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  1. Checking in from Fuente De - around 1,100 metres above sea level. Any views I express in this thread will therefore be lofty. Go Dees!
  2. Checking in from a music festival in Basque country. (#not a humblebrag, but maybe a bit probably ). The last two days I've seen Massive Attack, Air, Underworld and Prodigy (and Grace Jones). There has to be some tea leaves among that lot. ?
  3. Brisbane should change their official airline partner from Virgin to Jetstar. A million bucks sounds about right for what you have to pay extra when you rock up for your flight with Huge McCluggage.
  4. I'm currently in the latter. 4am start. Feels like a home-game though, as I've spent a bit of time living in Darwin in recent years. Shame AMW didn't get a call-up, just a 15 hour drive for his kin. Chandler noted the sun was beating down at 18C in Alice yesterday, hopefully it's not too slippery.
  5. Interesting quote in among that; "(Libby, a physio in training) Birch suspects this year’s round zero might have played into this landscape, not because it made the season one week longer for some clubs, but because they would have geared a block of training to an earlier-than-usual bye in the season proper." Anyways, I'm anti-rotation cap. I don't get the concept (on multiple levels) of fatiguing players to improve the spectacle. Why would any sport want to lessen the performance of its players, and run the risk of the league becoming more ANB and less Petracca? And there has been a clear decrease in scoring since each cap was introduced. Subjective, but I think football was at its height in the era of massive rotations preceding the first cap (during which we were [censored] and probably otherwise distracted), which was introduced due to concerns over increased injuries, and not congestion. And now we have another spike in injuries? Plus congestion is as bad as ever. Also speculation, but if I was a tired mid I would jump on the ball and tie it up rather than attempting to burst from a stoppage. Less likely I have receivers running past as well. But doing so reduces goal-scoring and opportunities for a moment of rest in between, and also increases contact and the potential of injury.
  6. Complaining about our pick #11 in the mid-season draft while in the same breath complaining that the WA kid isn't playing in our 18th-placed seconds two days later? Seems like your average Demonland poster to me.
  7. Sounds like you should have been using Colgate a long time ago.
  8. Meanwhile, my favourite toothpaste has a minstrel-type character on its logo and was once called '[censored]'. Having to squeeze that into a different tube when I get home from the shops so future guests don't stumble upon it and question my champion host status it is pretty demeaning.
  9. The interesting thing about this thread was that we did end up going out and spending big on a key forward that year, who notched up something like 30 goals and 50 marks in his first ten games with us. We were also on the verge of assembling a truly devastating forward line, until it all fell apart for various reasons and we've struggled to patch one together for various reasons ever since.
  10. Which is highly demeaning and certainly diminished his reputation as a champion ruckman.
  11. I believe our stirring win over Adelaide away in 2017 might have been one such occasion.
  12. But seriously, our forward line is starting to sound like an English manor house with Kentfield, Fullarton and Jefferson. Hopefully we'll be lording it over the opposition in the years to come.
  13. 'Smuller' (as a shortening of Scott Muller): Kent bowl. Kent throw. Kentfield.
  14. While I'm looking forward to the pair building up their zen connection in the years to come. What a champ Kozzie is in trying to bring other players into the game.
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