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  1. I think Hunt has been a lot better player since Langdon arrived at the club, it's like he's moulded himself on Ed and at times onfield, it's hard to tell the difference.
  2. On Jack, he is a very good player and always has been, but for some reason gets targeted by a large section of the Demonland posters, some of whom wouldn't have a clue. He has had his share of injuries and if he isn't BOG in his first game back he cops both barrels He has copped more criticism than the majority of the other players combined, except perhaps James Harmes. It amazes me that some posters on here just come on to rubbish the players without knowing what their role is in the game.
  3. You are spot on there, we were embarrassing and did nothing to fly the flag for our teammates. That was a dog act by Long to target a player with his head down over the ball and to smash in to him that way was as low as anything I've ever seen on a football field. The Melbourne players didn't give a yelp and just let it go, I went to that game expecting we would get beaten but not humiliated.
  4. Legitimate point or otherwise this should be on the general board, not the football board. Can the mods move it and if any Demon supporters wish to pursue it they can do so there.
  5. Agree, what has an earthquake got to do with Football, this is now a political debate and shouldn't be of the football board.
  6. Many a player has said this before, they want their current club well compensated, but when push comes to shove, self interest always wins out. I don't know if he'll come to Melbourne or not, but he could nominate Carlton right now if he wanted Freo to be well compensated.
  7. That may be so but how long did it take Roos/PJ/Goody to right the ship. Also, once they start to go up the ladder they'll no longer be able to feast on high draft picks and will need a smart operator like JT to select talent, perhaps they can lure SOS back, he did a good job. By the time they may be close to challenging Cerra will be about to retire. .
  8. redexhibitions.com.au Skye Whitmore [email protected] Good people
  9. A good coach can coach a good side but it takes and exceptional coach to turn the worst club in the comp, by far, in to a grand finalist. Perhaps, we as supporters, didn't quite understand just how badly run we were and how hard it was for the administration and the coach to turn it around. After listening to the story of how it all came about, as related by PJ, I understand what we had to to through. Goody has done an exceptional job as coach of the Melbourne Footy Club. He certainly deserves this award, and not because we finished on top, but because of the fantastic job he's done over the last 5 years.
  10. Don't have any so string it is, they've just been delivered so I'll go home early and hang them up. Where would I get cable ties?
  11. I've ordered my Banners from Skye Whitemore and get them, hopefully, tomorrow. Then the task of putting them up on the fence, I don't think tape will suffice, so it will have to be string.
  12. Great interview, no nonsense warts and all. He is a major reason we are still around and challenging for a flag, which we will win. Thanks PJ and I hope you are mentioned in the GF celebrations.
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