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  1. Ohhhh.... Bombers 2nd, Dees go 3rd assuming we beat WCE. Please someone ring the bell, I wanna play Ess in the first final! Yes please!
  2. Just saw an interview with Nathan Murphy in his Hawthorn cafe. Is it just coincidence that the cafe is called Whiplash?
  3. Also, didnt Adelaide get SC relief when someone retired due to concussion? Was it Tippett? Can't quite recall the name
  4. I was in Tassie for work a couple of months ago. Just before election announced. North west, then Launnie, then Hobart. Talked with stacks of locals: tradies and professionals. Most were against the deal. Many said the money was better spent elsewhere. I think the issues in Tassie are often different from mainland, and we fail to acknowledge that
  5. Sydney got SC relief when Paddy McCartin retired due to concussion, his payout was outside their SC. The precedent has been set
  6. Shall we start a Get Logan McDonald thread as well? He look a ripper last night and Sydney are facing significant SC squeeze due to topping up Grundy's contract beyond what we were paying last year. Apparently Grundy now on over $1mill, Swans paying about $750k, according to Sam Landsberger
  7. You're not posting a rumor, Red?
  8. 'Everything' = hobby farm (in his parents name) overlooking the water on Bellarine Peninsula
  9. God I hope they are being conservative with it I'd do my na-na of he did it again first game back
  10. Can Holmes play pack-crashing key forward? Just asking for a friend...
  11. I took that to mean available to be selected to play at any level. Reckon he'll get a game or two at Casey first, build up the match fitness. But I'm just guessing Can't help but love Jakey Melksham. What an ultimate professional he is!
  12. Bank on Haw and WCE vying for the Harley Reid cup this year (or whatever this year's no 1 pick is named) Both those two teams look putrid. Having said that, Freo also look terrible
  13. Mate, Clarry lacking match fitness will not be the difference between winning and losing. Time to put aside the bromance, picket
  14. Agree, if Paps gets off the chain he could change the whole match very quickly. Juddy or perhaps Riv?
  15. Make sure the clear plastic cover is put on pre game
  16. Neither please. Turner's injury was unfortunate timing
  17. JVR has the stickiest fingers since Mick Jagger!
  18. Nibbler leading the fumbles below the knees stat
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