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  1. That is a fair point. Hypothetically, if he was traded, is the value he would attract going to make us better? Personally I don’t think so. Would I rather Jack or a second rounder in a compromised draft, I’m taking And backing in Jack every day of the week. I don’t think Jack is the problem.
  2. On Viney, You just can’t replace heart and soul players. I don’t think anyone thinks for a second he isn’t busting his guts every time he runs out. It’s very frustrating watching him get caught holding the ball after trying to break tackles. On reflection I wonder if he is going through a transition and trying to get the balance right. After the “red mist” bang it on the boot was the in vogue game style, I think Viney is looking to not do that and is finding his feet with the don’t waste the ball game plan. Clarry seems to be using his feet more to explode out of contests to
  3. Brayshaw said on the Captains run that there is a ligament in his foot that isn’t working creating issues for his other ligaments. He also said he would be back ready for the 1st day of pre-season.
  4. Thanks, the Audio sounds amazing doing it this way, dare I say it sounds like it’s in a high def codec.
  5. Loving the podcast as always. I feel like the Audio quality was much better in this podcast?Did I detect a pre recording of the opening blurb about the social media handles?
  6. Is Kayo an option for you? Or AFL live pass for a game by game option? I feel your pain, I’m not quite sure how I survived before Kayo. I remember having an AFL live subscription watching the games with my family huddled around my iPad.
  7. I think it’s supposed to be downfield if the player being pushed in the back has disposed of the ball and clearly some of those downfield frees, were being paid when the player had yet to dispose of the ball
  8. It’s not how many are paid, it’s where and when they are paid. Interesting to see viney and Gawn in top 5 free kicks for. Grundy is on top of the list, why am I not surprised
  9. I just checked, BetEasy is offering me nearly 7x my initial investment, to cash out on petracca now on one of my bets and over 3 times on the other. That must mean he’s still in with a red hot chance. Very tempting to cash out early... I agree it could be Neales
  10. I speak to people in the US, and they wish their govt had invoked similar lockdowns. I think people are ignoring how bad it could get by just opening everything up. I wouldn’t like to be fighting for a ventilator or bed or doctor or nurses attention if the numbers exploded.
  11. Gates open 4:45 for a 5:40 bounce, expecting a small crowd hopefully we can out number the north supporters
  12. Let’s pray that without the home crowd, it evens up. They were disgraceful on Wednesday.
  13. From what I saw live at the Adelaide game, it confirmed what I’ve been seeing on tv. Bennell is afraid or not willing to make contact. I understand that his disposal stands out in our team, but players at AFL level need to be willing to make physical contact when it’s required. In my opinion Bennell does not meet the definition of quality player at the moment. I really hope he can lift in this area, because we know he can be damaging with ball in hand.
  14. My wife and I were lucky enough to be at the game. That little man McHenry was running in and hitting Max over 50m off the ball, when he was in the forward line. Was absolutely disgraceful.
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