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  1. Sorry to rain on the Hang Smith parade. But Salem is clearly responsible for Cameron from the Centre bounce in this instance. I don't know why, it's clearly not the norm, perhaps there was an undesirable interchange switch after Clarry's goal. But Salem comes up to the contest fails to clear it and leaves Charlie out the back. Not at all a smith mistake
  2. My best guess based on that list: Backline Stewart May Lever Allir Weitering Rich Midfield Gawn(c) Wines Oliver Bont Walsh Miller Forwards (+ Mids who can play forward) Petracca Hawkins Stringer Greene McKay Papley Interchange (Mids who couldn't fit in the 18) Salem Parish Macrae Zorko I would have had Boak in but apparently I can't choose him so I'll go with Zorko. I think I'm being greedy having Salem on the bench so of they go NicNat he'll probably fall out but I feel like a bloke that can't play more than 15 minutes a game shouldn't be in the side Papley and Cameron you could flip a coin, I think Cameron had a slow start to the year so I went Papley I hope Gawny gets the captaincy, I think the dogs free fall might have cost Bont his chance at it, but I wouldn't be upset at Greene getting it his leadership turned that side around mid year. Other than that there isn't many choices I'd love this too but unfortunately Trac's too good so they'll make him a forward so they can get Wines and Walsh in the middle
  3. What was it, 5/6 years ago these sides played possibly the worst game of all time? How far we've come
  4. Can't talk about bathwater when their heads are too big to get through the bathroom door
  5. In the last 10 years Hawthorn in 2013 is the only team to finish 1st and win the flag. Is it bad? I don't think so. But it doesn't really help when September comes around.
  6. My tip is Friday night at Marvel.
  7. Suns vs Dees in a few weeks will be an interesting watch this space type of deal. Could turn into a local game for us.
  8. Hell even as an away member I'm concerned there won't be enough tickets. We're entirely dependent on Essendon fans choosing not to go.
  9. Riv! Thank god he finally got his nom. Long overdue. So calm with the ball after just 20 games. Always confident with it in his hands, huge future.
  10. Nope. Demonland is my one and only footy forum.
  11. He's learning, I think it takes time for players to realise they can't speak to Robbo like an adult. It's a really challenging interview 360, you have the usually mature adult questioning from Gerard and the often ignorant child like questioning from Robbo. Love or hate Jack Riewoldt, he has mastered talking to the 2 of them together. It's not easy.
  12. Tickets are available on Ticketmaster from 12pm today https://www.ticketmaster.com.au/north-melbourne-v-casey-demons-docklands-victoria-04-29-2021/event/25005A96CD9E0F4A?_ga=2.201997585.1459085965.1619568033-267456132.1615529620 I assume that members get some kind of discount but I can't find any reference to confirm
  13. I feel like you're working too hard to find fault. King's analysis of our game was largely positive. I actually quite like his analysis (generally) because he usually looks at both sides of the coin. You can't just mindlessly point out the positives. We were great but he rightly pointed out we over used the footy a fact that's been noted in post match interviews. It was a fantastic game for the club and it was so exciting on the night but you can't deny Richmond's goal kicking let us off the hook time and time again. And while we wouldn't like it, under the current rules if Mansell had been concussed then Pickett would have gotten suspended because he elected to bump and he clearly made contact with his head. I don't think the action was 'wrong' he was just trying to make space but that's not important to the MRO. As for the after goal shenanigans, I personally prefer to win with class but when you've got a 6 goal break in the reining premiers I think it's ok to let them know they're not untouchable. I liked Goody putting his arm around Kozzie and reminding him what's important though.
  14. In their defence. One of the 3 Marvel games has to be Friday night. If it was Richmond v Giants that would have been 4 consecutive Richmond Friday nights. So that wasn't likely to happen. And the other option of Essendon v Fremantle... Which isn't any more enticing than St Kilda Geelong
  15. I'm more of an Olympic, top deck man myself. But Q29 in ponsford in front of the scoreboard last week wasn't bad.
  16. He's a universal cog, he fits wherever we need him. In 5 rounds He's spent time at half forward, in the centre, on the wing, and behind the ball. Chunk is basically an on field coach. No offence to the potential replacements bit I think they're a long way off on field coach. He had an average first half but a solid second. Had he kicked that goal his game would have been perfectly fine. Throughout the year Chunk will get his fair share of sub starts. Harmes will likely be the one to take his spot, but he's not fit. I like Sparrow and Jordan, and hopefully Chandler and Bedford get their chances soon. But anyone who thinks that a young fringe player is going to have a bigger influence than Chunk this week is crazy. Just his presence Saturday will have a huge influence. He plays, end of story. Call it a gift if it makes you feel better. But even if it is, No-one deserves it more.
  17. Goody mentioned that Max makes the call when they switch. Felt like LJ played bigger minutes in the middle than he has in the first 4 rounds. Max recognising his backup is having a good day and letting him take the reigns in the middle is great leadership. Jackson giving us that luxury is fantastic. Having 2 ruckman both in the top handful of players on the ground is unheard of.
  18. That's is the smoothest process as I've had so far. In and out in under 60 seconds, my favourite up the top in level 4. And I didn't have to pay the processing fee which I have had to for our home games. Enter Barcodes -> Melbourne allocation -> General Reserved -> Checkout
  19. It will never happen but they could have All The awards, Rising Star, All Australian and Brownlow night rolled in together on the Friday night over the bye and then have a real festival of footy showcasing the 3 major state competition Grand finals on the Saturday. VFL Early afternoon eastern then SANFL Twilight then WAFL night. Could even throw under 18s on there if they wanted.
  20. This is spot on. At least half our goals came from contests that involved these 2 where they don't earn stats. For others that hadn't noticed, check out these time stamps in the all the goals video: 0:00, 1:57, 3:08, 3:25, 3:50 for Jackson (admittedly 1:57 he doesn't impact much but he was the target) 1:34 and 2:45 For Tmac. And that's not counting the ones where he was in scoring chains.
  21. I would rather the bye before the Grand Final. Too much is read into resting players. I couldn't care less if a side rests players before the finals. If they did the work to get there then imo they have the right to prepare themselves for the final how they see fit.
  22. To a point I agree. Me complaining about where I get to sit is the pinnacle of a first world problem. But to be clear it's not as simple as putting in a barcode. Ticketek's got a number of flaws that make that hard to some to understand. The 3 big ones for me is. Showing All tickets as $0 when they aren't, logging you out even when you say never to and using the words 'Allocation Exhausted' for level 4 instead of 'Closed' or 'Unavailable'. Form a technical perspective I understand why some of these problems are there. But for those less familiar with the web good [censored] luck navigating through these little traps.
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