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  1. Patrick Dangerfield reveals he’s a “big fan” of Cats target Jack Bowes (sen.com.au) Looks as if he's headed there
  2. That also applies to players selected in the draft, it's the nature of the game we play. I'm not sure what you are getting at, you appear to have backtracked a bit, but we will judge his output when his career is over and not when it's a few years in and he already has one flag in his kit.
  3. "So far we’ve had 1 season where it was a steal and 4 seasons where we have been ripped off!" How do you define ripped off? So as far as you're concerned we were ripped off because he's been injured? In hindsight would you have done the deal if you knew he was going to get injured? We did win a premiership with he being an integral part of the team. I'm not sure what you are saying, is it the fact we have only won one Flag whilst he's been there because we were ripped off?
  4. Are you just anti everything, or maybe just the [censored] out of everyone on here? You do remember we won the flag last year and finished second after the H&A games this year? We are a seriously good side and I think after a bit of down time we will come back better than ever, some of the players came back to training too early this year and needed a break, maybe that's why we have had so many injuries and looked flat. Both the Swans and Pies play a frenetic game and it's hard to keep this up, I think they will fall back a bit next year, Geelong will be a year older and maybe not quite as hungry as they were this year. Maybe you should focus on the positives we have and stop trying to find reasons why we can't win.
  5. If I was Free I'd be rushing to Melbourne to sign that deal. If you analyse it we swap Jackson for Grundy and a little cap relief for 2 years. Bowes and 7 are totally different deals, so why involve Jackson/Freo? Am I missing something?
  6. So this all goes back to your childhood. I see. Read my post, there were two Swans supporters near me, one behind and one two down, the rest were mainly Dees supporters. My partner and I went to the Collingwood QB game and sat in the middle of, mainly their supporters, and I congratulated them on their victory after the game, there was banter but it was mainly lighthearted. So I can and for years have sat with opposition supporters, if you can't see the difference with the other night then it's you that has the problem. I don't really care for your opinion so you can offer it if you like but it's not solicited and not wanted. You get what I'm saying?
  7. Psychologist, I take it. I'll know who to ask in future, or not. WALOS
  8. It's fairly easy in the area where I sit, if they are not Dee's supporters they are asked to leave. Originally there were only 100 Legends members, so it's not that hard, I don't think that has changed. The problem is the guests of the Presidents club lunch migrate towards the Legends area as they are better seats and not always used. I have 6 seats in the area and went by myself one game and the seats were all occupied and when I told them they were my seats they asked me if I could sit elsewhere. I don't want to be a prat but that's not good enough, they should have to show their tickets before they are allowed to access that area, there is a guy at the top of each aisle anyway. You still get a membership card which shows you are a premium member and, in my case, a seat number.
  9. I would have been happy with the seats if it wasn't for the fact I had this jerk behind me, you would have thought that whoever took him would have told him to behave himself and respect that it was an area for Demon members. I'm a member of the legends and we pay a lot for the seats, there has been complaints that members are letting opposition supporters sit in that area. We got an email from the club two days before the last match, Carlton, that this wouldn't be tolerated and that it was for members only and the seats were not transferable. So what happens, some guy sitting in front of me brings in 3 Carlton supporters, when I suggested that they should move, he pretty much told me to p/o, I am thinking very seriously about contacting the club and they will revoke his membership.
  10. Last week I went to the function that Melbourne Experiences were running, the cost was $550 per ticket, some of you may have got the email/invite to the function as well. I thought this would be the way to go as I'd be sitting among the Demons Faithful, wrong, the seats are in the Ponsford Stand, behind the goals at the City end on Level one. Anyway I had a Swans Supporter sitting behind me during the game and he never shut up for the whole of the game and I had several arguments with him, mainly about his running commentary of the game. The guy was a jerk and kept relaying everything that happened on the ground to all around him in a flat monotone annoying voice, needless to say it was a Melbourne Experience I didn't need. There was also a Swans supporter sitting at our table and he was sitting next to my partner during the game, that's when he was sitting, he was mainly standing and shouting.. Yesterday and this morning I got an invite to the this week's function and after last week I think I'll give it a miss, I appreciate that the club has to fill these functions but when you are paying that sort of money you expect to be surrounded by your own not the opposition. I'd also had two tickets up the other end of the ground and sold them for less than a third of what I paid for them, I think I sold the wrong ones.
  11. I still have these spare tickets and if anyone needs them they are going for a really good price, I have other tickets and if they don't get sold soon they will remain empty.
  12. I have a couple of tickets that I'd like to off load, I finished up getting tickets through a club function up the other end of the ground in the Ponsford Stand. So I now have 4 and only need 2. The tickets are Section M9 Category 2 in the ground level of the SW stand seats Q 13 and 14 Anyone interested PM me, will sell them for less than cost just want to make sure they don't go to waste.
  13. My son was getting the tickets for me and said he was having trouble, we have 6 legends seats in N49 and he was offered seats elsewhere before he got cut off. I hade received an invitation to attend a function to be held in the Ponsford Stand but they were $550 each so I had to consider if I wanted to play that much. End result was my son got 2 in M9 behind the goals the Punt road end and I got 2 behind the other goals at the other end of the ground in the Ponsford stand. Really disappointed that we have been so shabbily treated by the club and they have allowed members to get [censored] seats and possibly given ours to opposition supporters. I'll probably offload the seats behind the goals but they cost $171.50 and are considered premium seats, not sure what that's based on.
  14. He was over the moon that we pursued him and that we offered him a long contract, I doubt he'd leave.
  15. Saw Dunny, with his kid, at the Tigers game earlier this year, barracking for the Dees and giving Tigers supporters the big send off as they left early. One of my friends was his sponsor when he was at the dees and he tells me he was a really good guy, I think he’s genuine in his support for us.
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