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  1. The AFL is going to have to do something, North are just not up to competition standard. And yes, I believe he is.
  2. I remember when it was reported Dennis was appointed and I thought it was a joke, turns out I was right.
  3. The Coach is only as good as the players under his control, West Coast have, like many clubs beforehand, thought their nucleus of top end talent will last for ever, see Geelong. You have to continually go through a renewal and I think we are, we have a lot of younger players and continually recruit their replacements, the big problem is that generational players like Max, Tracc and Clarrie only come once every so often. I hope Simon coaches us for another 10 years because if he does it will mean we are winning, he wouldn't hang around if he wasn't the right person for the job, he has too much integrity to do that. I think he will still be there as long as the three mentioned above are. For the conspiracy minded I'll kick it off. He only signed for two years because the jobs been offered Ooze after that He only signed for two years because they are going to appoint Dogga as captain coach for the next 10 years
  4. Simon Goodwin's contract extended until the end of 2024
  5. I remember when we'd go ballistic if we even altered the shade of the colours on the Jumper, we've come a long way. Just my opinion, the short sleeve looks so much better than the long sleeve.
  6. There was a player in the 50's and 60's called "Big Bob" Johnson and he player in 7 Grand Finals for Melbourne and won 5 of them. He also topped the goal kicking twice and was a giant of a man (198cm) in that era, just like Max is now. Not saying he was better than Max, but you have to consider his record. Team of the century, Hall of Fame, he was a demon great and his father played for the Dees as well. He went to play with Oakleigh and he was great value to watch there he was so big they couldn't' get round him, a lot of the oldies on here will remember him..
  7. I'm taking the opportunity to watch some of the floggings we've handed out recently, currently the GWS game. I'm just glad it's happened when we were playing good football, imagine if it was in the middle of our one or two wins a season.
  8. Thanks for your thoughts. I had a test this morning and I'm waiting for the results, but I had dinner with one of my sons last night and he's off to Hawaii this afternoon so I got couple of RATs and did two both showed positive. I've told him and he's not feeling great about it. So far I've had worse colds that this and certainly "Man Flue" is far worse.
  9. Went to the game on Sunday night, I was invited in to a club function and got a dose of covid there, there were a couple of coaches there and Robbo was the MC (?) so maybe that's where it came from. Watching the game I was seated next to one of the club Directors and he may have inadvertently contributed to the outbreak. I woke up in the middle of the night last night, with the sore throat, headache and runny nose, no big deal if that's all it is. I had a "close talker" having a chat to me and wouldn't be surprised if he spread it to a few there. As a matter of interest Lyndon Dunne was sitting in front of me and he was stirring the pot when a few Tigers fans were leaving, giving them the wave goodbye, they bit and were having a go back but Dunney just kept right on waving. There's no doubt where his allegiance lies.
  10. Simple, extend the bench to 8 and then we can fit them all in.
  11. Weid kicked 4 goals 3 points had 11 possessions and 7 marks Curnow and McKay kicked 5 goals 1 point between them and had 11 marks between them Most on here have written Weid off, and he has now shown that he can play at this level. I understand that it a small sample but he has shown what he is capable of. Let's hope he backs this up next week, he could turn out to be a very good player for us.
  12. Forgot to mention but I walked past Jack Watts as I was leaving, he was heading in to the Presidents function. Pleased to see him there as a supporter.
  13. Tries to take the big mark and rarely holds them. There were a few on here that wanted him over Kozzi.
  14. You can't message me because like BDA I have blocked you, and that won't change. You are a J..k and I'm not interested in your smart arze comments and I'm happy to have nothing to do with you. This will be my last facepalm and my last word with you.
  15. The more interesting point is the allocation of Brownlow votes, do the favoured ones get more votes and the lippy ones, like Max or Clarry, get less votes, or none at all. Let's face it Max has been known to query any free against him, sometimes he's right, sometimes not, it's probably 50/50. English had 8 frees given to him the other night so it will be interesting to see if he polls in the game. If you go back over the votes last year and check the votes given/not given to players who had a lot of free kicks given against them,.or given to them (do the umpires have favourites?) If a player has a really good game but has, say 6 frees against them, does that stop them from polling a vote.
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