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  1. Brereton is an old fashioned bully boy and he used to play his football like someone out of the 1950's where you could get away with wacking someone in the back of the head or crunching them when they were vulnerable. He and a lot of the Hawks older players had/have no respect for the Melbourne footy club because we played football and weren't thugs. Plus when we were on top we used to destroy them on the field and their coach, Kennedy, changed their way of playing and swore we wouldn't do it anymore.t hey named them Kennedy'd commandos. If you can get a look at a Victoria v South Austral
  2. I said to my son that we would beat the Bullies and this week I said to him that if we beat Brisbane we would win the flag, I was far more concerned about them than the Bullies. They are the second best club in the competition.
  3. Yes but we're not the Baby Bombers, just ask all the commentaters they'll tell you that they are the team of the future and that they should win a flag in the next 3 years. I doubt that they have taken the opportunity to look up the ages of our players, even Clarry is only 23 and Tracc 25.
  4. I'm sure he will slim down when he gets in to the system, he seems to be able to read the play and gets where the ball is.
  5. Well put, I concur with what you say. My view is we are building a club and not a team, we have, for far too long, been a team with a lot of talent but haven't been a club since 1964. I don't want to win a flag and fall away, I want us to be a contender for many years and be a club that any young kid wants to be part of.
  6. Just watched the first quarter and one thing I took notice of was the amount of times Weideman got his hands to the ball first, but didn't take the mark. In the first 20 seconds he would have probably marked the ball but tripped and the ball spilled free. The next two times he flew for a mark only metres out from goal, Jackson flew as well and they both spoiled each other. During the course of the first quarter he got first hands to the ball but couldn't hold it. What I'm saying is that if he had held his marks he would have been applauded for his game. There is only a small margin betwee
  7. I think our big test is going to be Brisbane, if we beat them I think we can win the flag. They have been gifted picks and have recruited well, they are a very good team. Oh, Old Dee don't think i'm having a go at you I think you are a good poster but just a bit negative right now. 😀
  8. That's not the issue, we have a good win and all you can take out of the game is that someone didn't play as well as you thought he should have. Too much negativity Old, just enjoy the ride. I swear at times it seems like you don't want success, that you would be happier just watching us lose. No they are not all perfect, but enough are playing well to give us a 10-1 start too the season.
  9. Yeah, you missed how good the rest of the team was.
  10. Perhaps Derm would like the game played over three quarters, or perhaps all clubs should play four quarters with the best quarter deducted from their score. If we win the flag Derm will probably suggest we were once again lucky and we will not be able to sustain the form to the next Grand Final.
  11. Hi Old, there are enough experts on the site already, they don't need my meagre oferings.😀
  12. The club has great faith in Spargo and who knows, one day, you might too, then we will know that miracles do happen.
  13. There was a game earlier this year where the Melbourne player, unanimously picked by Demonlanders as BOG, never got a vote in the Age best players. I don't have a lot of faith in their selections, I doubt that they even go to the game, sometimes.
  14. Thank God the club don't read Demonland, if they did we'd be rid of Tmac, Hunt, Nibbler, Viney, Langdon, Tomlinson etc.
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