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  1. Brown a ruckman Romey? Funniest post ever. Height does not make a ruckman. The ability to position ones body, to have soft marking hands, to adjust your palming hand in a milli-second and most importantly to operate at ground level like Max all make a ruckman great. I havent seen Ben bend below his shins in years. Don't get me wrong. Love the bloke and his accuracy....but he is not much rucking good. :-)
  2. Forwards- done to death I know. BBB and T Mac great fellas (and thank-you) but their time is done. Gun forwards hard to draft 1) Could Petty, Joel Smith, JVR, Fritsch, Chandler and Kozzy combined form the basis of a successful forward line? 2) I have watched closeley when Bowey drifts forward. Great shot at goal, good crumbing, defensive forward skills excellent. Is he worth trialling over pre-season as a forward pocket?
  3. With people like Tomlinson and Hunt ready to step in to the backline, am I the only deluded soul that thinks it might be time to try Harrisob Petty in the forward line again for a few games?
  4. Max is carrying a nasty back injury. Doing well to be out there but will struggle for some time
  5. AFL Goalkickers Total Statistics for Season 2021 Name Team Games Goals Behinds Score Marks Shots % Last Game Harry McKay Carlton 19 58 33 381 113 91 63.7 1 v Gold Coast, Round 21 Tom Hawkins Geelong 21 50 33 333 111 83 60.2 3 v St Kilda, Round 22 Jack Riewoldt Richmond 21 48 29 317 103 77 62.3 1 v GWS, Round 22 Josh Bruce Western Bulldogs 20 48 21 309 100 69 69.6 3 v Essendon, Round 21 Taylor Walker Adelaide 17 48 29 317 90 77 62.3 2 v Western Bulldogs, Round 20 Bayley Fritsch Melbourne 20 46 18 294 96 64 71.9 7 v Adelaide, Round 22
  6. I’m 56, a Dees supporter, never seen a flag, Last night I broke, such hope, so close, how is it we’re this bad? Another season done and dusted, our dreams gone up in smoke, And yet I think of players past who’s dreams are mocked , a joke, They bled with pride, Stynes and Flower, Neitz, Lyon and Nath Jones, They’d run and tackle, spew, run more - some with shattered bones. And though I ache and yearn and grieve, then clinically assess, Now it’s time to analyse , dissect this football mess, What and why, who and when?, hard questions must be asked, Pre season promises of pending glory - deficiencies just masked. One looks into the eyes and hearts of players on the ground, It seems they really give their all, endeavor seen all round. Our skills need work, (but don’t most teams), our list is good, not best, It comes back to our game plan folks, it doesn’t stand the test, Balance and perspective lost, “Possess, Defend and Hold,” We seek OFFENSE and corridor running with risk and courage so bold. We fiddle on wings, in pockets and flanks, we travel far and wide, We rack up stats - opposition teams see how we run and hide. Napoleon never won a battle, defending, standing still, His warriors ATTACKED, direct with intent, clear guidelines and strong will. Even our recruiting screams of a huge defensive bent, Always backmen, never gun forwards to convey our offensive intent. Albert Einstein said it clearly – (Are our coaches thinking adults?) “What is insanity? Doing the same thing and expecting different results” My fellow supporters, I seek your support, I call you all to arms, “Nice coach”, “good bloke”……”my second team”…...these comments are ALARMS! I’ll never waiver in my faith, I’ll stay when on the brink, But Kennedy’s words are ringing loud, It’s time to DO….....DON’T THINK!!!!
  7. We continue to strengthen our back line, mature our midfield, add to our outside run and often lead the competition with inside 50's. But year after year after year our mids look up and see no viable or winning forward option. Weids "might" develop some consistency one day and while I love Tom, if his body fails him (as is now common), we are left with an enormous forward void. (Not a lot of TALL emerging options from the VFL either) Many successful teams now have a twin tower approach......Lynch / Reiwoldt.......Darling /Kennedy. Why oh why do I never see the Dees in the hunt for a gun forward? Am I obtuse? (feel free to feedback with a meaningful explanation that makes good football sense....or criticism if deemed appropriate)
  8. I think many here are missing the point. No team keeps all their best players on the paddock the whole year. The smart teams manage a list with talent in reserve. So say T Mac misses another 2 months with foot problems. Is Weid alone our power forward and path to a premiership? Hogan was contracted and agreed to play for at least another year (perhaps more). You don't let player like that go....ever, unless absolutely no alternative!
  9. So T Mac goes down with an injury. Who are our key forwards then? The Weid? Yeah that will win a premiership! For decades we have cried out for a power forward unit.....we get close and then we trade 'em. Good one Dees!
  10. A question for the masses. SHOULD we beat Sydney and KNOWING the team with the most fit list going in to finals often does best, should we, a) give Bailey Fritsch a week off and maybe play Mitch Hannan b) Jessie looks to be playing sore. Give him the other week off and play Pedro c) Others?
  11. Has anyone seen how our membership numbers are going this year yet?
  12. Anyone have any idea if we are paying some of his salary at Port? (still think we could have played him at Sandi as a useful fill in and if he had of gotten the message and played an improved style, he would have been a handy backup)
  13. At last!!! REVENGE. Those squawking crows have finally got their dues, A deep and angry voice inside has needed to abuse, The buggers took our Scotty Thompson in his very prime, We've had to watch him carve up teams and rip them down the spine. And so I hope they watch young Jake mature to a gun, Co's every intercepting mark will stick it up their bum, I hope they play him on that Tex with his Village People moe, Cos I for one will thoroughly enjoy the sound of suffering crow!!!!
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