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  1. I've ordered my Banners from Skye Whitemore and get them, hopefully, tomorrow. Then the task of putting them up on the fence, I don't think tape will suffice, so it will have to be string.
  2. Great interview, no nonsense warts and all. He is a major reason we are still around and challenging for a flag, which we will win. Thanks PJ and I hope you are mentioned in the GF celebrations.
  3. Melbourne midfielder Angus Brayshaw laughs off the yet another trade link to Fremantle Dockers to join brother Andy "Melbourne star Angus Brayshaw has dismissed speculation he could be part of a trade for Fremantle’s Adam Cerra, saying he has no interest in leaving the Demons." Not sure if this has already been posted but it's from the West Australian and is behind a paywall
  4. It appears that both are sick with Gastro and are isolating from the players AFL grand final 2021: Melbourne Demons coach Simon Goodwin isolating with gastro symptoms (theage.com.au)
  5. I tried to buy some gear and they are sold out, pretty much of everything.
  6. Thanks for that, I've emailed requesting a couple
  7. Malcolm Blight gave his tip for the brownlow this morning on SEN and his ti[p was a draw. Olly and Trac and he was serious, said it would be the first time two players from the same club have tied in the award.
  8. Last time we had a brownlow winner in the GF was Woey and we finished second. If we get the winner this year we could even it up to 15 all
  9. I've admired Tommy since before he was drafted bacause of his absolute desire to play AFL football, he worked his backside off, travelling long distances to train and play. Good on you Tommy. you showed em.
  10. Do you have a link for this, I'm not on face book, it would be appreciated if you have.
  11. That's the spirit Old, keep that positivity up.😂
  12. All my Barcodes are gone, sorry for those that missed out I was prioritising long standing members and just wasn't sure of the newbies asking for them.
  13. Still got a couple left but I'm going to be so PM me and I'll get back to you in the morning
  14. I'll send you a PM with the barcode
  15. I think we can arrange that. I’ll pm you the barcodes, they are GF guarantee tickets. just make sure the lot of you yell loud and often.
  16. How many prIority 1 do you need?
  17. I have quite a few priority 1 and 2 barcodes and if anyone is interested they can PM me, I'm not looking for payment. There are 6 priority one and maybe 7 priority 2, I'm not sure exactly. Get back to me and I'll respond in the morning.
  18. I think it may have something to do with their aggro towards other supporters and the "we'll go it alone" attitude.
  19. There may be some blow back if the AFL insists that the two clubs over there have to relocate here until the borders are open. I guess he cant keep the borders closed forever and once he does Covid will slip in. God only knows what Qld will do and they may have to relocate the Bears and Suns to NSW, that may not worry the locals as they don't really care about AFL anyway, but they sure as hell do in WA.
  20. Do you think that the AFL and the teams will put up with that, it would be far easier to have the two WA sides come over here and go in to a hub.
  21. So apart from Qld they are lagging behind all the other states. I think that shows they are well behind NSW and Vic, so I guess that does support the data.
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