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  1. After two straight-sets losses in two years, we were never going to challenge in 2024. Gawn, Petracca, Oliver, May and Lever can't do it on their own. Carlton, Eagles and others show you need to have marking power around the ground. I love ANB, Langdon and Chandler but you need to take marks around the ground. If it doesn't hit the ground, all the running counts for nothing.
  2. Would we be better if we still had Jayden Hunt and Harmesey?
  3. P%ss off. I remember when Nathan Jones was our midfield.
  4. Carlton 19 Dees 17. The Q1 imbalance was probably the result us being second to the ball.
  5. Yes, JTR. Apologies. I was thinking about the earlier quotes. I am with you 100pc.
  6. Fair dinkum you blokes. The umpires do NOT have a set against the Dees. The umpires do NOT try to swing games in favour of the other teams. If they did, they would be out of a job. Full stop. They do occasionally make errors - split second decision, partially obscured view, all of that - but can we please stop this mindless bleating as though we are some sort of perfect team that never makes mistakes? Don't forget, the more F'ing and B'ing you blokes do only drags our game down and deters people from becoming umpires. Stop it. Just make sensible, analytical statements about our players, coach and game plans and the opposition players, coach and game plans. Talk about what you saw, not what you imagine. When you blame the umpires, it only makes you look like a nuff-nuff.
  7. Agree. Roy (JVR) better stand up soon. I think he got more touches tonight than usual, but how long is a work in progress?
  8. With due deference to Binman, it certainly looked like centre clearances were important tonight.
  9. They are not ordinary. They have more marking power than us, a competitive midfield and their own Jake Lever down back.
  10. Yep. 2 goals 7 behinds is a lot of looks at goal in one quarter... Just sayin'.
  11. And there was TMac's over-the-head snap over in the West (R14, 2017)to win the game in the last minute. Max's after-the-siren sealer down at Taxpayer Park (last round, 2021). Neil Crompton's goal in the 1964 Grannie.
  12. Jackson was an above average second ruck. JVR is nowhere near Jacko. JVR really needs to do more. He's not clunking marks (he's a two-grabber and that makes it easier to spoil), not kicking goals, not even flattening a few opposition players. Why is he there? Answer: there's no-one else.
  13. I did like the way he led up to the ball.
  14. Embarrassing that half our goals came from a duo with less than 10 games between them.
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