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  1. Having previously been a soccer referee (at a much lower level), I have on occasions, paid 50/50 decisions against someone who has abused me. Also from a psychological point of view, to show that their behaviour will not Alter my decisions I felt obliged to continue to pay frees. Umpires are human, and no one likes being abused or disrespected. It’s not in anyone’s interest to challenge decisions in anything but a respectful way. Having said this, it’s a professional environment, I’ll back Max in to determine what’s acceptable in that environment. I’m sure if he thought he was mak
  2. If it makes you feel any better I had to roam around a large public event in Adelaide (pedal Prix) on Sunday, and I wore my normal attire ( demons hat, tshirt and jumper). I copped it all day!
  3. Except if just like the lions in Rd 3 we win with a kick after the siren this week and footy Karma prevails!
  4. I just need to know if Andy got out alive so we can have a podcast this week
  5. Unless you live here… then you loath them :.) sounds like a big night, hope you weren’t drinking and scooting :.)
  6. Also if you just want a great Indian takeaway curry, North Indian cuisine on Hindley st is not far from Adelaide oval and is pretty good and cheap, it’s the polar opposite of fine dining.
  7. Jasmins if you like Indian. Gauchos Argentinian if you like meat (I personally find it a bit expensive.) CM2 Cafe Michael on Rundle st for Asian ( or just walk along Rundle st for lots of options ) Amalfi for Italian I personally like the pub across the road, from Adelaide oval, possibly called the cricketers arms or something like that, but I’m not really into fine dining. It’s also packed on game days.
  8. Just an opinion, but maybe we just had too many talls on the weekend. Just because you have lots of quality, doesn’t mean you have to play them all. Sometimes less is more.
  9. Tickets are always filthy expensive to crows games. It is a supply vs demand issue. Most of the seats are reserved seat for their members. Port matches are always cheaper ( but more feral ) :.)
  10. My whole family face palmed when we heard that one. Absolute classic!!!
  11. Agree. BBB just over Weid, need to bring in a small. Too many talls interfering with each other today. I think it works ok with Jackson he is good below his knees, otherwise it’s another small or medium for me.
  12. BT -“ The fans are quiet because Melbourne supporters are bored of winning.” I have no words….. The most ridiculous comment I have heard in a long time.
  13. Any reason BBB didn’t stand in the middle and get a Gatorade shower for the song today?
  14. Looks like it’s legit!!!! Now if they would only payout on the top4 and top8 bets!
  15. Sportsbet have payed me out on us winning the premiership, did this happen to anyone else?
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