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  1. Yet no one knows if Reid or Curtain will be flight risks. Both have come out and poured water over such claims. In fact Curtain seemed to look forward to potentially living interstate, according to the interview I heard. Not all draftees want to live where they grew up. I reckon the Reid/Curtain flight risk thing is a myth
  2. No, best to use our picks now. Have we ever traded our current 1st for a future 1st?
  3. Have WCE categorically stated that their goal is to land Curtain above all else? I know from his interviews that Curtain has said he looks forward to the opportunity of moving interstate and starting a new life, if that eventuates. He did not at all sound like a homesick puppy (or dogga), quite the opposite I'm wondering if this WCE/Curtain arranged marriage is a myth after all
  4. Bomber would need to pay some of his remaining contract, which has as much chance of happening as me wining tatts. And I don't buy tatts tickets
  5. Heck, I'd even throw in the jousting sticks as a sweetener
  6. Neither you nor I know the answer to this. Maybe there is no huge cap space Perhaps the recent long term re-signings are back loaded to 2024 and beyond. Perhaps we have another re-signing to do over summer that involves more money (eg JVR, Petty, Bowey?). Perhaps Harmes was not on that much for 2024. It's all guess work and assumptions from us, KITP!
  7. Did anyone from the club state this, or is it a media and Demonland myth? That we have been moving up the draft board indicates we plan to focus our resources on draft night
  8. We have not been a destination club for good forwards since BBB came across (surely no one would deny he was not important to our flag season?). But we have been a destination club for backs, rucks and wings over the last 5 years or so: May, Lever, Langdon and Grundy
  9. Should all of those guys be uninjured, fit and in some sort of form, sure, we have a reasonable forward line. Some you list I personally do not rate, but that's by the by. Yet, Petty has had a horror run with injuries and JVR is still very much learning his trade. BBB and Tmac are struggling and appear to be cooked. We can only judge on what we've seen across the last season or two I think Collingwood's front half, with the addition of Schultz is the better by some margin, but its almost a moot point, because of the way the two teams play and connect with their forwards. Our midfield/foward connection is more important to fix than changing the personnel. Do this and we can succeed with Petty, JVR, Fritter and some of the others, assuming they are on the park Having said that, if a FA key forward like King chose us next year, I'd be wrapped. Petty as 2nd tall and JVR as 3rd would be awsome. Would lift us from average forward line to top 3 in the comp
  10. If WCE are confident Curtain will still be there at 6, why would they use pick 2 on him and then only get 2 x late 1sts? Wouldn't it make sense to get 6, 11 and a 2024 late 1st from us and use 6 on Curtain? I think for Norf to get Reid, WCE they'll need to give up 2 + 3 for 1 + a 2nd or F2nd rounder and then trade 2 or 3 for a top 10 + a pick in the early teens. These could be future selections. WCE get Curtain, maybe Conner O'Sullivan and Archer Reid If this happens, would we do 6 + 11 for 2? ie. McKercher or Duursma
  11. Yep, WCE should be using pick 1 to get at least 2 picks inside 10 or 15. A number of draft watchers say this year it drops off significantly after that
  12. FMD, you must be real fun at parties 🥱
  13. What about 6, 11 and Riv?
  14. Ok, your dck is bigger than mine. But you missed my point completely
  15. Yep, WC getting 2 x $800k off their books for a cooked player is a bonus for them, it's not giving up something of value. Would be like us offering BBB, Tmac and 6 for pick 1 If this story is true, how's the disrespect they are showing him with 2 years left on contract, 500 goals to his name and being a local boy with established fam. It'd be akin to killing bambi
  16. Trade up, trade up, trade up! Let's do whatever it takes with our picks to get Reid or McKercher We need the next generation of A grade mids coming through Reid this year would be brilliant
  17. You mean, like, Jefferson and JVR, our last two top picks?
  18. Some are saying this year's draft talent drops off significantly after about 8. I'd be happy if we tried to get 7 off GCS, either as part of player salary cap dump, or a trade of picks
  19. I forgot we picked Petty as part of that trade. Taylor and Lamby: pure gold
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