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  1. Nah, its his off-field glasses making him look smarter #grundymyths
  2. Reckon there might be a spot opening up at Brisbane for next year. Can't see Kangas letting go of Clarko, unless its not their call. However Brisbane have less to lose if Fages steps down or is stood down. Depends upon the outcome of this Hawks investigation
  3. Would be good if the panel was independent and not set up or funded by the AFL. The best way to get the right outcome (whatever that may be) is not to have the AFL run it or have influence over it
  4. Not an accountant, but wouldn't he be on max tax rate regardless?
  5. Geez... a lot of posters on Land claiming scoops of late and getting them very wrong. All good for a bit of fun, can't be right all the time!
  6. For starters, I'd like to know who paid for the hobby farms that Cameron, Hawkins and Stanley own just outside of Geelong city But does anyone seriously think that the AFL want another SC debacle? They are too busy furiously sweeping the Hawthorn racism disclosure under the carpet. Transparency and accountability are looooooow on the AFLs priority list
  7. GCS would def thought of that. And it would be the first thought in every club recruiter's mind I'm wondering if the kid's body is shot or he's just not a best 22. Backended contract, maybe $1.6mill over final two years. Could be a simple as a club paying a lot money to buy pick 7 (which will end up being be at least 8) and have one list spot filled with a NQR Bowes
  8. Some people just love to argue and can't let it go I'm more upset that Tracc used the term "versed"
  9. Surely they must have some sort of behavioural exit clause in their contract? Demonland lawyers on here know what are likely standard inclusions?
  10. I had been told in the early 2000s by a recruiter from another club (not Hawthorn, it must be said) that he believed Hawthorn had a long-standing, unofficial policy of not recruiting indigenous kids. Said they had changed that but put in place strict controls on all young recruits not from Melb city. At the time I thought he was spinning sheet. Not now
  11. Thomo, like BBB, runs mostly in straight lines or with the turning circle of the Queen Mary. Struggles with changes in direction big time. I hope to hell that Turner steps up next year because I want Petty to play as a KPF in 2023
  12. Absolutely. Our delivery inside 50 has been appalling for 3 of the last 4 years. And last year Charlie was elite. Long bombs into the pocket from inside the centre square help no one in our side. Spargo at Geelong or Sydney would be highly valued. Picket Fence.... more like Paling Fence
  13. Agreed. The overturning of his suspension led him to get those final 3 votes
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