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  1. I'm sorry, but this thread promotes mistrust; therefore it's negative to our cause. We've got a great team with gun players, we should be backing them all the way to the flag!!
  2. My dictionary (Oxford) defines gender as - Grammatical classification of objects roughly corresponding to the two sexes and sexlessness.
  3. Richmond: A real statement to the AFL world. North: To come back and win, was a real club statement. Sydney: Sydney are a physical team who have bested us in the past, it was another breakthrough moment beating them. But we only just had them. Underestimated. Bulldogs: Great win against quality. Brisbane: Coming from behind to beat the strongest opponent there is, very impressive. Hawthorn: They still had confidence at that moment, and I think we were without May, So a good win. Those were the standouts for me.
  4. Good points. Also, like Salem, his kicks are well measured. So the opposition knows what general area it's going to, but our players know it better.
  5. These two quotes combined - 'AFL fans question why Demons didn't run out in their Indigenous guernsey against Bulldogs' and 'with a number of posts suggesting the Demons had no reason not to wear their Indigenous guernsey' could be a total 4 people who had an issue with what happened.
  6. 6. Bailey 5. Lever 4. Rivers 3. Maxy 2. Trac 1. Clarry
  7. Maxy's been getting criticism on here when he lead us like a legend; and you use this line on my comment about Gus, who was good at best! Misdirected.
  8. How many times have you used this line?
  9. Well said. There's just this lack of confidence with him of late when he's around, or handling the ball. Something seem up with him.
  10. He won some fifty fifties, but looked shaky again. Unsure in decision making. Not sure what's up with him.
  11. Agreed. Brisbane have been my biggest worry, and Langdon is an absolute gun!
  12. Are we joking about Brayshaw? He needs time in the seconds to get back in form.
  13. We had a lack of good big men in the past, we shouldn't give that depth up.
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