted a flag before you fell off the twig ✅ This too will happen, but I will be even more grateful if it is announced by the State govt and MFC in due course rather than leaked by Purple or his bottom dwelling ilk
  11. Tom Lynch is an over paid front runner. Beats up on [censored] teams but mostly unsighted against a good backline
  12. Sending it via SMS to yourself will reduce it's size too
  13. On a day where 30-40mm of rain is predicted, I'd rather they not select Tmac. He's fumbly below his knees at the best of times. Weid to chop out in ruck whilst Max rests forward.
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